How To Tie Down A Kayak In A Truck Bed? 4 Easy Steps!

How to tie down a kayak in a truck bed?

Everyone wants to take a break from this monotonous cycle of daily living.

Whether it is going out with your friends or doing other activities on your own.

If you prefer enjoying your trip with an element of physical activity, kayaking is perfect for you.

It is not a very complicated activity.

All you need is your kayak and you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, it requires some traveling for others before they reach their kayaking destination.

That is one situation where your truck is going to serve some purpose.

Before going to the enjoyable part, the kayak must be transported first.

It is important to properly secure your kayak or kayaks in the truck bed before heading out.

The last thing you’d want to happen is damaging your kayak before actually doing kayaking.

The steps below will give you instructions on how to tie one or multiple kayaks in a truck bed.

You may now start rowing your way to the rest of the article, my friend.


How to tie down a kayak in a truck bed

What Will You Need?

The following things below are needed to help you achieve your goal of safe kayak transfer.

  • Truck (yours or you might borrow one)
  • Kayak(s)
  • Rubber mats – optional
  • Cam buckle tie-down straps or rubber tie-downs

Rubber mats can be used depending upon your discretion.

These will be useful to prevent the kayak from slipping in your truck bed.

Cam buckle tie-down straps are also more preferred than bungee cords.

The hooks in bungee cords might get undone because of stretching.

The possible detachment of the kayak in your truck bed will stress you while transporting.

You can also use rubber tie-downs instead.

Just replace the hooks on the end with a load-rated carabiner for more secure fastening.


Steps To Tie Down A Kayak In A Truck Bed

After preparing these things, you can now proceed to the steps depending on the number of kayaks you plan to carry.


Step #1. Put the kayak in the truck bed

Firstly, clean and clear your truck bed from any debris or things present.

The space in the truck bed must be enough for the kayak.

Lower the tailgate to ready for loading.

Cautiously carry your kayak towards the truck.

Gently place the kayak on the truck bed.

It is recommended that the underpart of the kayak lies flat on the bed.


Step #2. Fix the kayak in the best position

Placing your kayak on the midline of the truck poses difficulty in tying.

The most stable position of the kayak is diagonal.

In the front corner, whether left or right, angle the stern of the kayak.

Then do the same thing on the tailgate by aligning the bow of the kayak on the opposite corner.


Step #3. Secure the straps

Run the cam buckle tie-down straps across the top of your kayak.

Place one on the front end of the kayak and another one near the back end.

Fix the straps in the anchor points of the truck bed and pull them to tighten.

Ensure that the straps are tightened well near the rear of the bed wall.

Use a locking cable run in case you leave your kayak unattended to prevent theft.


Step #4. Final arrangements

If your truck is long enough or your kayak is short, close the tailgate.

If there is an overhang, don’t force closing the tailgate as it is a usual issue.

Take precautions on how to further secure your kayak despite the overhang.

Tying the straps well can help a lot.


How To Tie Down Multiple Kayaks In A Truck Bed?

For some circumstances, having a travel buddy is not a bad idea.

However, this gives you a challenge on how to best position and tie your kayaks in the truck bed.

Placing the kayaks diagonally doesn’t seem to be applicable with multiple kayaks.

It is better to place the kayaks flat on the truck bed leaving the tailgate open.

You might opt to attach racks on the to bed or a truck extender.

Kayak racks or saddles are another option.

You shall also use cam straps.

Just follow the step on securing the kayaks to tighten the straps.


Valuable Reminders

Consider the list of reminders below for a better trip and overall security of your kayak.


#1. Don’t rush your preparation

It is better to take longer preparing than redo your ties later on.

Make sure that the kayaks are tightly fixed and equipment in the back is arranged in an organized manner.


#2. Mind your speed

Be mindful of the kayak tied in your truck bed while driving.

Occasionally glance to check the kayak in the back.

If there are unnecessary sliding or noises from the back, stop immediately and check if there’s a problem.


#3. Use a cover and red flag

To reduce the drag of the wind, cover the kayaks in the back.

Attack a red flag on the end of the kayak in case of overhanging.

It can prevent you from causing avoidable accidents.


Tying All Together

How to tie down a kayak in a truck bed?

Kayaking is a nice outdoor activity.

You must first ensure that your kayak is safely transported.

The steps above summarize how you can tie down your kayak(s) in a truck bed.

That’s all for today.

Hope you enjoy your trip!

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