What Is A 3/4 Bed? 4 Other Awesome Sizes To Try!

What is a 3/4 bed?

A 3/4 (three-quarter) bed is also known as a “four-foot bed”, a “small double bed”, or “Queen bed”.

What is a 3/4 bed

This bed size ranges between 90 cm wide and 190 cm long (standard single bed) and 135 cm wide and 190 cm long (standard double bed).

It is perfect for people who wants to have a bed space as big as the double bed but does not take as much space as the double bed.

Three-quarter beds are best fit in smaller bedrooms and guestrooms that cannot accommodate standard double beds.

It is most suitable for one person but has enough space for two adults if needed.

If you want to read more information about three-quarter beds or small double, please check the rest of the article below.


What A 3/4 Bed Is!

The measurement of a three-quarter bed is 120 cm by 190 cm in the metric system.

It measures 4 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3inches long in imperial dimensions.

It means it is 6 inches (15 cm) smaller than a double bed and 12 inches (30 cm) bigger than a single bed.

This is the most common bed and mattress size for adults.

It is made best for two persons with bedrooms of small to average size.


Is It Possible To Convert A Three-Quarter Bed To A Full-Size Bed?

A three-quarter bed is considered an odd bed size.

Because it is not as common as single and double beds, it is a challenge to find the appropriate bed frames.

Bed frames are manufactured mostly for standard bed sizes.

Worry no more since there is a solution to that problem.

You can convert a three-quarter bed to another bed size!


Converting the bed

You can convert a whole three-quarter bed from the headboard to the footboard.

The first thing you need is a bed frame for the headboard and footboard which you can purchase online.

Mod-adapt headboard plate is a tool used to attach odd-size headboards to bedframes with standard measurement.

With the use of mod-adapt headboard plates, bridge the distance of three quarters and full bed size in terms of width.

For three-quarter beds using hooks, it is necessary to have bed hook adapter kits.

You don’t need this accessory if your three-quarter bed is attached using bolts.


Converting with the use of headboard alone

If you don’t intend to convert the whole, it is also possible.

Those who only intend to use the headboard will be needing a clamp-style bed frame

This tool allows you to make unique adjustments that are the exact size you desire.

You can get the exact size or fit on your foundation.

Mod plates are needed to attach the headboard.

You can also use hook adapters like in converting the whole bed if the three-quarter bed uses a hook-on.


What Mattress Size Fits On A 3/4 Bed?

So, what is a 3/4 bed? Where did you get your three-quarter bed?

Possible answers are that you possibly purchased it in the auction sale or an antique store.

It is also possible that you inherited this bed from your elders.

Either of the two possibilities will pose a similar concern – finding the perfect fitting mattress.

The dimension of mattresses food three-quarter beds is typically 48 inches by 75 inches.

Mattresses that share the same measurements with three-quarter is not a common find in local mattress stores.

Sure thing you also consider changing the mattress from the vintage three-quarter bed you have.

Fortunately, there are online stores that can design custom-made mattresses for your three-quarter bed.


What Are Other Available Bed Sizes?

To get the best bed suitable to your preferences, it is very important to consider your choices of bed sizes.

There are a lot of bed sizes you can choose from whether it is for your kid’s room, master bedroom, or guest room.

The three-quarter bed size is just one among the myriad of bed sizes available.

If it appears that finding a three-quarter bed is a difficult task for you to handle, you can certainly choose from other bed sizes that are more common.

Knowing various bed sizes will guide you in making an informed choice among the different options of bed sizes.

I have prepared a list below of other standard bed sizes you can choose from.

Enjoy exploring them!


#1. Single

Single-size bed (3’0’’) have enough space for one sleeper and is wider than small singles.

It is a good bed size for both children and adults.

Bed types suitable for children like bunk beds are usually single size.


#2. Standard double

Standard double size is the most common and available of all bed sizes.

It has a dimension of 4’6’’.


#3. King size

Standard king-size beds are only used in rooms with enough amount of space.

It provides enough room for two adult sleepers and has a dimension of 5’0’’.


#4. Super king size

Thought the king size is the largest of all?

Well, let’s make enough way for super king-size!

It is the largest of all bed sizes and measures 6’0’’.

It is also the best bed size for couples who needs plenty of space.


Let’s Wrap It Up!

What is a 3/4 bed?

A three-quarter bed is a bed with measurements that fall between single-size and double-size beds.

You can convert your three-quarter bed in your desired measurement or you can choose from other available bed sizes

Remember, it is also important to know the right mattress size for your three-quarter bed.

That’s all I can share about three-quarter beds.

Thanks for reading!