What To Write On A Donation Brick? 4 Awesome Reasons To Consider!

Are you putting yourself on hold because you’re not sure what to write on a donation brick? After you’re done reading this article, you too can confidently choose what message to engrave on your donor brick.

It can be hard to know what to go for when you know it will be a permanent message, but the first step to deciding is to depressurize yourself.

what to write on a donation brick

Something you can be proud of when people will read it or something you can happily share with your friends and family as a token of your appreciation for them. Donor bricks can be a great way to contribute and memorialize, for sure. So, if you’re wondering and wanting to learn deeper, delve further into this article!


What Is A Donation Brick?

A donation brick is more commonly known as a donor brick. People use these special bricks for donating to brick fundraisers. For example, public spaces sometimes need some renovation or rebuilding a specific part of the facility. Starting a brick fundraiser may be the best thing to raise donations for such projects.

Supporters who would like to contribute will pay a set price to engrave a saying on a single brick that will be used for the rebuilding project. This could attract those who would love to donate and those who are simply in favor of the idea that they can leave a permanent mark on a fundraiser project. This also helps those who have sentimental attachments to a public space.


Why Consider A Brick Fundraiser?

Brick fundraisers are commonly set for nonprofit organizations that seek funding. Nonprofit organizations raise awareness for places that need them for improvements, such as public parks, museums, schools, churches, and many more. These funds are usually for public places where no one, in particular, is responsible for the damages and maintenance. A brick fundraiser can be an effective way to start through the help of strangers who share a mutual feeling towards preserving them. Here are the seven best reasons why a brick fundraiser is perfect for you


Reason #1. Affordable donations

For a brick fundraiser to work, there should be a set price for each brick. However, they are relatively affordable enough for most people. You will use the money for purchasing the brick plus a laser engraving the message they desire to put on the brick. Perhaps, you want to read this helpful article about where to buy donation boxes


Reason #2. Sense of inclusivity

You never know just how many strangers also desire to help rebuild or renovate a public space. Unfortunately, most rebuilding projects only include a closed group of people. Brick fundraisers give a sense of inclusivity to the public. Anyone who would like to help with the reconstruction can do so without joining in the construction itself.


Reason #3. People want to join new things

For the reason of just trying it, some would even donate to see their personalized brick. It can be a new experience for them. Some might even do it to commemorate that particular day or to immortalize their relationship with someone. This would be a great idea for a group of people who want to cherish their friendship. We can admit that being a part of something that will probably be standing for many years can be exciting and something to look forward to in the future.


Reason #4. In memory of

Many would like to put the names of their loved ones who have passed away to honor their memory. They might have some connection with the place the fundraiser is raising funds for. Some people have the idea of putting the names of their children or grandchildren to include them in the history of a charitable cause.

Family members or close friends of those in the nonprofit organization can purchase a brick to commemorate the project or as a support for the organization members that they are related to.

It may be of your interest to know how to make a memorial donation.


What Messages Are On A Donation Brick

It could be daunting for those who have not donated to a brick fundraiser before to think of what to write on a donation brick. After all, that message will be permanently part of some project that will most probably last many years. Some great examples of what to put on a donor brick could be a family name, a particular date, a life motto, someone you cherish, a teacher or friend if the funds are for a school, or a message in memory of a loved one. A wise saying can make your brick more interesting to read, and it might even help someone.

You will also need to consider the size of the donation brick you are purchasing. Depending on the size, you can already think of either writing a message, some clipart, a simple logo, or a picture. Each organization has its own rules when it comes to what you can put on your brick donations. Contact them to talk about the ground rules.


It’s A Wrap!

You now know what to write on a donation brick; there are so many options to customize your message, isn’t there? We hope you donate to a good cause with your donor brick; it will surely help build up your city. Thank you for reading this article, and may you have a nice day!

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