What Is A Platform Bed? 2 Best Options To Opt For!

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what is a platform bed

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You see, beds are not stacks of wood or metal where you place your mattress.

Instead, they have various types, designs, materials, and colors that you can choose among those.

As we discuss later on, you will be amazed at how great and wide the differences in beds are.

Beds are our rest.

When we see one, we feel like we are finally free from all the stress and tiredness.

Every one of us deserves a sleeping time that can refresh our body and mind.

It gives us positivity.

But then our beds have more to them. It is not like we buy a bed and sleep on it. So we need to know their classifications.


What A Platform Bed Is?

So, what is a platform bed?

You might not know what a platform bed is. However, the world platform is the one that we commonly hear.

The platform itself has a lot of meaning behind it. It would depend on how you use it in a sentence.

It can be a flat surface, a plan, or principles from a candidate running for a specific position.

By now, you might have an idea of which definition we will consider for this platform.

When we say bed, what comes to mind is where to sleep, rest and relax. It is one of the best things one could ever have.

A bed that is so soft, spacious, and has a good quality ready for a tired and sleepy owner anytime.

So, do you now have any idea what platform bed is?

If you do, then you have an idea why most people opt to buy one.

platform bed symbolizes independence. Yes, that’s right. It can stand on its own.

Most beds will need to have a box spring or layers of foam to stand well and have a good base.

As for this platform bed, it already comes with a good base for your mattresses. So, you don’t have to worry buying anything to support your bed.

It is huge and sturdy, which assures you that it is a good one.

Most of these platform beds are designed to uphold the purpose of a platform bed.

It is primarily low and can touch the floor knowing that it can support your weight, so it is better when the base is touching the floor.

But just in case you want it to be a little bit higher, it is okay to use a spring box and more layers of mattresses.

These beds are often seen to be very minimalist, simple but elegant. It also should have a headboard on it.

A footboard is also necessary. You can then add drawers along the front side of your bed.

It is up to you how you could make your bed look better and even more sophisticated.


Where Can These Beds Be Found?

When you are looking for a bed but you want to save money buying additional products for support, a platform bed is what you need.

It is not true that these beds are not comfortable, because they are.

Nevertheless, here are some options for you to acquire such a bed.


Option #1. Have it custom made

This one is common for people who have lots of time and are invested in the outcome of their bed.

You can share your thoughts with your contractor and ask for help on the platform bed design you want.

It is beneficial since you can explore designs, colors and you can have anything you want.

Although the expense might be slightly higher, it is still worthy because you will no longer need tons of layering.

You can opt to have a custom-made platform bed for you to ensure its quality by buying the materials.

Having your bed custom made can perfectly copy the design you want, and sturdiness is ensured.

You can also decide on the size that you want.

It has a lot of benefits as to why you should have it custom-made.


Option #2. Buy a finished one

This option is suitable for people who don’t have time to plan and waiting for a custom-made product.

Although the only problem is that you cannot demand your desires since it is already made.

These are better when bought in physical stores than online because you can check the quality.

You can also see it up close and check how sturdy the foundation is.

In that way, you can also mix and match.

And then you can decide about the pillows the room decors, especially the colors and beddings you would have.

It is all about how you handle your resources properly.

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Nevertheless, that is all.



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