What Is A Fire Blanket? Everything You Need To Know

If you’re curious about what is a fire blanket, think of it as a blanket capable of extinguishing a fire. We will talk more in this article about how it works to understand its usefulness better. Isn’t it impressive that you can use a blanket against fires?

We will also discuss the proper way of using a fire blanket for your safety. Continue reading below and learn more about fire blankets!

What Is A Fire Blanket


What Is A Fire Blanket And How Does It Work


What are fire blankets?

Fire blankets are blankets that can extinguish fires. They are made of fire-proof materials like fiberglass and are typically used for kitchen fires and other small fires in the home, caravan, or even your boat. A fire blanket can also be effective for wrapping someone who’s on fire or as evacuation protection from an engulfed location. 

You will learn more about how they work in a few seconds, but they are generally packed in a PVC container, ready to use, and easy to store. Fire blankets are effective for up to 932°F, and they come in different types or sizes. The most common fire blanket is the standard or economy size that is 1 by 1 meter and comes packed in polythene.

On the other hand,  kitchen fire blankets come in the same size and 1.2 by 1.2 meters, convenient for boats and homes. But if you want something bigger, fire blankets can also measure 1.8 by 1.2 meters or 1.8 by 1.7 meters. You can keep these larger fire blankets on areas where you store flammable items.


How fire blankets work

It’s impressive how a blanket can withstand fire and high heat. The primary idea of how fire blankets work is by cutting the fire’s oxygen supply while simultaneously smothering it. Fire blankets can do these things because of the layers of fire retardant and woven fiberglass fabric that keep them from catching fire. But to be effective, it should be released correctly and spread to its actual size. 

But to be effective, it should be released correctly and spread to its actual size. Here are the dos and don’ts of fire blanket usage.


How to use a fire blanket

  1. Read the fire blanket container for the instructions of proper removal
  2. Turn off any electric or gas supply in the area and hold the blanket straps when you take out the fire blanket
  3. Wrap the blanket edge around your hands and check for any item you’re wearing that might caught flame before covering the small fire with the blanket
  4. Check if you have covered all the flames to deprive them of oxygen
  5. Wait for the fire to be extinguished completely before touching the blanket

What Is A Fire Blanket Used For?

A fire blanket is a valuable extinguisher for small flames or to protect someone who needs to get out of a place in fire. It can also be used to smother the fire from someone to protect them from severe burns or even death. Overall, it’s a great idea to place a fire blanket somewhere with a risk of fire.

However, you should know the proper way to use a fire blanket and follow the instructions written on the bag. More so, it would be best if you left it be upon placing the blanket over the area of the fire. And in some cases, you should skip the fire blanket altogether. 


When Should You Not Use A Fire Blanket?


1. If the flame is widespread

Fire blankets are only best for putting out small fires. If the area in fire is larger than the blanket, it’s best to call your area’s fire brigade instead of attempting to put it out yourself. You can then use the fire blanket to evacuate outside safely. 


2. If the fire blanket is used

Remember that fire blankets are never reusable. You might think that it will be effective for another use, especially if it seemed intact after putting out a fire. Be sure to replace the fire blanket with a new one after it’s been used. 


3. If you don’t have the right knowledge and mindset

Finally, fire blankets still require some training and a calm mind. You will have to be close to the flames because you’re using the blanket to smother them. If the fire is widespread, a typical 5 by 6 feet fire blanket is not enough. You also have to remember to cover your hands with the blanket edges to protect your hands when deploying the fire blanket. 


When Should You Use A Fire Blanket On A Small Fire?

You could use a fire blanket on a small fire safely if you checked the area and yourself. What this means is the area’s electric or gas sources should be turned off, and you’re sure that the blanket is big enough to smother the flames. Furthermore, do not attempt to use the fire blanket if you’re panicking because you might drop it or accidentally burn your hands when throwing it over the flames. 



Did you know that some blankets can put out a fire? It’s essential to understand what is a fire blanket, as there might be an instance where you have to use one. Fire blankets are blankets that smother small flames and deprive them of oxygen. 

Be sure to know the proper way of removing them from the packaging and reread our dos and don’ts before attempting to put out a fire.