Easy Steps to Reset a Motorized Recliner

Motorized recliners are becoming increasingly popular in furniture stores. It can be a great addition to any living room and is often seen as the lazy person’s dream come true.

However, there will eventually come a time when you have to reset them because something has gone wrong with the motor. This blog post will walk you through on easy steps to reset a motorized recliner!

Easy Steps to Reset a Motorized Recliner


Steps Reset a Motorized Recliner

Step 1. Turn off the power to your recliner.

Step 2. Look for the adjustment screws on either side of the base frame and unscrew them a few turns.

Step 3. Lift on both sides of the motor mount until it pops out from underneath each bracket (keep in mind, you might need some help with this).

Step 4. Once you have popped the motor out, unscrew and remove the screws from each side of it.

Step 5. Remove any loose wire connections on either end of the wires coming out of the bottom part of your recliner (sometimes there will be two sets). If not, then just pull gently on both ends until they come to lose easily.

Step 6. Attach the wires that are still connected on either end of your recliner. Push them back into place and screw each one in securely, then put all of the screws back onto each side of the motor mount to reattach it under both brackets.

Step 7. Turn on the power again. Now you should be able to lift and lean back in your recliner, fully.


What is Motorized Recliner?

A motorized recliner is a reclining chair with an electric mechanism that allows the user to control and vary its position easily. The power source for this type of furniture typically comes from electricity or clockwork, but some rare variations use manual operation instead.


Why do I Need to Reset my Motorized Recliner?

It is usually a good idea for the user to reset their motorized recliner when they have been sitting in it for an extended period of time. This will prevent any damage from occurring such as being stuck in one position and not having enough strength to change it, or burning up your wires or motors with too much use over time.


Why has my Electric Recliner Stopped Working?

There are a few reasons that an electric recliner might stop working, but the most common ones are related to your power source. If you have used it too much and burned up some of the wiring or motors over time, this can cause damage and sometimes malfunctions.


How do I Fix my Electric Recliner That Won’t Close?

If your power source has been damaged and you can’t get it to work, the first thing that you should do is unplug the recliner from any electrical outlets. Next, check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. If both are working correctly then there might be an issue with one of your on/off switches.


How Long do Power Recliners Last?

The length of time that an electrical recliner lasts will be determined by how often you use it, and the quality of wiring and motors.


What is a Power or Electric Reclining Chair?

An electric or power reclining chair utilizes electricity to close, where traditional ones rely on gravity to do so. The motor takes over when your back is fully reclined.


How do I Find the Right Power or Electric Recliner?

It’s important to consider how often you use your chair, and where it will be used most of the time. If you have limited floor space then a wall-hugger might work best for you; whereas if you plan on using it in a living room with plenty of space then the chair that can recline to 90 degrees might be your best choice.


How do I clean my power or electric recliner?

Taking care of an electrical recliner will differ depending on how you use it, but if using daily we recommend vacuuming off any dust and dirt and then wipe with a damp cloth.


Do Power Recliners use a lot of Electricity?

Power recliners use less electricity than a traditional power chair; this is because the motorized mechanism that allows your back to recline will only operate when you lean all the way back.


Do I Need an Electrician for my new Power or Electric Recliner?

No, professional installation of most models of our chairs is included in the purchase price.


How do I know if my Power or Electric Recliner is Still in Warranty?

It is usually on the warranty card you received with your chair. If not, contact your recliner manufacturer’s customer service team by email.


How much does it cost to fix a power recliner?

If the power recliner is still in warranty, it will be covered by your manufacturer. Outside of warranty, a new motor could cost anywhere from $195 to $450 depending on style and features.


How do I know if my Power or Electric Recliner Needs Repair?

The most common sign that your chair should be serviced is if it’s not moving.


Does my Power or Electric Recliner Need Service?

Chairs that are still in warranty should be serviced by the manufacturer because they cover any accidents, such as a broken battery cord. If your chair is outside of warranty and you have noticed an issue with the motor, contact your local professional furniture repair company.


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  1. My touch button has power, but don’t operate. I switch the the right side recliner and it’s working. Looks like it’s the motor problem. How do u reset my recliner without replacing the motor as I suspect?

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