Where Can I Get My Wedding Ring Appraised

The answer to where can I get my wedding ring appraised can be to a gemologist, appraiser, jeweler, or jewelry company. We’ll compare the process of ring appraisal in these options to help you decide which one to pick. 

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where can i get my wedding ring appraised


Where Can I Get My Wedding Ring Appraised: 4 Best Places

There are many places where you can get a ring appraisal if you’re interested in your diamond engagement ring or wedding band. You can bring the jewelry to a gemologist, appraiser, jeweler, or even a jewelry company. 



One of the best places to get your wedding ring appraised is to a gemologist. Gemologists are certified and trained by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society so that they can help you with your ring appraisal professionally. 

Because of certified gemologists’ education and qualifications, you can confidently trust their opinion for your appraisal. While someone who makes or sells jewelry can have enough experience to evaluate your wedding bands for appraisal, a gemologist is still explicitly trained to assess your jewelry without distortion. 

They are unlikely to give you any error just to sell you something. Furthermore, you will be at ease knowing that the results of a gemologist’s appraisal will be accepted by anyone potentially interested in your ring. 


Independent appraisers

Another place you can consider if you’re thinking about where to get your engagement ring appraised is a jewelry appraiser. A diamond ring’s appraisal from this individual will be accurate since they had the gemological and appraisal training. 

However, be mindful of independent appraisers that mention they’re GIA certified since GIA does not offer appraisal training courses nor certify its graduates. Instead, the appraiser has likely completed the GIA Graduate Gemologist program to identify and grade gems, stones, and diamonds. 

They will then need to take formal appraisal training. So if you’re choosing an appraiser, ask them about the documentation of their education and experience since the appraisal is a legal document. 

Does the GIA recommend individual appraisers? The GIA listed several appraisal associations and networks you can contact to find a legitimate appraiser. 



Did you know you can also get wedding bands appraised by a jeweler? If you’re getting your engagement or wedding ring appraised, you can ask a reputable jeweler if they offer an appraisal for free. 

At the point of purchase, the jewelry store can also do an appraisal for free with your diamond ring. But, of course, if the rings came from a different store, you’ll need to pay. 

Jewelry stores sometimes do free appraisals if they think you’ll sell the rings to them. Some would provide a free appraisal estimate, especially auction houses. 


Jewelry companies

Jewelry companies like Kenny G & Company Fine Jewelers and Smyth Jewelers offer appraisal services. You can always check jewelry companies if you can’t find a gemologist or appraiser near you. 

Kenny G & Company Fine Jewelers provides on-site GIA appraisal services, so it’s convenient for those who want to set an appointment and have the service on the same day. The GIA also trained the company’s appraisers for your trust. 

On the other hand, Smyth Jewelers’ appraisal department will be an affordable choice if you want to get your rings appraised for insurance. They will also update your appraisal at no charge as long as you own the wedding bands. 


How Long Does It Take To Get A Ring Appraised?

Appraising your diamond ring, engagement ring, or wedding band can take several days or weeks. The process of ring appraisal itself is straightforward, starting with the appraiser evaluating and examining your ring. 

The ring’s metals will have a unique value, as well as its gems. The appraiser will check the ring’s characteristics, like age, size, and the value of the gemstones or diamonds based on their cut, color, and carat weight. 

After the evaluation, you’ll receive the document of the ring appraisal and the jewelry itself. Use this document to confirm the ring’s value, typically for insurance. 

Expect to spend anywhere from $65 and up, depending on your wedding ring’s value. The jewelry may appraise higher or lower than the original purchase price. 

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How Do You Get Your Wedding Ring Appraised?

You get your wedding appraised by an appraiser, jeweler, gemologist, or jewelry company. The place where you bought the wedding ring might also be able to perform the appraisal. 

The recommended ring appraisal is to a GIA Graduate Gemologist since they are professionally trained and guaranteed to provide an objective but accurate assessment of your jewelry. But when should you get a ring appraisal?

You can get the ring appraised as soon as you own it. You can even do it before leaving the store for protection and then update it every three years to ensure the accurate value. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned where can I get my wedding ring appraised: gemologist, appraiser, jeweler, or jewelry company. 

All in all, is it worth it to get a ring appraisal? It’s useful for insurance, and it’s an easy process to consider to ensure you’re updated with the current value of something as sentimental as your wedding or engagement ring. 

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