What Does Of Mean On A Samsung Fridge? Plus 6 Surprising Error Codes To Identify!

Are you curious about what does OF mean on a Samsung fridge? It’s not just ‘OF,’ but the correct error code is ‘OF OF’ or ‘O FF.’ It sometimes varies, but both of these codes mean the same thing. And that is an indication that the fridge is in demo or display mode.

Whenever you go shopping for appliances, specifically a fridge, you can observe these letters displayed on the refrigerator. It can be on a mall or appliance store, and the display refrigerators are on demo mode. And it’s sometimes called ‘Cooling-off mode.’

what does OF mean on a Samsung fridge

We can say that the fridge is working, but it does not consume much electricity based on its name. Customers may check out the fridge without having to worry about electricity use in this mode. And also to avoid affecting the establishments’ bills. This code is only one of them, and there are still plenty of codes for you to learn, especially when you buy a Samsung fridge. So, why don’t we try exploring all of them? Read on!


What Does Of Mean On Your Samsung Fridge?

Error codes can help notify you that there’s something wrong with your unit. It might be a broken fan, or the fridge can’t identify the power supply. But, there can be several codes in a single fridge, and they all vary from brand to brand. You already knew earlier what does OF mean on a Samsung fridge.

Now, we’d like to share the essential error codes that we gathered from Samsung refrigerators. And you need to know all of them so here they are:


Code #1. 22E or 22C

Keeping the door open for an extended period might harm your engine and other internal components. They will release more cool air because they detected a temperature rise. As a response, the fridge’s interior will be colder than usual, perhaps resulting in a frozen refrigerator fan.

This code can tell you that the fan stopped because it might be stuck or frozen. So, you need to turn off your fridge and open the door for a couple of minutes to let it defrost. Once you turn on the refrigerator again, the code will disappear when the fan starts to function. Code’ 21E’ is also the same, but it’s for the freezer fan.


Code #2. AP

This code is short for the access point. Most modern refrigerators usually have this code for Smart and advanced features. For example, you want to connect the fridge to your wifi to enable these features.

You can activate this button by pressing it for a few seconds, and it will find access to your wifi connection. It will disappear once it received enough access or you completed setting up your fridge settings.


Code #3. 83E, 85E, 86E

The numbers in the code may vary depending on the fridge type and model, but they have similar causes. In some cases, the code can also be ’88 88′, which displays when there is a high-voltage error or power surge. This scenario can cause errors in your components, especially those that are related to electricity.

For codes 83E and 86E, the fridge tells you that there’s something wrong with your compressor due to the voltage abnormality. Your compressor might receive too much electricity, and it can’t handle the pressure. And to avoid further damage, you should turn off the fridge and power circuit. If there are any thunderstorms, you can wait for them to pass, but if there are none, you can restart the refrigerator after a few minutes.


Code #4. 85C

This code is somehow similar to the previous one since its related to the power supply. But this usually displays when the fridge could not identify and detect a power source. This situation happens when there is a power outage, or there’s a low-voltage power supply. The difference between this code and the previous one is that this one shows a power shortage, whereas the other one shows too much.


Code #5. PC ER

Some fridges display PC CH, but both mean that there is a lack of communication in the inner components. It could be due to a loose attachment, or there’s not enough power supply for all of them. Or there’s a recent power outage, and the electricity is not delivered yet to all parts.

You can fix this by restarting the fridge and turning off the breaker. Switch it on again after a few minutes. Your fridge should respond well after the restart.


Code #6. 76C

This code indicates that there is water in your autofill compartment. You might be confused since the container has a pitcher that needs to be fill-in with water. It means that there is water nearby. And it could be a dent or crack in your pitcher that made the fridge detect some leaks.


It’s A Wrap

And that concludes the article about “what does OF mean on a Samsung fridge?” There are still other codes that you need to discover, but these are the most common and essential. But you can check out your manual to know more about the different ciphers that your fridge displays.

So, we hope that this article made you know your fridge better. For more interesting articles, read how to turn off filter light on Samsung fridge. All the best!

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