What Is A Bed Frame? 7 Best Types!

Do you not know what is a bed frame? You might not have thought about what is underneath your mattress that is holding your bed as you sleep.

A bed frame is among the parts of the bed that are overlooked when purchasing a bed.

what is a bed frame

Most often than not, people do not know its importance.

Well, a bed frame is the one that is holding the mattress and the box spring.

Generally, it has a rectangular shape with legs that are giving it some height.

In some cases, it is also referred to as the side rails, footboard, or headboard.

However, those are separate parts of a bed and they are not the ones supporting the box spring.


What A Bed Frame Is?

Bed frames are available in different styles and sizes.

Each of which offers a unique feature like multipurpose, space-saving, and cost-efficient.


#1. Platform

This type of bed frame does not require an additional foundation.

Instead of having a rail or two to support the mattress or box spring, a platform bed is designed with a wood foundation supporting the mattress independently.

A frame won’t be regarded as a platform bed if the gaps in between the slats are more than two up to three inches apart.

Some models are having simple designs with a side railing only, while other having footboards and headboards also making them even more decorative.


#2. Floating

This is another type of platform bed.

While regular platform beds are constructed with four visible legs that are hoisting the bed frame onto the floor, the legs of floating beds can be discreet.

Or it is also possible that it has no legs at all. They are instead mounted onto the wall.

Having a floating bed frame in your room can give it a modern look. Aside from that, it will also provide an illusion that the room has a lot of space.

With that being said, this is ideal for smaller rooms. You may even utilize the underside as storage. However, it might ruin its aesthetics.


#3. Sleigh

If you are after a decorative type of bed frame, then a sleigh bed is best for you.

This is designed with a curved footboard and headboard just like those actual sleighs.

Using this type of furniture can make a statement in your bedroom. However, they can be a bit costly.

Typically, they are constructed out of wood. But in some cases, it is also designed further with fabric upholstery.


#4. Trundle

When we say a trundle bed, this is a type of bed having a mattress underneath another that you can roll out whenever an extra sleeping space is needed.

Most often than not, the mattress is hidden in a platform onto the floor. Though others have it sitting onto a pop-up type of frame.

The mattress incorporated into a trundle bed is usually thinner than standard mattresses. So this is not for frequent use.


#5. Bunk

When we say bunk beds, these are beds with two up to three bed frames with the other beds stacked on top of the other.

This bed frame type is ideal if you intend to maximize your bedroom space. Commonly, this is placed in rental spaces, guest bedrooms, and children’s rooms.

Other than that, it is also common among college dorms.


#6. Murphy

Another bed frame type is a murphy bed that is designed in such a way that the space of your bedroom will be maximized.

You can store them vertically alongside a wall in a cabinet or a closet.

In other words, you can keep your bed away and use the space in your apartment for other purposes.

When night comes, you just have to pull down the bed again and have a good night’s sleep as usual.

This type of bed is available in various sizes.


#7. Daybed

Last but definitely not the least is the daybed. This one is a multipurpose type of bed frame having three side frames that resemble your deep couch.

They can function as a bench or a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

You only need some pillows for it to be comfortable enough when you are sitting on it.


Most Common Materials Used For Bed Frames

The earliest kind of framework for mattresses is made of rock slabs that are raised in a bed.

Some are even positioned onto soft dirt areas only.

But look at what we have now, indeed, we have a long way.

Bed frame manufacturers utilize different kinds of materials in providing support as well as aesthetics to suit various decoration schemes.

You can even choose from different storage and size options.

But going back to the materials used for bed frames, manufacturers commonly use wood, metal, as well as fabric and leather.

Now, you know what is a bed frame, my friends!


It’s A Wrap!

What is a bed frame?

Oftentimes, a bed frame is not always a crucial element in setting up your sleeping space. But it can make an excellent focal point in your room.

If you intend to save space, daybeds, trundle beds, and bunk beds can offer more value.

But if you are on a tight budget, floating beds and platform beds are better options since they do not require an additional foundation.