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Where Can I Buy A Pregnancy Pillow In Store

If you’re searching where can I buy a pregnancy pillow in store, you can assume that you can look at popular retailers and e-commerce platforms like Amazon. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with pregnancy pillow options in the market to find the correct one for you. Using pregnancy pillows is simple, but it can be overwhelming when you see various products. 

This article will guide you not just on what to expect but also on the pillow types to help you select the best one. Gone are the days when you have to overlook comfort in sleeping when pregnant. Nowadays, with the right pregnancy pillow, you’ll feel more relaxed and secured for you and your baby’s health. 


Where Can I Get A Pregnancy Pillow

As mentioned earlier, popular stores such as Macy’s and Bed, Bath, and Beyond offer various pregnancy pillows. The large e-commerce company Amazon also has an array of pregnancy pillows to choose from. A common type of pregnancy pillow that you can find in stores is a large body pillow from Leachco that hugs the full body on both sides. 

It provides enough room for the shoulder and hip area, and it’s versatile to use since it has the same length on both sides. On the other hand, Amazon has Boppy pillows with unique contours that you can use throughout pregnancy. Some are even usable postpartum as you recover, so don’t be afraid to experiment with pregnancy pillows until you find the perfect one. 

How to use a pregnancy pillow? You can have a pillow between your legs and under your belly and see if this provides support on your back and hips. You can also use a smaller pillow to prop your head slightly to ease breathing issues or acid reflux. 


What Is The Best Pregnancy Pillow?

The best pregnancy pillow will vary for every mom-to-be because you may have specific needs and requirements. Therefore, consider several factors when choosing a pregnancy pillow to get the most out of it. Remember that there is an extensive list of pregnancy pillow options in the market, which means you’re likely to find what suits you best. 

The two factors below should help you narrow down your option. However, it’s best to emphasize talking to your doctor first about your needs and issues beforehand.


Size and shape

For starters, consider the type of pregnancy pillows, such as their size and shape. You will find small and portable wedge types that target body areas efficiently. But there are also larger body pillows that will provide full-body support yet need space in the bed.

The shape and contour of the pregnancy pillow will also determine how useful it will be for you. You may require a curve for easier tucking, but some pregnant women prefer a straight-shaped pillow for hugging. It might also benefit you to have a pillow cradling your bump for a more comfortable sleep during the earlier pregnancy period. 



The final consideration when finding the best pregnancy pillow is the material itself. Ask yourself some questions, such as if the cover is comfortable for you. Does the filling provide the firmness and loft you need for support?

For example, not all materials will feel breathable, and some even retain body heat. This can affect your sleep quality, so never overlook the overall quality of the materials, not just the pillow as a whole. More so, you might be sensitive to a specific odor, or you may be allergic to some materials on the pillow.


Sleeping During Pregnancy

The Nemours Foundation recommends experimenting with different pregnancy pillows to find what can provide all your needs. A pregnancy pillow is useful in keeping you comfortable and different kinds can work on different sleeping positions and body areas. You can even relieve pressure on your body by using them, but it’s always best to consult your doctor first for their recommendation. 

But besides using a pregnancy pillow, consider creating a sleeping routine to help you further achieve quality and consistent sleep. You want to avoid drinking lots of fluids sometime before going to bed to keep you from needing to use the bathroom later at night. And speaking of fluids, drinks with caffeine are not a good idea if you want to fall asleep quickly. 

Your nighttime routine can be as simple as setting a schedule for going to bed and waking up. You can also add physical and mental relaxation exercises to help avoid the stress that can affect sleep quality. If you feel anxious about childbirth, talk to other parents or experts to ease your worries. 



Selecting the best pregnancy pillow is a simple task as long as you know what factors to consider. And if you’re overwhelmed with where can I buy a pregnancy pillow in store, you’ll be pleased that it’s easy to find in popular retailers and e-commerce platforms. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed in choosing a pregnancy pillow because you only need to look at the size and shape, and materials of the product.

Consider your needs and special requirements, and you should land the perfect pregnancy pillow. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pregnancy pillows throughout pregnancy until you find what suits you best. Indeed, a pregnancy pillow is one of the best investments every mom-to-be can have. 

