How Many Decibels Is A Quiet Air Conditioner? 3 Best Features!

An air conditioner can contribute a certain amount of noise, so you might be wondering how many decibels are a quiet air conditioner. Noise will depend on the machine’s age, conditioner, and type. In general, older air conditioning units tend to produce more noise.

The level of decibel may also go up over time as the unit wears out. Fortunately, recent air conditioning models are engineered while putting much consideration in noise reduction.

how many decibels is a quiet air conditioner

All air conditioners have their dB or decibel rating, and this is related to their sound. The higher the rating, the noisier the system and vice versa.

Well, there are many more things that you should know, so keep on scrolling, my friends!


Understanding Decibels

So, how many decibels is a quiet air conditioner?

When you are choosing an air conditioner unit, you should consider its decibel rating. A 10 dB difference can produce two times more sound. For your reference, we included a guide below:

  • 50 dB is like having a discreet conversation
  • 60 dB is like a conversation in a restaurant
  • 70 dB is pretty much the same as the noise coming from your vacuum cleaner
  • 80 dB is similarly produced when garbage disposal run

With this illustration, the majority of the homeowners will find a quiet model with a dB rating of 60 or below. Typically, the quietest air conditioner falls between 50 and 60 decibels.


#1. Decibels of air conditioners

Air conditioners are running with similar noise range levels with dishwashers on average. But they seem to be quieter since decibels are also attributed to distance.

Perhaps, you are standing in your kitchen as the dishwasher is running, then it will sound like 60 decibels. But if you are not standing close to it, it will not sound as loud. The same is true with your air conditioner.


#2. Sound range

The decibel ratings of air conditioners widely vary. A tranquil AC unit produces only 25 decibels. This is just a bit louder than your whisper.

The portable AC units can make noise of up to 55 decibels. Such noise is just a bit louder than the usual humming sound of a refrigerator that is generally about 40 decibels.


#3. Decibel ratings

All manufacturers of air conditioners rate the decibels of the unit they make, and this is usually indicated on the label. Essentially, the decibel describes the noise output that a person can hear if he stands close to the unit.

The higher the cooling capacity of an air conditioning unit, the higher the decibel it produces. But some are incorporated with technology that reduces noise.

However, these are often more expensive. Both the distance as well as the sound insulation can reduce the perceived noise levels.


Reducing Air Conditioners Noise

You can take some steps to reduce the noise being produced by your AC model. For instance, you can mount sound-absorbing insulation outside your unit if you have a window air conditioner.

For central air conditioners, covering the ducts with closed-cell foam can help in reducing the noise levels. If the outdoor unit produces extra noise, insulating blankets and sound-blanket walls can help solve the issue. Any of those aforementioned measured can reduce the noise output of an air conditioner by about 10 decibels.


3 Features Of AC Systems That Reduces Noise Output

You can also reduce the noise output of an air conditioner through some air conditioner features. This includes the following.


Feature #1. Blower fans

The indoor AC counterpart is designed with a blower fan which is the one responsible for circulating the air in the room. Most often than not, the blower fans of a quiet AC are variable speed.

This type is operating at different speed levels. Meaning to say, the unit does not run at full blast at all times. That is why this feature does not only help in reducing sound, but it also cut energy costs and import comfort.


Feature #2. Compressor mounts and insulation

The loudest AC component is its compressor. If this is insulated properly, the noise will be trapped, causing the noise not to reach your house. A lot of compressor mounting can also be used to limit the noise as the unit is running.


Feature #3. Fan blades

Some fan blades are designed in such a way to reduce the noise output making the overall AC system sound quieter.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading the post, you already know how many decibels is a quiet air conditioner. But, remember that the size of your unit also plays a vital role in its sound.

If you do not get a large enough unit to accommodate the space, then the decibel rating won’t ever matter. That is because the system will produce louder noise since the fan runs constantly.

But take note that a bigger AC unit won’t solve the issue with noise. That is because it will tend to overwork the system causing it to produce greater noise. So with that being said, it is a good idea that you are having your research about a quiet air conditioner which may be why you end up in this post.

If you know and understand the things that make it noisy and its features that help minimize sound, you will most likely make a good choice when choosing an AC system for your home.

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