What Is A Low Profile Bed? 5 Best Reasons To Have This!

What is a low profile bed? Just like how the name suggests, a low profile bed refers to a bed that is “low to the ground”.

Bigger and taller standard beds often dominate the entire design of the room if there is not enough space.

What is a low profile bed

Low profile beds are designed in such a way to better suit rooms with limited space or low ceilings.

Many customers prefer this kind of bed because of its elaborate design and those who like the idea of sleeping near the floor.

It might take some time to get used to this kind of bed if you are used to sleeping in a standard bed.

The sure thing is those customers who used high standard beds and switched to low profile beds don’t want to return to their previous choice!

If you are planning on making this life-changing decision, read below the rest of the article about low profile beds we specially prepared for you.


What Is The Difference Between A Low Profile Bed And A Platform Bed?

So, what is a low profile bed?

Both low profile beds and platform beds offer unique advantages depending on style and overall look.

Platform beds are used because it is common and for the convenience it offers.

On the other hand, low profile beds are used based on contemporary furniture design and for taking up lesser space in the room.

Are you still torn between the two?

Consider the list of differences below between low profile beds and platform beds to make an informed decision.


#1. Design

A distinguishing characteristic of low profile bed from a platform bed is its design.

It is created with bold sleek-fine finishes and straight lines giving off a modern contemporary look.

On the other hand, platform beds have more variations of style compared to low profile beds.

Platform beds can also be manufactured with traditional and transitional designs.


#2. Height

The most notable difference between low profile beds and platform beds is their heights.

Low profile bed is closer to the ground.

Platform beds often sit higher from the ground.

What makes a difference in their heights is the box spring mattress used in low profile beds.

A box spring is manufactured the same size as the bed that consists of a wooden frame with springs wrapped in fabric supporting the mattress.

Platform beds get the support for the mattress from a plank of solid wood or wooden slats.


#3. Storage

Storage is another deferring feature between low profile and platform beds.

Low profile beds don’t usually have built-in drawers because of their relatively lower height.

Platform beds are usually built higher.

This height gives an advantage of providing more rooms under the bed.

With platform beds, you can have a trundle bed and built-in drawers beneath the bed.


How High Is A Low Profile Bed?

A low bed frame makes the bed lower than the average height of beds.

It allows the mattress to sit below usual with the use of box spring as mentioned above.

The standard metal bed frame sits 7.5 inches off the ground and on the top is 9 inches box spring.

Remember that platform beds don’t use box springs.


What Low Profile Beds Are: Are These Beds Better?

After a tiring day of work, school, and other activities, a nice cozy sleep seems to be the best way to ease this kind of exhaustion.

The height of the bed affects our comfort as well as well-being.

No one wants to ruin their beauty sleep just because your bed is too high or low for you, right?

On average, a person needs a bed with a height of 25 inches.

Low profile bed is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also be beneficial to you in several ways like in your sleeping environment.

The following benefits below prove this point.


#1. Science says so

Warm air rises while cool air sinks.

The lower the bed, the cooler the air which makes your sleep more comfortable.


#2. Creates illusion

Low profile beds make rooms with constricted space and low ceilings appear larger.


#3. A solution for your short pal

A lower bed is most suitable for short people.

It gives them ease while sitting at the edge of the bed.


#4. Expands utilization of floor space

A bed closer to the ground allows you to maximize the use of floor space.

Instead of buying a bedside table, you can just lay your things on the floor beside your bed.


#5. Japanese loves them

Shikibuton is a traditional Japanese bed which is a kind of mattress that makes it looks like a part of the floor.

It is also said that it is a way to connect with nature.


Why Does The Height Of Your Bed Matters?

Here are the reasons why height matters:


#1. Age

Younger people like children have the capability of going in and out of their beds more easily.

You can even resort to bunk beds or cabin beds for your children.

These tall beds can also serve you space-saving features.

As you get further down the old age, bed height becomes a serious consideration.

You can purchase beds that have only an appropriate height fitted to your preferences to maximize comfort.


#2. Depth of mattress

The size of your mattress complies with your bed frame.

For lower profile beds, you need thicker mattresses and vice versa.



What is a low profile bed?

This article just helped you answered this question.

The height of your is a major factor influencing the quality of your sleep.

Low profile beds are different compared to platform beds in terms of design, height, and storage.

Low profile beds are also better for several reasons.

Still curious about low profile beds?

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