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What Is A Bolster Pillow Used For. 3 Best Ways

If you want to know what is a bolster pillow used for, it serves as a support for posture, physical activities, and babies. One might think that bolster pillows only work as decorative pieces, but they can help you maintain a good posture, relieve discomfort, and assist you and your baby. Its shape is reminiscent of neck roll pillows, which somewhat gives you a clue how you can use it. 

This article should help you learn more about using a bolster pillow to get the most out of it. You’ll be surprised with how versatile this pillow can be, and it serves more than as a decoration. You should also see the different types discussed below. 


How To Use A Bolster Pillow 


Posture support

The cylindrical shape of a bolster pillow makes it useful for supporting the body. Remember that it’s essential to have the proper posture while sleeping, and placing a bolster pillow in specific areas will help keep your spine aligned. To provide support, you can set the bolster pillow under your neck or back. 

This way, you are following your body’s natural curves and prevent deviation from your spine. But besides support, you can also use the bolster pillow to prop yourself. Elevating your legs or feet can help relieve pain and discomfort. 

Speaking of discomfort, you can also consider lying with the bolster pillow under your stomach to alleviate pain from gas. And finally, the bolster pillow is not only beneficial for sleeping posture. Those who spend a lot of their time sitting can keep an upright posture by placing the pillow on their back.


Yoga assistance

The right posture and position are crucial to our sleep quality. However, our practices and habits out of bed are also influential to how well we will sleep at night. A good relaxation practice is yoga, and you can also take advantage of a bolster pillow in your sessions. 

Those who require support in raises and other floor work can use the bolster pillow. It makes an excellent substitute for blocks and other props, especially for those who are starting out. You can also get creative with the positions you’ll do with a bolster pillow. 


Baby support

Much like other sausage-shaped pillows, the bolster pillow can be a useful prop for babies. Parents who want to encourage the development of their baby’s neck and back muscles can use the bolster pillow as a helper while their babies are practicing locomotor movements. You can also use the pillow while feeding your baby to keep him from sliding. 


Who can use a bolster pillow?

The three examples above are some of the best ways to take full advantage of your bolster pillow. And in general, everyone can use this pillow, as long as you’re aware of its proper uses. For example, know the right placements on your body to keep your spine neutral or where to put the pillow to elevate an area that needs relief. 

The bolster pillow can also work as a body or pregnancy pillow until postpartum. Some people require sleeping on their side, and this pillow’s shape can prevent them from falling out of this position. And best of all, the bolster pillow is compact enough to fit in most bed spaces. 


What Is A Bolster Pillow?

A bolster pillow is a type of throw pillow with a cylindrical shape. However, this pillow is more than a decoration, as discussed earlier. These narrow pillows have a good shape and size to become versatile for various uses, and the market even offers different materials to help users find what suits them best. 

If you want a more compact substitute for a neck roll pillow, pregnancy pillow, or body pillow, you can consider a bolster pillow. You can hug it to correct your posture while sleeping, and it can support your cervical and lumbar region with proper placement. You can even use it as a prop to provide comfort not just during sleep but also while doing yoga, or even for your baby who’s practicing locomotor milestones. 


Types of bolster pillows

You can differentiate the bolster pillows in the market based on their material. However, it’s also worth noting that there are bolster pillows with a massage function, operated by batteries. They are excellent if you want to relieve pain quickly. 

So, what materials can you expect to see in bolster pillows? The common fills include foam, polyester, cotton, and microbeads. It’s best to find what is comfortable and supportive for you to enjoy the bolster pillow efficiently. 

For example, those who want something firm yet conforming can get memory foam bolster pillows. If you want something soft, cotton and polyester are also excellent choices, while some people prefer the feeling of microbead bolster pillows. The bottom line is finding the material that will be best for your intended use of a bolster pillow. 



Nowadays, aesthetics can come hand in hand with functionality. If you’re always curious about what is a bolster pillow used for, you can mark it down as posture support, yoga assistance, and baby support. This cylindrical decorative pillow can double as a neck pillow, body pillow, and pregnancy pillow. 

However, make sure to check the materials that will be the most comfortable and supportive for you to get the most of your bolster pillow.

How To Make A Hemorrhoid Pillow

How To Make A Hemorrhoid Pillow In 2 Easy Steps

Did you know that you can quickly learn how to make a hemorrhoid pillow in two steps? If you’re familiar with making a donut pillow, the method is similar. You can also select specific materials to achieve the most comfortable pillow for you. 

