What Do Guys Do During A Baby Shower

If you’re unsure what do guys do during a baby shower, there are three things you can expect, but in general, they are not different from what women usually do at baby showers. We will also discuss the expectations and etiquette for men attending a baby shower and how to make them feel involved in the co-ed shower. 

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what do guys do during a baby shower

For example, do you want the parents-to-be to spend more time with guests? Here’s what is a drop in baby shower


Exactly What Do Guys Do During A Baby Shower


Food and mingling

There is no significant difference between what guys do at a baby shower and what women do. Men and other guests usually spend time at the baby shower mingling and congratulating the couple. 

Compared to a traditional baby shower where the mom only attends, a co-ed shower has both men and women, so the baby’s parents-to-be are both honored. Other couples who are also parents can attend to share tips and send their best wishes and gifts to the father and mother-to-be. 

As the host, prepare good food at the baby shower. Consider appetizers, finger foods, and hors d’oeuvres that can be enjoyed by everyone while talking and catching up with the mom and dad-to-be


Dad-friendly games and competitions

Co-ed baby showers mean hosts should prepare games, activities, and prizes that both male and female guests will love. You can even plan games where fathers and mothers go head to head against each other for a friendly competition. 

The dad-to-be can participate with other guys at the baby shower and compete with tasks like who can change the diaper the fastest or even something fun like a stroller race. Take the baby shower theme as inspiration, or you can modify games with the ladies so that men can participate. 

There are many co-ed shower games you can try, and they will surely be funny and memorable for everyone who attends. You can even have couples compete against other couples, then have kids as the judges for the winner.  



Toast is the last activity you can have for men to enjoy the baby shower. You can invite the dad-to-be’s closest guy friends or even his own dad to the co-ed shower for a speech. 

Other significant fathers in his life can also send their best wishes to the baby’s parents-to-be. This is a fantastic way for everyone to honor the mother and the baby’s father-to-be. 

Parents and couples can share their own experiences in raising a baby and reassure the mom and dad-to-be that they’ll do an excellent job raising their own baby. You can even arrange for guests to prepare gifts for the parents-to-be other than pregnancy-related things. 


Do Fathers Attend Baby Showers?

Nowadays, it’s common to throw a co-ed baby shower, a baby shower with both guys and women as guests, compared to a traditional ladies-only baby shower. It celebrates the mother and father of the baby as most men nowadays are also involved with parenthood compared to the olden days.

The host should always ask the mom-to-be if they’ll be having a co-ed shower rather than a traditional baby shower. This way, you can plan and arrange activities suitable for both men and women. 

You should also invite other male friends and family close to the dad-to-be. Don’t forget to always include the father-to-be in the party activities so he wouldn’t feel overlooked.  


How do guys feel about attending baby showers?

Fathers are more common now to attend baby showers with their partners. Co-ed baby showers are an excellent way for other parents to share tips and send their well wishes to couples who are expecting a baby. 

As the host, plan activities at the baby shower that both guys and ladies will enjoy. Don’t forget to honor the dad-to-be as well. 

For example, make him a sash or include him in the toast when you give these to the mom-to-be. The parents-to-be can also discuss the guest list with you so they can invite their friends and family. 


Can You Do A Co-ed Baby Shower?

The host can choose to throw a co-ed baby shower instead of a traditional baby shower with only the mom-to-be as the guest of honor. A co-ed shower will surely be appreciated by the dad-to-be, especially in modern times where both parents are involved in raising their baby. 

You’ll also have guys as guests in a co-ed shower, so it’s always a great idea to ask the couple about their ideal guest list. You’ll also plan activities that men and ladies can enjoy. 

But if you want an alternative celebration for the parents-to-be, why not throw them a unique party? Here’s the list of what to do instead of a baby shower


If A Woman Gets A Baby Shower, What Does Her Husband Get?

The parents-to-be can attend the baby shower together. This will make the husband feel included, especially if both the baby’s mom and dad-to-be are very involved with parenting. 



And that’s it! You just learned what do guys do during a baby shower, which is similar to what ladies usually do at the celebration. 

They can have conversations over good food, play games, and send toasts to the father-to-be. There are many activities to try in a co-ed shower. 

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