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How To Make Personalized Pillow Cases

How To Make Personalized Pillow Cases. 3 Best Ideas

If you’re interested in learning how to make personalized pillow cases, you have the option to decorate them. This is the easiest way to put your own flair on pillowcases, and this guide offers three ways to do so. You can use markers, yarns, or even your computer!

You can make a pillow protector at home, but the good thing about personalizing pillowcases is that you can add your personality to them. It can even become a good gift idea for friends and family. If not, doing the projects below makes an excellent de-stressing time or bonding session with your favorite humans.  


How To Make A Personalized Pillow Case

Adding your personal touch to a pillowcase will surely make it more memorable. It’s like making a memory pillow from a shirt with sentimental value. But since you’re doing a pillowcase, you can quickly transfer it from pillow to pillow.

With the ideas below, select the materials that you think will suit your pillowcase’s fabric best. Remember that you want to retain the designs well. You can always check fabric-friendly paints as well. 


Markers and watercolor

Perhaps the easiest way to personalize a pillowcase is by using colored markers and watercolor. Most types of fabric will retain these materials even after washes. You can let your creative juices run free and make various designs using different colors. 

Whether it’s a simple quote, image, or abstract design, markers and watercolors give you the freedom to decorate your pillowcase. You can even turn this into a bonding moment with friends and families. Kids will indeed have fun decorating their own pillowcase, so why not preserve your child’s artwork on something they can sleep on?


Tassels, ties, and pompoms

If you’re feeling a bit more crafty, you can decorate your pillowcase with tassels, ties, or pompoms. The materials you can use are not limited to yarn and strings. Depending on your pillowcase and where you intend to use it, you can get creative with the materials. 

Making tassels, pompoms, or even tying a knot and ribbons might be a fun hobby to try. Adding these details on pillowcases will help you create more depth to the design and style, especially on decorative pillows. You can easily choose the right kind of colors that will complement your room or personality. 


Paint and computer

Everyone nowadays has a computer, and you can easily grab some paint at any craft store. Another idea for personalizing pillowcases is by literally printing the design onto the fabric. Even those who deemed themselves not artistic can simply print words, names, or sayings on the computer. 

What could be more personalized than giving someone a pillowcase with their name or favorite quotation? You can even combine the previous two ideas with your printed pillowcase and wow your visitors with your throw pillows. So how does this method works?



Start by printing your desired text using the font and size you like and set it aside. Then, make a pillowcase quickly or use an existing one and place a piece of cardboard inside to protect the fabric underneath when you paint. You should be ready to transfer your design onto the pillowcase. 



Go to a window and tape your design with the printed side facing it. Trace around the words and remove the paper from the window. Tape the printout onto your pillowcase and trace the outline with pressure to allow the graphite to transfer the design for you. 



You should easily trace the printout with paint, let it dry, and you’re done! If you’re having trouble applying paint on the pillowcase, remember to add some fabric medium to your paint. You should be able to fill and finish the design. 


How To Embroider A Pillow Case

Since the trend is sewing a pillowcase, why not add another skillset to your sewing abilities? Embroidery is a classic way to decorate fabric, and embroidering a pillowcase with initials or names will surely be appreciated. Here’s a quick hand embroidery guide for beginners.


Split stitch hand embroidery

You can also transfer text on your pillowcase using the window technique discussed earlier. Instead of painting the design in, you’re going to embroider the letters using split stitching. From the back of the fabric, bring the needle through and take the stitch down. 

Bring the needle back up to go through the center of the stitch you just made and take it down again. Repeating these techniques will lead to a split center of the previous stitch you made each time. As you go, you can add more rows to some sections to create letters of different widths. 



Everyone has an artistic side, so why not step up your pillow covers with some personal touch. You can quickly learn how to make personalized pillow cases using three ideas that even kids can do! The simplest way is by using watercolor and markers on the fabric itself. 

However, personalizing pillowcases is not only about adding designs on the material’s surface. You can also add tassels, ties, and pompoms around the pillowcase to match your decor. But if you’re planning on giving someone a gift, why not print their initials on a pillowcase?

The idea is simply tracing a computer-made print onto the fabric and then painting or embroidering it. Easy right? Go on and try making a personalized pillowcase now!

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