What Is A Day Bed? 4 Best Reasons To Get One!

What is a day bed? It is a piece of multipurpose furniture that is famous for its space-conscious and attractive design.

It can function both as a sofa and a bed.

What is a day bed

You can easily recognize a day bed because, unlike typical beds, its headboard is extended along with one of its instead of putting it in the head.

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Twin Beds vs Day Beds

Even though most day beds are designed with twin-sized mattresses, the two of them vary in terms of framing.

So, what is a day bed?

Commonly, day beds have framed on three of its sides, but some of them are designed with one frame or two.

In case it has one frame only, it is probably on the longer side of the day bed and not in the shorter one which you can see on typical beds.

Furthermore, day beds are available in various sizes, not just twin sizes. You can choose up to king size.


Trundle Beds vs Daybeds

When we say a trundle bed, it is a type of bed with wheels that is stored below another bed.

Although day beds can’t be considered trundles, they can also be designed with trundles underneath them.

The combination of a trundle and a day bed is ideal for people who need a lot of extra beds for small persons such as a guest room intended for the grandchildren.


Sofa Beds vs Day Beds

These two types of beds are constructed for the same purpose which is for sleeping and lounging.

However, in terms of their design, they are quite different.

The form of a day bed is static. Meaning to say, you cannot alter its silhouettes to switch it from using it as a sofa to a bed.

A sofa bed, on the other hand, can be transformed from a sofa into a bed by pulling it out.

That is because it is usually designed with a frame folded and hidden inside the furniture.


4 Advantages Of Having A Daybed

In the outline below, you will know whether or not a day bed is suitable for you based on the particular condition that you are in.


#1. Offers extra sleeping space

If you get a day bed having a trundle, it will be perfect for your children’s room especially when they are hosting sleepovers every once in a while.

You might as well furnish this to your space bedroom so that when you have guests from out of town, you will have sleeping space for them.


#2. Maximizes a small living space

Perhaps, you are living in an apartment with limited space, you can make use of a day bed to make the room serve double purposes.

During the day, the day bed will serve as a couch and a sleeping space at night.

Meaning to say, the same space will be used as a bedroom and a living room.


#3. Affordable and versatile

Aside from being versatile, day beds are also very affordable. You can save a few bucks as compared to buying a sofa and a bed separately.


#4. Various style options

Day beds are also available in various styles. You can choose from modern up to rustic looks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to your questions:


#1. Is special bedding needed for a day bed?

No, standard sizes of comforters can fit in a day bed.

But bedspreads that can accommodate the three-side frame are made available in the market so you may get those.


#2. How does day bed get its name?

Before daybed is only used to refer to the chaise lounges and sofas. Since modern-daybeds have the same purpose as those two the term is then used for it also.


#3. Can I utilize a memory foam mattress on a day bed?

Yes, since day beds have metal or wooden slats that are spaced with three inches gap only, it would be safe to use a memory foam mattress on it.


#4. Is a box spring required in a day bed?

No, you must not put a box spring on your day bed.

That is because a day bed may not accommodate the weight of a mattress and a box spring altogether since its foundation is a link spring only.

Furthermore, day beds are designed higher as compared to other bed frames so that they can accommodate a trundle.

So if you add a box spring, it will sit even higher on it.


It’s A Wrap!

By this time, I am confident that you already understood what is a day bed?

This is an excellent furnishing to add to any space at your home, no matter the décor scheme that you have or the size of the room.

Since this bed can be easily pulled out when extra sleeping space is need, your guests will surely be comfortable.

More so, if you are living in a tiny apartment in the city, having a day bed will allow you to have a comfy and cozy bed to sleep in at night.

With this, you need not sacrifice your living space.