What Does A Fire Blanket Do? Best Uses and Advantages

If you’re curious about what does a fire blanket do, you can get the gist from the name itself. A fire blanket fights fire by smothering it and cutting its oxygen supply. Therefore, it’s a type of fire extinguisher. 


What Does A Fire Blanket Do

What Does A Fire Blanket Do? An Extinguisher In Blanket Form?

A fire blanket is essentially an extinguisher in blanket form, meaning it can prevent the spread of fires. It works against small flames by smothering them like a blanket and cutting the oxygen supply needed by fire to persist and burn. 


How fire blankets work

The overall construction of a fire blanket consists of a fire retardant film inside two layers of woven glass fiber fabric. The blanket is then stored in a container that you can mount on the wall. As mentioned previously, the blanket form is helpful to place over small flames to smother them and starve them of oxygen.

You can quickly eradicate small fires with a fire blanket by pulling the handles to let it slide from the container or according to the directions of the specific blanket you have. Then, you’ll cover your hands with the blanket to protect you before deploying it over the fire. 


What Is A Fire Blanket Best Used For?

A fire blanket can typically withstand up to 1652°F of heat, so it works well for homes or even industrial kitchens. The compact size is also easy to store and carry around for boats or trailers. However, it’s best not to attempt putting out flames larger than the blanket and call the fire department hotline instead. 


How to use a fire blanket

It’s better to check the instructions of the specific fire blanket you have. However, you can usually use one by pulling the straps to get it out of the container. Then, remember to cut off the electric or gas supply in the area before deploying the blanket onto the flames, carefully not to fan them. 

Wrap the edge of the blanket around your hands to protect them and cover all the fire with the blanket. Please do not remove the blanket after putting out the fire because it would still be hot. And additionally, you can never reuse a fire blanket even if it seemed damage-free after the first use. 


What Does A Fire Blanket Remove?

A fire blanket is only best for eradicating small fires, typically in the kitchen setting. This blanket-type extinguisher should be used for Class K fire or those that involve cooking oils and fats. The overall construction of a fire blanket can effectively eradicate this type of flame, even with the very high temperature from oils and fats. 

We also like to emphasize that you should know the proper way of using the fire blanket. First, gauge if it can cover all the flames, and second, check on yourself. If you’re panicking, you shouldn’t try throwing the blanket over the fire as you might miss and get injured instead.


Can A Fire Blanket Protect You?

If you can’t deploy a fire blanket over the flames, you can also use it to protect yourself during the evacuation from the area. Cover yourself with the blanket to get away from the fire. Another way a fire blanket can protect someone is when a person is in flames. 

You can wrap the blanket around them to minimize their injuries and burns. The blanket can even be incorporated into the stop, drop, and roll technique where a chemical fire extinguisher won’t be useful due to potential lung irritation when inhaled. And when using the fire blanket against a kitchen that caught alight, be sure to turn off the heat source first and never throw water on the grease before deploying the blanket. 


Why Do You Need A Fire Blanket?


Fire protection

You can always get a fire blanket for your home, trailer, boat, or kitchen. It comes in different sizes but is all easy to store around potential fire hazard areas. As you have read, a fire blanket is not only applicable against fire, but it can also protect you during the evacuation, so you might as well get one. 


Easy to use

It would be best if you got a fire blanket because it’s easier to use than a traditional fire extinguisher. Those who don’t have the strength to handle a fire extinguisher should comfortably use a blanket. Some people are also unable to smother fire using the drop and roll technique being old or sick, where a blanket is easier to use. 


No clean-up

Finally, you don’t need much clean-up after using a fire blanket. You should only remember that this extinguisher is only effective for flames that its size can smother, and it’s always better to contact the fire department if you’re unsure of yourself. And after using, throw out the fire blanket.



If you don’t have a fire extinguisher at home, why not get a fire blanket? But what does a fire blanket do? It’s an extinguisher in a blanket form that you can use to smother small flames and prevent them from burning more. 

