How To Wash White Converse In Washer? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to wash white Converse in washer? In five easy steps, you can. And I’m sure you will love how your shoes will transform into a cleaner one. Everybody loves Converse like who doesn’t, right?

Within the year, these shoe companies release new designs that appeal to the eyes of buyers which makes them buy that specific shoe. As of now, white shoes are a trend for fashion, so with that, Converse keeps up with the current style releasing shoes with that colorway.

how to wash white Converse in washer

Since lots of white shoe owners tend to problem a lot about how they can clean their Converse shoes, we have here some steps prepared that are easy to follow so that it will not be a problem for them anymore. If you’re are white shoe owner yourself, this one’s for you, so, sit back and see for yourself how it’s done. Also, keep in mind that these steps are applicable not just for Converse shoes but also for other shoes. It may affect the quality somehow since shoes nowadays have different materials used on them making them prone to damages sometimes if not taken care of. With that, let us now move on to the main topic of this article.


Steps To Wash White Converse In Washer

Now that we are done with the introduction, we shall now be explaining to you how it’s done in our way. Here, we have some steps prepared for you to follow for the process to not be hard. So, how to wash white Converse in washer? You can use these as a basis for the cleaning:


Step #1. Removing the laces from your converse shoe

Firstly, removing the laces is a necessary part since they may tangle later on while being cleaned. As you know, laces are long and soft though, it is not advisable to clean along with the shoe while it is still intact with it.  So to avoid that, follow the pattern of the lace and the other one too. You may separately clean them. Take note that laces can be cleaned using hands, a brush, or the machine. Though, we advise that you should tie them first in a ribbon manner to make sure that it doesn’t tangle while it is being cleaned in the machine. Once done, set aside and leave the shoe without the laces for better cleaning of the Converse shoes.


Step #2. Preparing your shoes for the machine

For this step, you will need a mesh bag or a pillowcase readied to carry out the process. Why? This will be used to not damage the shoes while they are being cleaned in the washing machine. These machines tend to go overboard with spinning sometimes thus, creating damages to your beloved pair of shoes. Of course, we don’t want that to happen so what you’ll want to do is take your shoes at the same time, your mesh washing bag or pillowcase as an alternative.

Once both are in your hand, put the shoes inside of the bag so they can be protected when being washed inside of the washing machine drum. You can use lots of alternatives if you don’t have one of these actually, though; make sure that it has the same materials that are soft like the mesh or the pillowcase. This is so that the shoes and the bag at the same time do not get damaged while being cleaned since heat can sometimes affect the quality of things after some washing.


Step #3. Readying the machine for the cleaning process

Now that the bag and the shoes are all set, we shall now prepare for the washing machine. Remember, when washing shoes it shall always be at the lowest temperature possible to avoid any damages from happening to the items. Also if your washer has a cycle, there should be a gentle one, use that for the shoes. Also, make sure to clean up everything inside of the washing machine since if the washer is wet already on the inside, the shoes may smell later on making it smell weird after the cleaning.

To avoid that, use a cloth to clean the insides of the washer. Take note too that you should use a gentle detergent and avoid conditioner. Why? It harms the shoe as a whole, causing it to wrinkle and the materials to shatter. Look for a soft solvent that may be used exclusively for shoe cleaning as often as possible. If not, the liquids listed above can be used instead. Finally, place a few clean towels on the drum to soften your shoes during the spin cycle. Oh, read about how to use bleach in the washer.


Step #4. Air drying your shoes outside

Why should it be air-dried instead of using a heater or such? As you all know, shoes are sensitive to heat which means it may affect the quality of your Converse shoes. So to avoid that, put them outside making sure that they are safe enough once you are done with the washing machine process. Know how to use a washer machine.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you already have an idea of how to wash white Converse in washer. With that, you might also want to know how it can be dried in a heater since it is kind of dangerous though, there are measures that can be done to avoid the damaging of your shoes. It may be a good thing to read about how to use laundry detergent pods correctly

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