Why Wont My Dryer Spin? 5 Surprising Reasons!

Why wont my dryer spin? It is because of some common issues with the power, door switch, damaged drive belt, damaged or loose pulley assembly, and defective thermal fuse.

So, check these simple reasons why the dryer does not spin. Make sure you plug in the dryer altogether. Check the circuit breaker. Search for items that jam inside the drum. The good thing is that simple tools and little time will get the dryer spin again. If you follow the tips and they do not fix the dryer, make an appointment with the local appliance technician.

Why wont my dryer spin


Reasons Why Won’t My Dryer Spin

So, why wont my dryer spin? Here are the significant reasons why a dryer does not spin:


#1. Damaged or loose pulley

The role of a pulley assembly is to keep the drive belt tension in control. This way, it will grab its drum & will not slip off. Now, if it is damaged or loose, it will not stay on its drum. The pulley has a plastic or small rubber wheel on its metal arm. Malfunctioning occurs if there are cracks in the pulley’s arm or the wheel. A difficult-to-move or jammed wheel allows the belt to spin the drum freely. After that, remove the top and the front panel of the dryer. Search for an idler pulley alongside the motor. The tension created by the drive belt is the part that maintains the idler pulley in its proper place. Slide the belt at a distance alongside the motor. Then, pull its pulley out easily. Replace the old pulley with another one. Thread the drive belt from the idler pulley and motor newly installed.


#2. Dryer getting power

The power issue is one reason why the dryer won’t spin. Check if you plug in the dryer altogether. If it is plugged inaccurately, plug it in to get the power back. But check its circuit break if you plug in the dryer. This way, you will see if you trip the breaker. Reset the breaker of the dryer as you switch it off completely. Now if it still does not help spin the dryer again, call some expert appliance technician.


#3. Damaged drive belt

A damaged drive belt is one common issue why a dryer won’t spin. The job of the belt is to do the drum spinning. But before you open the dryer up and get to the drive belt, check if its drive belt is the problem. Spin the dryer drum yourself. Open its door and hold the drum interior and spin it after. Make sure there is only a little resistance in it. But if you can do the spinning easily, an issue arises with its belt for sure. Then, unplug the dryer or turn off its power. Make use of a putty knife in the release of clips that hold the top and the rest. Remove the topmost part of the dryer in the dryer cabinet. Search for its dryer belt. This dryer belt is in small and black rubber pieces. If there is no belt, it could be that it slips off already. This will tell you why the drum does not spin anymore. A damaged or cracked belt needs replacement.


#4. Defective thermal fuse

The dryer features a thermal fuse, which eventually shuts the machine off when it is scorching. It shuts off, but it also cut off the power to its motor. The heating factor stays on, which is why the machine does not spin.

Locate the dryer thermal fuse at its back, next to the motor, and the blower. Reach for the fuse as you pull the clothes dryer away. Unplug it and remove the rear dryer panel. Use a socket wrench or screwdriver when you remove the screws. Then, unhook wires right through the fuse. Remove the screw holding the fuse in its place. Remove the screws and unhook wires into its fuse. Take the screw away that sticks the fuse in its place.

Remember that a thermal fuse is one sign of another issue. If it is completely blown off, evaluate other parts. Wires should not cross toward each other. The element of heating should be clear of debris and stay clean. It must not get into contact with other metals.


#5.  Problem with the door switch

The switch in the clothes dryer makes sure the dryer won’t run while you open the door. Try to check the dryer door switch if the machine doesn’t tumble. Check to be sure that the dryer door closes. It should engage the door switch easily. Adjust the door quickly to solve the issue. See if the door presses on the dryer switch when you close it. If yes, you have to check it, too. Before you remove the dryer switch, get the dryer unplugged.

Begin to check the dryer door switch after turning off the dryer power. This switch is a small and white peg next to the door closure. Gain access to its control and pop the topmost part with a knife. Get the wires disconnected to the door switch if it is open. This way, you will get it tested using a digital multimeter. Replace it by buying a door switch assembly kit. Seek help from the repair technician. Read about the best compact washer and dryer so you won’t have any issues with your dryer. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know why wont my dryer spin. So, follow the steps as well in how to fix it. For one, a dryer is an essential device used in doing chores around. If it is not spinning, it might only bring inconvenience. You may want to read about how to fix a dryer that wont spin and why my dryer wont spin.

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