What Is An Eastern King Bed? 3 Interesting Facts To Know!

What is an Eastern king bed?

If you are indulging the idea of having a new bed and have come across various king-size beds, not knowing what do they mean, especially the Eastern king bed.

What is an Eastern king bed

Well, it is just another term used to refer to regular king mattresses.

When we talk about standard sizes of a king bed, you will come across two types of it – king and California king.

Other terms used for the latter are Western king or Cal king.

Whereas, the former is called Easter king, traditional king, or a standard king.

So essentially, a king and Easter king are mattresses of the same size but of different names.

Here’s an explanation for it!


How An Eastern King Bed Got Its Name

So, what is an Eastern king bed?

Although it sounds like it, the name of this particular bed is not associated with Eastern emperors and rules.

But it would be cool if that’s indeed the case.

Based on the lore about mattresses, an Eastern king is a counter to the bed size made by a merchant in Los Angeles which is referred to as the California king now.

This is the first Big Bed created after World War II which is made narrow and long.

Manufacturers from the different parts of the country imitated the Big Bed, but they altered the measurements a bit by shaping the bed more like a square.

Those newer versions of big beds are then named Eastern king to distinguish them from California king beds.

Having a bed with the new size became a norm throughout the entire country.

Later on, the manufacturers chose to drop the “Eastern” on its name to make it simpler. That is why it is only commonly known as a King bed nowadays.

So basically, the Eastern king and king are the same. It depends if whatever term you are more comfortable using in using it.


Comparing The Dimensions Of Eastern King With California King Beds

The size of an Eastern king bed measures 76 inches in width and 80 in length.

With such a dimension, it almost looks like a perfect square.

In contrast to California king which is longer and skinnier with 84 inches by 72 inches dimensions.

As you can see, the difference between the dimensions of the two is very little.

Most people think that the California king is bigger than the Eastern king.

But this is not the case, the Eastern king is in fact a bit bigger.

However, California king is longer.

Now, if you ask which among them is better? Well, it will depend upon the circumstance that you are in as well as your preferences.

Commonly, people choose the Eastern king bed if they are in cases such as the following:

  • The people who will be sleeping in bed are not that tall so extra length provided by the California king is not necessary.
  • Their bedrooms are wide and spacious so they can accommodate the size of a king bed easily.
  • The bed will be shared with their partner and they want enough space in between them in case their pet or child join them every once in a while.

Californian king beds can also provide enough space for families sharing a bed.

However, you will give up some room to wiggle from the left and right as this will be added to the top and bottom.

So this is more suitable for narrower suites and bedrooms as well as for taller persons.


Knowing The Other King Size Beds

Do you think that the two-bed sizes that we compare and contrast above are the largest?

No, other beds are actually larger than them including the Texas, Alaskan, and Wyoming king beds.

Texas king beds are also known as grand king or super king.

They have the same width as California king beds with additional 14 inches on top.

Alaskan king has a dimension of 108 x 108 inches. This is nine feet in every direction.

Wyoming king beds are a bit wider and longer than mattresses of standard sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have more questions related to Eastern king beds, read further as it might be addressed in this section.


Question #1. Will king sheets fit in an Eastern king bed?

Yes, you can use beddings as well as bed bases of a regular king size bed with an Eastern king size mattress.


Question #2. Which is bigger, Cal king or Eastern king?

Although Cal king is long than Eastern king beds, its surface area is less in total.

The total surface area of Cal king is only 6,048 inches squared while Eastern king has 6,080 inches squared total surface area.


Question #3. What size sheets should I but for Eastern king?

It is best to get a bed sheet that is a bit larger than your mattress.

Since an Easter king bed measures 76 x 80 inches, it would be best to get a sheet that is about 78 x 80 inches so that you can easily put it on.


It’s A Wrap!

Have we answered your question regarding what is an Eastern king bed?

Hopefully, your answer is a big YES.

Thank you for staying with us until the end of this post!