You can keep this blanket in your home, trailer, or boat because it’s small and easy to handle, even if you’re struggling physically. Just remember that it only works for small fires, and you must never reuse one. 


how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom

How To Style A Throw Blanket In Your Bedroom? 8 Best Styling Tips!

If you want to be warm and cozy when sleeping, you need to know how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom.

But more than that, knowing this can improve the appearance of your room.

That is because a throw pillow can also be used to accentuate the room as it adds warmth, color, and texture to the room.

With that being said, keep reading until the end of this post to discover the numerous styling tips.


What Is A Throw Blanket?

Before we proceed to the styling tips, let us first get to know more about throw blankets.

Well, it is a type of cloth that is decorative and is mainly used in making a room even cozier.

With you can be kept warm when you sleep.

This is also a blanket, the only difference between the two is their size.

Generally, throw blankets are thinner and smaller as compared to the real ones.

Furthermore, blankets are primarily utilized in bed only.

Throws, on the other hand, are used as a decoration for the lounge, bedroom, or any other part of the house.

Typically, they come in unique, fun, and colorful colors.

They are made from different materials such as faux fur, wool, cotton, and polyester.


Ways To Style A Throw Blanket In Your Bedroom

I don’t want to keep you waiting.

Now here are the ways on how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom:


Method #1. Showing Both Of Its Sides

You can add depth and interest to your room by creating layers using throw blankets.

For instance, you can layer multiple throws to display varying textures.

But you might as well use a single throw and just fold it.

You might as well purchase a reversible throw blanket and display both of its sides.


Method #2. Draping it over the headboard

The best way to style the throw blanket is by draping it over the headboard.

Through this, anyone entering the room will see it right away.

This will revive your old headboard.

Then, complement with decorative pillows to achieve a better look.


Method #3. Placing the throw pillow at the edge of the bed

You can also put the throws at the foot of the bed.

Among all other methods in the list, this one is the easiest to do which is why a lot are using it.

All you need to do is to fold the blanket and lay it at the edge of the bed.

Ensure that it is centered so that it will not look sloppy.


Method #4. Trying the diagonal fold

You can achieve a homey and effortless look by folding the throws diagonally.

Get the throw blanket and then fold it into thirds or half.

After that, you have to drape it on the corners of the bed.

This method will offer an asymmetrical look that both pleasing and inviting for the eyes.

Only minimal effort is needed, yet you can make your room eye-catchy.


Method #5. Adding layers

You can make the blanket appear bigger with this method.

Begin by placing a blanket as a base.

Preferably, the blanket is neutral textured or colored so that the print and color of the throw blanket will pop out more.

Drape the throw blanket over the bed blanket.

To ensure that you can achieve a cohesive look, choose blankets in the shades but of varying textures.


Method #6. Corner throw

This kind of style is suited to different aesthetics and interior design.

No matter what kind of design scheme you have in your room, it will complement it for sure.

Just fold the blanket lengthwise. Then, do another fold in half.

After that, place the throw blanket at the corner of the bed.

Remember not to fold the throw blanket too smooth and straight as it will tend to look just like any ordinary blanket.

It would be good to mess it a bit so that the look will be even pleasing.


Method #7. Faux fur throw must not be folded

Believe it or not, this type of blanket is better left not touched.


Method #8. Fully lay the throw blanket on the bed

In general, throw blankets are tinier than the bed.

In case there is an old throw that you cannot get rid of, you can still make good use of it.

This can be used as a cloth poster or tapestry.

In other words, you can use this in spicing up your old and small blanket and then lay it over the bed.

Make sure to place the throw blanket in the middle and allow the symmetry to offer a calming vibe to your room.


It’s A Wrap!

You can surely enjoy the versatility of throw blankets for as long as you know how to style a throw blanket in your bedroom.

Aside from spicing up the décor of your room, this is very useful in keeping you cozy no matter the weather.

It can provide added comfort as you watch TV or read your favorite book.

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