What Do Different Candle Colors Mean

Do you ever notice that certain people buy specific colors of candles? It’s not just they bought a pink candle because it is pink; it’s as if there’s something about the pink candle that they need. So we just can’t help but think to ourselves, what do different candle colors mean?

Colors play an essential role in our life. By lighting colored candles, we may impart diverse vibes and better concentrate our objectives, whether creative or meditating. Indeed, candle “magic” is a significant and well-studied science and art that people mistakenly link with black magic or witchcraft.

what do different candle colors mean

Color therapy and color psychology are the foundations of candle symbolism. It is a science that believes that different colors influence our brains differently. It depends on the color frequency and the procedures our brains go through to detect and visualize it. 

For example, there’s a reason why sale signs are red; red instills a sense of urgency in us. The notion of candle color symbolism is based on a similar premise. Aside from the candle’s aroma, others say the candle’s color affects us, so what do different candle colors mean?


What Do Different Candle Colors Mean?


White Candles

So, what do different candle colors mean? Let’ start with white because white incorporates all hues; it is an all-encompassing and natural representation of divine love. The burning of a white candle represents these spiritual aspects of the color white.

Throughout history, the color white has been associated with spiritual significance. You may find some of these definitions in Western culture. For example, white, which represents purity, has traditionally been chosen for bridal dresses; it’s something to think about for a wedding.

It is also linked to the healing arts; traditionally, physicians and other healing workers used white attire. Some of the spiritual connotations of white candles include soothing effects. If you feel worried or are going through a difficult time, consider lighting a white candle and utilizing it as a focal point for meditation. 


Black Candles

Those who perform magic, read astrology, or have spiritual ideas about candles desire to purify the air. Moreover, they want to refine their homes of negativity and evil, so they burn a black candle. People believe that lighting a black candle neutralizes and eliminates negativity communicated from afar by those who wish you harm. 

Many individuals meditate using candles as a focal point. For example, a black candle might help you focus your mind in preparation for profound meditation. In addition, a lighted black candle can aid someone who is going through a difficult period at work or in a relationship.


Red Candles

The candles have meanings, so choosing which candles to burn and on which day is crucial. The candle does not need to be of any particular size, but it should consider the goal to ignite and the color matching. Mars rules the red hue, a physical color that brings vitality, strength, dynamism, passionate love, physical desire, willpower, and athletic ability. 

A red candle represents fire. Using the red candle can help you obtain renown or advance swiftly in your job. But be cautious; don’t light it frequently and keep it away from the bedroom; otherwise, you will always be tense. The red hue will stimulate your activity and passion, preventing you from relaxing and resting.


Blue Candles

A blue candle can assist you in connecting with the tremendous energy that a blue candle emits. The significance of a blue candle might be emotional, symbolic, or psychological. Blue is a vibrant hue seen in nature that is both flowing and expansive. 

Tranquility is one of the blue candle meanings connected with nature. Another connotation of a blue candle is tranquillity or peace. When you pick a blue candle, you may tap into the power of nature. 

You can feel the relaxing lull of a rocking ocean by focusing on the blue flame. Through meditation, you may wish to broaden and enhance your spirituality. You can focus on opening and extending your mind like the boundless blue sky by lighting a blue candle. 


Yellow Candles

The symbolism of a yellow candle has several sides that might provide you with clarity. First, you may choose which yellow candle energy to bring into your life. A yellow candle with the meaning of enlightenment offers you a vital instrument for meditation and prayer. 

Yellow is a hue associated with heavenly understanding and spiritual truths. To connect with these energies, burn a yellow candle throughout your practices. For example, when using a yellow candle for meditation, you should concentrate on the candle flame. 

Visualize the spiritual energy contained inside the yellow color being released when the yellow candle melts. When you concentrate on these energies, you may absorb them throughout your meditation and use them to aid you on your spiritual journey. Furthermore, a yellow candle is a great hue to use throughout your religious activities.


Green Candles

The connotation of a green candle is one of prosperity and fortune. Other purposes of green candles include nature and the spiritual link between soil and plant energy. A green candle meaning might help you connect with nature’s spirituality. 

You may activate your spiritual essence by clicking with the ground and plant energies. For example, lighting a green candle may be discovered by the wealth that green imbues in everything it comes into touch with. Green is also symbolic of the Earth’s regenerating energy of life that breaks out in the springtime. 



It’s more than just a color! So, what do different candle colors mean? Gradually assess the information we have gathered on various colored candles to use them to their potential.

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