What Is 14 Seer Air Conditioner? Its 2 Surprising Benefits!

Are you curious if what is 14 SEER air conditioner? Then, you are about to find out everything about this particular air conditioning unit.

Most AC systems with 14 SEER are more efficient as compared to older units. So although you can get this at an affordable price, you will enjoy high energy savings.

what is 14 SEER air conditioner

It is ideal to replace your outdated unit with a 14 SEER unit.

There are many more things that you should know about this topic, so keep on reading!


All About SEER

What is 14 Seer Air Conditioner? To make more sense, let us talk about SEER first. This is the acronym of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This measures the cooling efficiency of air conditioning units.

To get this, the calculation used is total cooling produced per season divided by total energy required. In essence, the higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the unit is.

The SEER is calculated for the whole cooling season with the use of a constant temperature indoors and the various temperature outdoors that usually ranged from 60 up to 100 degrees. This is used to simulate the typical season.

The most common units have a 14 or 16 SEER rating since they are also the less pricy options. Please take note that the SEER ratio of a unit is its maximum efficiency. This is the same as the suggested miles for every gallon in a vehicle.

For instance, a car may get 28 miles for every gallon if it runs on a highway. However, if the traffic flows very slowly, then using one galloon would be less efficient.

This works pretty much the same with your AC system. In case it has a 14 SEER ratio, it is its maximum efficiency. The efficiency can be lower than the indicated ratio depending on the particular condition as your unit is running.


Importance Of Energy-Efficiency In AC Units

Although developing more energy-efficient air conditioners is to have higher energy savings, it also comes with a lot more benefits aside from that. Some added benefits for having an energy-efficient unit includes the following:

For one thing, it helps in reducing carbon footprint. This means that more energy savings are more beneficial to the environment. That is because it will produce lesser greenhouse gasses as compared to outdated units.  Another benefit that you can enjoy is the fact that the climate control in the house is improved.

Recent models are designed with more features including improved cooling capabilities, zoning for more comfort, and programmable thermostats that allow your unit to turn on and off accordingly based on what you have set.

Newer AC models that are highly efficient are also designed to work better and smoother.  Not only that, but the air quality in the house will also improve since the unit is blowing air consistently. It will also prevent contaminants from forming in the unit.


Benefits of A High SEER Ratio AC Unit

If you go to an appliance store, the sales assistant will most likely recommend a unit with a higher SEER rating, and you might wonder why so?  Well, that is because higher SEER brings about benefits. Let us discuss those benefits below.


Benefit #1. Higher indoor comfort

If your AC unit has a higher SEER rating, you will enjoy more comfort during the summer season. This is particularly important if you are living in a region with sweltering conditions.

This is possible due to the two components of the system that is behind greater comfort. It includes the variable-speed blower and the two-stage compressor. AC units having a lower SEER rating usually run at a single speed only. Meaning to say, it will probably turn off and on frequently, especially in mild weather.

Furthermore, you will most likely feel that its cooling is uneven with some hot and cold spots. You might also feel hotter since the humidity level is high, and it will take longer for the system to remove the humidity from the air.


Benefit #2. More energy efficient

Higher SEER would also mean greater efficiency during certain conditions. Standard air conditioners have a minimum SEER rating of 13, and this can range up to 21.  Trane AC units have a rating that is ranging from 14.5 up to 22. But then again, the indicated rating is its maximum efficiency. This can vary depending on the size of the space it is trying to cool.

Other variables can also affect efficiency including its current ductwork. So even if your unit has a high SEER ratio, it is still ideal to consider other tips to save energy during summer.

A unit having a 14 SEER does not necessarily mean that it is less efficient than 16 or 21 units. Most older units are only rated 8 or 9. But now, more units have a higher rating, and even the lowest-rated system can be energy efficient.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know what is 14 SEER air conditioner. They are more energy-efficient as compared to older and outdated AC units.

Since it is an affordable HVAC option, you can replace your previous unit with this one and enjoy high energy savings.

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