Sofa Recliner Motor: How to Troubleshoot

Sofa recliner motors are a great way to add comfort to your living room. But, sometimes they can break down and cause you a lot of problems.

Troubleshooting sofa recliner motor is not an easy task, but it’s worth the effort if it will save you from buying a new one! In this blog post, we’ll go over some common issues that people have with their sofa recliner motor and how to fix them.

Sofa Recliner Motor


Troubleshooting Sofa Recliner Motor Problems

Tip 1. Your sofa starts moving backward in the wrong direction. The recliner mechanism is malfunctioning and needs to be fixed or replaced.

Tip 2. The furniture pieces are heavy, making it difficult for you to push them back up after use. You should oil the hinges so they move more easily.

Tip 3. Troubleshooting the sofa recliner motor is not possible because the operation lever won’t stay in position when you push it up. This happens if a piece of furniture’s bottom has come loose from its frame; this part needs to be tightened or replaced with screws and bolts.

Tip 4. You are unable to adjust your seat and keep it at the desired angle. This happens because there is a problem with the mechanism or cables controlling the movement of your seat that needs to be tightened up.

Tip 5. The chair moves down when you sit on it and then returns up again automatically after some time. You may have forgotten to bolt one side of your sofa recliner’s base to your sofa’s frame.

Tip 6. You can’t recline the chair or move it forward by using a foot lever on the side of your seat. This is because there is an obstruction in the mechanism and you will have to remove this obstacle manually before proceeding with any other repairs.

Tip 7. The device makes a whining noise while operating, but doesn’t move. There is a problem with the motor or belts and you will have to replace these before continuing.

Tip 8. All your power cords are plugged in correctly but still, nothing happens when you turn it on, even after checking all the connections again. Your fuse might be blown out so check this by replacing the fuse if necessary and following any applicable instructions.

Tip 9. You can’t recline the chair or move it forward, but there is no obstruction in the mechanism and you hear a whining noise when operating. Your motor might be broken so make sure to check this out before replacing any belts by removing them first if necessary. If all else seems to work well enough though, your problem might be a blocked passage.

Tip 10. The recliner moves back and forth but not upright, even though the cord is plugged in correctly and you hear no noise from the motor. Your belt might be broken so replace it with one of the belts if necessary before continuing to troubleshoot your problem further with other methods.


Why has my Electric Recliner Stopped Working?

The first thing to check is the power cord and ensure that it’s properly plugged in. You should be able to hear an electric motor running when you push a button, so if there’s no sound coming from your chair or any light on the remote control even after pushing buttons or changing batteries, then your problem might have something to do with the power cord.


How do you fix an Electric Reclining Couch?

If you’re having problems with your power cord, the first thing to do is check that it’s plugged in and not frayed or split. If necessary, replace the old one with a new one before continuing to troubleshoot your problem further with other methods.


What Are Some Common Reasons for Recliner Motor Failure?

A lot of the time, a recliner’s electric motor may fail due to overuse. If you’ve been sitting in your chair for hours on end while watching TV or reading books and magazines (especially if you don’t move around at all), this could be one possible explanation. Other times, it might have something to do with water damage. If something spilled on your sofa and you didn’t clean it up right away, this is a potential cause for the motor to have gone haywire.


How do I fix an Electric Reclining Couch?

If you’re able to replace the power cord with one that’s in good condition or if there was no damage done as a  result of the water spill, you may be able to fix your recliner without having to replace it.

If there was any damage done as a result of the power cord or if the motor has seized up due to overuse, it’s time for new furniture!


How to Prevent Wear and Tear on Recliner Motor

Recliner motors are very sensitive and need to be taken care of to avoid breaking them.

The following ways will help you minimize wear on your sofa recliner motor:

  • Use a microfiber cloth for wiping down the couch after it has been used, rather than using any sort of paper towel or tissues
  • Make sure you plug the sofa into a surge protector, which will ensure that any static electricity is eliminated
  • Keep your recliner clean by vacuuming it regularly with a vacuum cleaner designed for upholstery and removing hair from its surface
  • Use an eraser or pencil rubber to remove dirt particles from the bottom of the legs on the sofa.


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