Hemorrhoids can be painful and uncomfortable. This is why using a donut-shaped pillow with a hole in the middle can alleviate these conditions when you’re sitting. You can put your sewing skills to good use and get yourself relief from hemorrhoids. 


How To Make A Donut Pillow For Hemorrhoid Relief


Step #1. Design

The first step in making a hemorrhoid pillow is designing it. Consider a donut-shaped pillow because this will cushion you as you sit to relieve swelling and prevent the formation of new ones. Cut two circles on the fabric with the size suitable for you. 

You can try sitting on the fabric circles to see if they will be supportive of your condition. The hole in the middle should have the right diameter to ease hemorrhoids. On the other hand, the donut itself should also be proportional to your body type. 


Step #2. Sew and stuff

The final step is merely sewing the two fabric pieces together and stuffing the hemorrhoid pillow. You want to lay the two fabric pieces inside out and then sew all around the donut shape. This will help strengthen the pillow so the seams will last through wear and tear. 

Then, make a cut from the outside towards the center so you can turn the pillow right side out. Sew the top portion from the inside before stuffing the pillow to achieve your desired form. Finally, sew the bottom part close, and you’re done. 

Another way to finish the hemorrhoid pillow is by leaving a gap when you sew all around the pillow. Just make sure that the seams are durable. This is more straightforward because you can use the opening to turn the pillow and then stuff it before stitching the pillow close. 


What To Consider When Making A Hemorrhoid Pillow?

Besides the shape and size of the resulting donut pillow, you must remember your stitches’ quality when you do the pillow. Remember that you’ll be sitting on it for extended periods, so it shouldn’t rip easily. The pillow itself should also fit on the seats and chairs you use to ensure that the experience is comfortable. 

What about the materials? The fabric itself should be breathable yet durable, even after washing it several times. The filling, on the other hand, could be memory foam for optimal pressure relief.

When making a hemorrhoid pillow, you can also create a separate pillow cover that you can wash. This way, you don’t have to deform the pillow itself from washing. You can also make a hidden zipper so that you can replace the stuffing later on. 


How To Sit With Hemorrhoids

A hemorrhoid pillow shape, which is donut-like, will provide relief and comfort if you have hemorrhoids. However, there are also ways to make sitting with hemorrhoids more supportive of the condition. For example, refrain from sitting on any hard surface because it can encourage constipation or the formation of new hemorrhoids. 

If you’re on the toilet, you also want to squat to pass comfortably. Remember that any other position can activate your hemorrhoids. Be mindful of your pressure points, regardless of the activity you’re doing. 


How To Sleep With Hemorrhoids

Sleeping with hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable, but you can also use pillows to relieve pressure from the anal canal. If you place a pillow under your knees, this will also help with the weight on your pelvic floor, further alleviating discomfort. As for the sleeping position itself, it can be tricky. 

An ideal position would be on your stomach because you’re not targeting your anal area. It would also help to place another pillow under your hips to keep you from rolling onto your back later in the night. Finally, wear something breathable and soft, like cotton underwear. 


How To Ease Hemorrhoid Pain And Promote Healing

You should consult your doctor for their recommendations to make your condition comfortable and hasten the healing process. However, there are two things that you can do yourself to further help with hemorrhoids. They include the foods you eat and home remedies.  



Your diet can help make hemorrhoids more manageable. Simply adding more fiber to what you eat can prevent constipation. Some even recommend adding a tablespoon of mineral oil with yogurt in the morning to help with passing as well. 


Home remedies

Besides diet, some practices at home can offer relief and promote healing. For example, try sitting in a sitz bath two to three times a day for 15 minutes. You can also try over-the-counter products like soothing creams. 



Sitting on a donut-shaped cushion instead of a flat surface can alleviate the discomfort of hemorrhoids. You can even learn how to make a hemorrhoid pillow at home, and it only takes two steps! Start by cutting two donut-shaped fabric pieces. 

Ensure that the resulting pillow will complement your body type and the diameter of the pillow hole would be comfortable for your hemorrhoid. Then, sew the fabric pieces together and then turn the liner right side out. Stuff the pillow and stitch it shut, and voila!

You can have a more comfortable sitting experience without encouraging new hemorrhoids. 

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