What Does Plush Mattress Mean: Everything To Know

The answer to what does plush mattress mean refers to the soft quality of the bed. However, it can confuse buyers, so if you want to know more, continue reading below. 

We also recommend reading this guide on the softest mattress type. It will help you get familiar with soft beds.  

what does plush mattress mean


What Is A Plush Mattress?

A plush mattress means that you can expect it to feel softer than your traditional mattress. However, it can be confusing for buyers because there are no guidelines and standards for using this term. Different brands and manufacturers can offer various “plush” mattresses that feel soft but not at the same level. 

More common terms that you’ll see when brands describe their plush mattresses include cushioning, gentle, pillow-like, or even cloud-like. Again, these descriptions are not specific and only give the buyer an idea that the bed will be softer than the medium. So instead of immediately buying a plush mattress, check how the brand rated it on the firmness scale to know what to expect with its softness. 

If you are still new to understanding the mattress scale, read this complete and easy-to-follow guide on how to select mattress firmness. In addition, this separate article discusses what each rating means in the firmness scale. 


Is A Plush Mattress A Soft Mattress?

A plush mattress is a soft mattress, and you can expect something cushioning and pillowy as if you’re sleeping on a cloud with any plush bed. An example of a plush mattress is a pillow top bed, primarily when you selected the best pillow top mattresses in the market. And while there are no guidelines to specify how soft a plush mattress will be, assume that it will feel soft and hugging when you lie on it. 


Is a plush mattress softer than a medium?

A plush mattress refers to any soft mattress, which will always be softer than any medium bed. In the firmness scale, medium-rated mattresses are usually 6 to 7 or 5 to 7, while soft mattresses are at 1 to 5 or 1 to 4. Therefore, you can expect a more sinking feeling when lying on a plush bed than on a medium mattress. 

So those who want more back support should get a medium-firm mattress, but side sleepers and lightweight individuals will benefit more from a plush bed because of the cushioning. 


What’s The Difference Between A Firm Mattress And A Plush Mattress?



The main difference between a firm and a plush mattress is the overall feel. Of course, there is lesser sinkage when you lie on a firm bed, but lying on a plush mattress can sink the user too much that they feel “swallowed.” It should also be easy to spot a firm mattress from a plush mattress because of the overall structure. 



A firm mattress is thinner, making it more suitable for stomach sleepers to avoid deviations in the posture. However, please note that a thick mattress can still be firm, depending on the material on the comfort layer. As for plush beds, it’s highly likely to see them as thick mattresses such as pillow tops or foam beds with multiple layers. 

The thicker and higher construction of the mattress contributes to the cloud-like feel of lying over it. And, of course, a thinner bed will feel firmer because there is less cushioning from the lack of extra layers. Learn how thick a mattress should be for more information. 


What Is Better Plush Or Firm In A Mattress?

Selecting between a firm and a plush bed will depend on the user as long he/she will get something supportive, as noted by Dr. Rachel Salas at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Remember that your sleeping position and body type will dictate the ideal mattress firmness. 

However, a good and safe choice is a medium or medium-firm bed. It has enough cushioning for comfort and pressure relief, but it still has some firmness to keep your spine from curving. Then, you can constantly adjust the bed’s feel by adding a topper if necessary. 


Is A Plush Mattress Good For Your Back?

A plush mattress is not the best choice for back support and pain relief because it can sink the sleeper deeply and discourage a neutral spine. However, you also don’t want a very stiff mattress as some positions that add stress on the hips or shoulders can lead the spine to compensate. Instead, opt for a medium-firm bed and read this firmness guide for back pain relief.


Is A Plush Mattress A Good Mattress?

A plush mattress is a good mattress if it suits the needs and preferences of the sleeper. So what is a plush bed good for?

  • People weighing 130 pounds or less will feel cozier in a plush mattress because some firm or even medium-firm beds can feel harder than they are on lighter individuals
  • Side sleepers need cushioning to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, which makes a plush bed ideal for them


Was this article helpful? To answer what does plush mattress mean, it refers to any soft bed. It is softer than a medium and firm bed, but there are no guidelines to specify how soft a plush bed is on the scale.

Overall, it’s the ideal bed for you if you are a lighter individual or you want to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips as you sleep on your side. 

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