How To Turn Off Filter Light On Samsung Fridge? In Just 3 Easy Steps!

How to turn off filter light on Samsung fridge? If it is your first time getting a Samsung fridge and you don’t know the basics of how its control works, then you should dive deeper and learn more about it. These basics include turning off the filter light on your Samsung fridge and many more. So without further ado, let us explain to you how their refrigerator works.

Samsung, a large company known for its appliances, has always been unique with its units. If you don’t know, they are the ones to first produce a fridge with an integrated ice maker and water fountain. Up to now, they are still one of the most trusted brands that people look up to when buying appliances.

how to turn off filter light on samsung fridge

Not only have they excelled in making phones, but also in making fridges and other items. Regardless, let’s dig deeper into this as you continue reading this article. You also will get to know some important terms that are related to this discussion.


How To Turn Off Filter Lights On Samsung Fridge In Just 3 Easy Steps

How to turn off filter light on Samsung fridge? Before purchasing a Samsung refrigerator, it is necessary to have a little info about its buttons and components. An instruction manual may work for you, but if you do not have one, no worries. In that case, let us help you know more about it.


Step #1. Locating the buttons to reset the filter light

To reset a filter light, you must first locate the buttons from your Samsung fridge. They are usually placed on different buttons depending on what your unit is.

is not that hard to identify, too, as something is indicated on the button, see for yourself. Most Samsung refrigerators can usually be seen placed along with the energy saver or alarm buttons. Underneath those indicators are some words that say “Hold 3 sec for filter reset,” which is for resetting the filter.

But if yours doesn’t have those indicated in the buttons mentioned above and you aren’t familiar with your fridge, they are placed in a completely different setup. With some units that have different layouts, it is sometimes placed below the water button. While for more extended forms, it is placed below the cool power button.


Step #2. Pressing the button

Now that you’ve located the button where the reset filter is indicated, it is now time we start doing the process. Hold the button for a minimum of three seconds then the lights will eventually begin to fade as indicated.

It doesn’t matter where your reset button is placed; if there is an indication that can be seen on the controller itself that says “Hold 3 sec for filter reset,” then it is what you should do. The only difference is the positioning and not the way you do it.


Step #3. Final step

Now that all the steps have been done, wait for the lights to turn off. They may either show a different color at first or directly turn off without any notice.

Wait for around 30 seconds before making sure that it has completely shut its light. There are some instances where the light malfunctions and gives the wrong info.

The reason may be mainly because if you haven’t changed your filters. They only have a maximum usage of five months; if it is used more than the time it is only usable, your fridge may have problems which means the filter needs a replacement.

To accomplish the task, once you’ve turned off the filter light, reset the fridge itself to check if there are still some issues with your appliance. If it turns out to not have any malfunction, then you’re all good to go. Your fridge is set and usable.



This section will answer the most commonly asked questions related to your concern or your fridge. So keep on reading to know more and to see if there are questions that go as the same as yours:


Question #1. Why does a Samsung fridge have its filter to be replaced once every five months? Is it necessary?

How often you change your Samsung fridge’s filter will help keep the quality for a long time. It might not be a problem for regular kitchen fridges, though it still needs some checking once in a while. But that doesn’t go the same for your Samsung fridges.

Most of their fridges have a water dispenser and ice maker, which is why it needs a new filter once in a while. This is so that it can produce clean water.

Failing to change it after a long time of usage may cause your fridge to malfunction and have some buildup which we’ll want to avoid as much as possible. If this happens, it may slow down the whole internal system.


Question #2. Do all water filter replacements fit on the same unit?

The answer is no, not all water filters are the same and as much as possible, avoid buying from untrusted sellers to avoid any damages to your unit. Each unit has a filter that fits its size; you can check it on the old filter before replacing it to see what is compatible with yours.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to turn off filter light on Samsung fridge. It is essential to have an idea beforehand to avoid any damages from happening in the future. They are unique from the others; so, if you cannot do it yourself, try to call for a professional or use an instruction manual as a basis. Speaking of filters, you should often change the water filter in your fridge as well.

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