What To Do If Your Water Heater Leaks? 3 Best Ways!

What to do if your water heater leaks? There are three best ways that you can do; these ways can be done with a breeze so you should read further. Here’s just a glimpse, though:

See where the leak comes from and wipe the water as you inspect the section. Check the areas for other water sources. Know if the water is next to a water pipe or a window. Place paper towels next to the water source and check them back after a day.

What to do if your water heater leaks

Wet towels indicate an issue is present in the water heater. Then, follow the steps that help assess the situation. If you want, seek help from skilled technicians that will take a closer look at it. In this article, you will know how you can troubleshoot a water heater whenever it leaks. So, let’s have a deep look at it!


What To Do If Water Heater Leaks?

The water heater leaks for a lot of reasons that require you to troubleshoot it correctly as follow:


#1. Shutting off the supply of water

Turn off first the water supply upon seeing water leakage in the water heater. It must then feature a valve that shuts off through the cold inlet pipes. Search for a cold water pipe that locates the valve that shuts off. Turn off the water supply while turning off the valve as a handle. The off position appears with the handle perpendicular to a pipe. Turn the valve that looks like a wheel or dial in a clockwise place that stops the water flow.


#2. Shutting off the water heater’s power

The next step to follow is to shut off the water heater’s power. Please search for the gas line that continues with the water heater in a gas water heater. Please search for the gas valve that shuts off as you switch it in an off position. Then, call for help if you could not search for the gas valve. After that, do not push the valve next if you’re unsure of it. In an electric type of water heater, locate the electrical panel and search for the circuit breaker connected to the water heater. Flip it in an “off” position that shuts the water heater’s power.


#3. Determining the area of the leak

Search for the source of the leakage after you shut off the water supply, including the power in the water heater, and it leaks in various places, depending on the type. The common leak causes include cracked tank, high-pressure tank, seal or worn gasket, hot water inlet or outlet connection, or loose cold. The open hot or cold water inlet or outlet connections cause the leaks. See if this is your problem as you check the water heater surface for its two pipes. The cold water inlet is where the cold water comes into your tank, while the other one is the hot water outlet. The hot water comes outside the tank and flows into the plumbing appliances.

Later on, the pipe connections will loosen and cause water to leak around them. Water that leaks above the tank can be the answer to this. Try as you tighten its connections. Contact a plumber if you see that the issue still exists. Find the seals or worn gaskets on the water heater tank side’s lower or upper heating elements. But if this is still an issue, you must call for professional help. 

Excessive pressure in the tank causes its automatic water release as it lowers the internal pressure. The T&P relief valve then releases water in the discharge pipe, the tank’s side, and the drain. The water heater likely reduces the internal pressure levels with the steady water flow from a discharged pipe. Try to find the T&P valve on the side or top of the tank. Call for professional help if repair or replacement is necessary for the T&P valve. Cracked tanks resulting from high pressure, corrosion, and overheating can cause water heater leaks. But then, there is nothing a plumber will do with a cracked tank. That is when you must replace the device.


Call For A Professional Plumbing Company!

A homeowner like you faces trouble with a water heater, making it challenging. Good, you are in the hands of an expert team of plumbers. They will guide you the moment you ask yourself this question: what to do if your water heater leaks? They are for sure a skilled plumber ready to offer some professional recommendations. This way, you will understand the best options addressing the defective water heater. It is also best if you seek their immediate assistance. It is up to you to schedule the repair online or request replacement already. You may also want to read about where you can install a point-of-the-use water heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what to do if your water heater leaks. Fix it right away so that you can still repair it. Remember that the water heater lasts longer but remember that even the excellent choices can also leak. It does not also mean that only a water heater is leaking; it needs a replacement already. You still want to fix leaks as immediately as possible. A small quantity of water may bring in damage. That is why you must carefully assess the situation as quickly as possible. Don’t think twice it’s over because it involves your water heater use. You may want to read related articles; know how to vent a water heater and when to replace the water heater.

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