4 Best And Easy Methods On How To Weave A Chair Seat

Are you planning to change the seat of your favorite chair and are wondering how to weave a chair seat? Well, keep reading this article to learn more about doing it!


how to weave a chair seat

Materials You Can Use In Weaving A Chair Seat

Before we get into it, knowing what materials you can use to weave a chair seat is a must. With that, here are some materials you can choose from:

  1. Rope (paracord, nylon rope, thick twine, cotton rope, or synthetic hemp rope)
  2. Webbing (jute, nylon, or cotton)
  3. Fabric (any usable strip of cloth)
  4. Shaker Tape


Methods On How To Weave Chair Seats Properly


Method #1. Using rope

To begin with, gather all of your needed materials, such as your desired rope, wooden spacers, a crochet hook, and your chair.

Tie your first clove knot on whichever side pole of the chair you want. Note that you need to slide it to the corner.

Place your wooden spacer perpendicularly to your knot. Then, start wrapping the rope around the chair seat.

Ensure to take it over the wooden spacer up to the opposite side until it reaches back to where you started. Every five turns, take space by wrapping the string around each side pole.

Continue doing the process until the whole seat becomes covered. Then, repeat the same procedure on the opposite side.

However, you will notice that the space will become narrower, so make sure to use a smaller wooden spacer or a crochet hook. After weaving the chair seat, space the rope out evenly and secure the end of the string.


Method #2. Using webbing

Initially, prepare your webbing (preferably 2 inches width), scissors, staple gun, and measuring tape. Then, start measuring the length of the seat from front to back and side to side. Add extra two inches to both measurements.

Start cutting your webbing according to the measurements. Set the webbing aside into two groups to avoid confusion.

Put the first strip on the middle of the chair seat. Tuck a half-inch on the end of the strip and staple it on the back of the chair. Then, stretch the other end and fasten it on the front.

Attach the remaining strips with the same process. Alternate them from left to right to ensure your spacing. Trim the last strips on each side if needed.

For the second layer, lay the first strip on the middle of the seat. However, you need to staple one side of it only. Repeat the process while alternating the strips from left to right.

After that, grab the unstapled part of the webbing and start weaving it to the first layer. Once done, fasten it on the chair. Next, knit and staple all the remaining webbings.

If you want to cover the staples and make your webbed chair look nicer, you can put upholstery nail heads.


Method #3. Using fabric

Prepare your desired strips of fabric depending on the color and design you want. Then, start tying the strips of cloth around and underneath the chair seat. Keep on repeating the tying process until the chair seat becomes covered.

In the weaving process, start weaving the second layer to the first layer of fabric. You can knit on the top and turn the chair upside down to weave at the bottom. Tie both ends together.

Turn the chair back over again and continue adding more strips to your weaving process. Once the seat becomes covered, clip the loose threads, and that’s it!


Method #4. Using shaker tape

First, get your materials, such as shaker tape, ruler, threads, needles, scissors, clamp, and your foam.

Cut the foam the exact size as the seat of your chair. Cut an inch at every corner of the foam.

Set the foam aside afterward. Roll out your shaker tape and bring one end of it under the front rung.

Then, use a clamp to clamp it at the back of the rung to secure it for a while. Start wrapping the material around the chair seat. After wrapping it all over the seat, insert the foam inside the space between the wrapped shaker tape.

Pull the shaker tape tautly but not too tight. Adjust it to compact the shaker tape, but ensure not to overlap the tape.

To add your second layer, stitch the end of your first tape to the other end of your second tape. Then, wrap the second tape around the back of the seat and start weaving on the top from left to right.

Continue the process until the pattern becomes finished. After doing so, cut the end and stitch it on the first layer. To fill the spaces left in your chair, you can add more shaker tape but make sure to stitch them securely.



If you are planning on changing your chair seat, you don’t need to wonder anymore. Since this article has guided you on how to weave a chair seat, you can now change the seat of your favorite chair whenever you want!

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