How To Write Donation Letters? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to write donation letters? Well, there are a few steps to create a good one, and you can learn it in no time! Dear friend, you are on the perfect page right now, so just keep on scrolling. Donation letters belong to the significant ways you may be able to contact your donors and ask for solicitation gifts. With that said, the format or appearance of your letter matters. How will you make your donation letter appealing to those who will read it?

The decision of the letter receiver will most likely depend on how you present your request. Doing your best in formatting your donation letters will not just affect your fundraising revenue but also significantly improve your relationship with them. 

how to write donation letters

This article will learn the step-by-step process of writing an excellent donation letter that will undoubtedly impact your donors. Also, you will be able to discover some essential tips that you must never forget every time you do this task. 


The Fundamentals Of Donation Letter

For you to know how to write donation letters, you must identify their ABCs. Before we delve into the proper formatting of such a letter, we will first learn the basics of a donation letter. Just like other letters, a donation letter is done for a specific purpose. Also, it is made for a particular range of audience, and how often must it be sent. Lastly, it is also essential to determine the proper means to ship your letters.


#1. Purpose

Donation letters are an essential tool for fundraising used by several nonprofit pros to contact potential donors, enticing them to donate for a good cause. Making donation letters are highly effective especially during mass giving days and other campaigns as well. Donation letters are generally, sent to ask for financial assistance; however, you can utilize such letters to ask for in-kind donations. It may be best to also read what to write on a donation card


#2. When to send them

It is recommended that the nonprofit group send four emails directly to their donors every year, given that they send an email every month. But, this recommendation will depend on the conversation between the nonprofit group and the donor. If you want to determine the proper time when to send the letters, you can make your donors answer a survey regarding their preferred time or schedule when you will send them. 


Steps To Write A Good Donation Letter

Now that we have tackled the basics of donation letters, we can proceed to our primary concern: the proper format of a good donation letter. In this article, we will have four easy steps. 


Step #1. Always begin with greetings

Just like any other letter, you must be sure to greet your recipient correctly.  It is to be noted that you make sure to include their names. This will make them feel that you are talking to them personally, which will call their attention. This is the topmost part of your letter, and it is imperative because here, your recipient will decide whether to continue reading or not. Having a personal salutation will motivate the reader to keep on reading until the end. Here are the formal greetings for letters and emails


Step #2. Expound the statement of your mission 

This part is crucial, especially for those new to your organization, since they have little to no idea of what your organization is and does. In this section, you must clearly state your organization’s mission as well as your visions. The goal here is for your reader to understand your goals. One of the most remarkable ways to present this section of your letter as a friendly recommendation is to tell the story of someone or a group who has benefited from the donations your organization has received. This will make a significant connection between your organization and the donor.


Step #3. Write your current event’s description

It is probably because of a specific event that your organization would like to hold that you are sending out donation letters. If that’s the case, you must specify your plans in this section – including the date, place, and the like. Of course, you must also include the importance of the event you are planning to hold and why are donations from your supporters worth it? What happens after the event becomes successful? Make sure that you answer such essential questions. 


Step #4. Specify amounts

Your donors need to know where their money would go. You must include in your donation letter the specific area at which an amount will be for. For example, 50 dollars will be allocated for the food of each attendee of the event. Such statements may motivate your donors to be more generous. After successfully putting in the main contents of your donation letter, send it with your name, contact information, and with lots of thanksgiving. So that’s it! Your donation letter is done!


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned how to write donation letters. Thank you so much for reading up to this point of the article; your time and effort are very much appreciated! My friends, you may also be interested to know what to write in a memorial donation card and what to write on a donation brick. Have a great day!

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