What Are Platform Beds? 4 Best Types!

What are platform beds? Well, it is a bed frame type that is supporting the mattress even without a box spring.

This is not like those traditional frames because they are designed to sit near the floor.

It usually lifts the bed about twelve inches from the ground.

Some people though like their bed to be higher.

So the manufacturers also made platform beds that are compatible with box spring for increased height.

Nonetheless, a lot of people prefer using a platform bed because it is practical and comfortable.

They are even available in various styles.


Advantages Of Using A Platform Bed

  • It can provide you a space for storage
  • Available in an array of styles
  • Study and durable
  • Very comfortable
  • A box spring is not required


Disadvantages Of Using A Platform Bed

  • Can be a bit costly
  • Low to the floor
  • Hard to move since it is huge and heavy
  • Does not have space under the bed


What Platform Beds Are?

So, what are platform beds

A lot of bed frame types are referred to as platform beds. It can be made of a metal grid or solid wood.

There are numerous variations of platform beds.

But all of them serve the same function which is to support a mattress with a single plane material.

The main types are the following.


#1. Solid platform bed

This is the traditional type of platform bed where you can directly lay the mattress. It doesn’t need a box spring.

This type is made of solid materials such as plastic, metal, or wood.

But some of them are also made of composite material.

Among those materials, the strongest and the most durable one is metal.


#2. Slat platform bed

This is another type of platform bed that uses slats in the frame instead of a solid surface.

Just like in the previous type, the slats can also be made of different materials including, plastic, metal, wood, or even composite.

These slats can be flexed or rigid. But the wood frames are usually the ones with flex slats.

The flexed slats are designed in such a way that they can counteract the mattress as well as the sleeper’s weight.

Rigid slats, on the other hand, are straight and sturdy. This is generally stronger than the other type of slat system.

In terms of their spacing, the slats can have gaps of up to six inches.

Though this will vary depending on the thickness and the width of every slat.

But remember that the closer the gap in between the slats, the stronger is the assembly of the entire frame.

The ideal slat system would have gaps equal to or lower than three inches.


#3. Metal platform bed

The metal platform bed looks more functional but it offers the same support as the other types.

Steel support is used for the assembly of this platform bed integrated with wire supports or firmer secondary steel to form its platform.

For as long as it has the right spacing, it can offer strong support to a mattress and box spring combination.

Even though a box spring is not required for a platform bed, but you can use this metal platform bed with a box spring.


#4. DIY platform bed

But in case you want to save, it is quite simple to make a platform bed.

Although it won’t be that stylish or elegant, it can be supportive enough too.

All you need to do is to get a metal frame and plywood then cut it to the bed frame’s size.

For this, you will need 2 sheets of plywood to make a base that is solid enough in supporting the mattress.

But you can also add some slats to reinforce the plywood and improve the support further.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you will find the answer to the most commonly asked questions related to a platform bed.


Question #1. Is a box spring required in a platform bed?

No, platform beds have supportive bases that are close to the floor.

A box spring is not needed for it.


Question #2. How many platform bed types can you choose from?

Generally, there are four platform bed types.

You can either find it in the market or create it on your own.


Question #3. How to know the most ideal platform bed type for a certain mattress?

You have to check the warranty of the mattress.

Most often than not, mattress brands indicate the type of platform to be used for the mattress to be covered by the warranty.


Question #4. How is a platform bed better than a box spring?

In general, a platform bed can offer a modern and sleek appeal.

It also delivers better support for the mattress.

But this is not true for everyone.

As such, you have to assess first whether or not this is what you need before making a purchase.


It’s A Wrap!

What are platform beds?

Basically, this is a type of bed frame that can support a mattress even without a box spring.

It has four types, namely solid, slat, metal, and DIY platform bed.