Why Is Fridge Leaking Water? 4 Surprising Reasons!

Do you want to find out why is fridge leaking water? The most common causes involve problems relating to blockages and improper water flow inside the fridge. So you walk into your kitchen and see a puddle of water. You then proceed to mop it while getting lost in thought, thinking about where the source is.

It happens a few more times, and after all that mopping, you decide that you’ve had enough. Seeing that the puddle always appears beside your fridge, you then use your Sherlock level deduction skills to conclude that the refrigerator is the culprit.

why is fridge leaking water

Now that you know what causes the water puddles. The next question is why? You ask this because sometimes before you can solve a problem, one must first find out its cause. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then you are in luck. This article will give you the answers that you seek. Just scroll and keep on reading.


Why Is Your Fridge Leaking Water

So, why is fridge leaking water? Several things can cause a fridge to leak water. By knowing these reasons, you can easily decide what course of action you are going to take. You can call a professional to fix your fridge, or you could even do it by yourself. Either way, you will save a lot of money by not buying a new fridge if you could find out what causes these leaks and do something about it.


Cause #1. Clogged drain tube

We will answer our main query, “Why is your fridge leaking water?” and even includes some tips on what to do to stop these. When undergoing their defrost cycle, fridges will get rid of ice buildup and lead the water through the drain tube to the drain pan to evaporate.

That is also where the water from the condensation inside your fridge goes. Anyway, you may read about how to fix a condensation refrigerator. Most water leaks are caused by a clogged drain tube. These could be because of dirt and other particles from the stuff you put in your fridge that fall which blocks the water from flowing into the drain pan, causing it to settle in the bottom of the refrigerator until it leaks.

An easy fix to this is to remove the drain tube behind the fridge and clean it thoroughly, making sure that the water can pass through properly. If you notice that water still does not pass through the tube even after making sure it’s clog-free. Then you might want to check the hole that leads to the drain tube and make sure there are no blockages.


Cause #2. Unleveled fridge

Another possible cause for the water leaks will be if your fridge is not leveled correctly. Most fridges work efficiently if slightly tilted backward. Meaning the front legs should be slightly taller than the back legs. If your fridge is perfectly parallel to the floor or, worse, tilted forward, the water might not be able to flow where it is supposed to correct.

To fix this, quickly shift the front legs so that the fridge is somewhat leaning backward rather than precisely level to the floor. A good rule of thumb is if the fridge door quickly closes when pushed with minimal force.


Cause #3. Drain pan damage

The water could also be leaking because of a damaged drain pan, allowing water to drip to the floor. Remember the drain tube we talked about earlier and how it leads to the drain pan? Well, a damaged drain pan is as good as no drain pan. So what you should do is go to the back of your fridge, take the drain pan out and inspect it.

This one is also another easy one to fix. Just check and look for damages like cracks or holes where water could be leaking out from. If you do see some damage, then all you have to do is get a replacement. If you can’t get the same one for your fridge model exactly, be creative. As long as it could hold the water from your fridge and would fit in the original drain pan’s place, you are good to go.


Cause #4. Water supply line problems

This part only applies if your fridge has a built-in water dispenser or ice maker. Learn here how does an ice makers work if you are not familiar with them. Regardless, these types of fridges have water supply lines that are connected to them. First, check for leaks and damages to the water line behind the refrigerator.

If you do find water leaking, then check if everything is properly tightened up or replace the hose. The water supply line could also be blocked by ice inside the fridge, preventing water from flowing. If this is the case then defrost the fridge, make sure everything’s neat and clean inside, and then see if there is any leakage.


Cause #5. Improper airflow

The water leaks from your fridge could have also been caused by improper airflow. For example, what happens when you put so much stuff inside of your fridge. If this is the case, air will not flow in all areas of the fridge. Ice would then build up within the fridge and prevent water from draining outside correctly.

The solution is to not put so much stuff inside your fridge and always keep it neat and tidy, for the air to flow properly. In order to get rid of the ice buildup, defrost your fridge, and take this as an opportunity to organize its contents and clean it.

You may find it helpful to understand how much does it cost to fix a fridge.

Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned the reasons why is fridge leaking water. Thank you very much for reading until the end. You are appreciated! On the other hand, if you have some time to spare, you might want to read other articles about how to fix a Freon leak in a mini fridge and how to remove scratches from stainless steel fridge.

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