What Is A Task Chair (And The Pros And Cons Of Using One)

What is a task chair? Simply put, it is a tool to help you over a hard day at work.

Are you in your thinking hat again? Being productive at work requires a lot of thinking, skills, and having that comfortable chair while you’re at it.

what is a task chair

Most office workers spend a lot of time on their chairs doing their assigned tasks more than relaxing on their beds. Having a comfortable chair will certainly do you a favor. It will enable you to be more productive instead of having that feeling of tiredness halfway through the day.


Difference From An Office Chair

While both of these chairs are necessary for an office environment, there are some factors that obviously differentiate the two.



Ergonomics is the biggest difference between a task chair and an office chair. Designed to fully support your body’s adaptation to comfort, a task chair has features that are adjustable depending on your preference.

Basic office chairs also have adjustable features like the height control function, swiveling base with a set of wheels, and back tilt. However, other features such as adjustable armrest, lumbar support and seat depth and height adjustment may only be present in a task chair.

Task chairs may also have a separate head and neck rest to provide a full body support for that extra comfort.


Style and design

Though both have the mobility function, office chairs may be heavier due to their basic features that are fixed.  Meanwhile, task chairs are more flexible which makes them more lightweight.

Materials used on both may sometimes be the same, though office chairs would usually use leather for their fabric seat. Common materials being used on office and task chairs are mesh and cloth. Mesh on the back, however, provides more comfort because it is breathable that allows air circulation.


Advantages And Disadvantages

When you are seated most of the time during work hours, comfort is the first thing you would consider in deciding which chair to buy. Task chairs definitely have distinct features that other office chairs may be lacking, and vice versa.




Functional structure that can help good posture

Since it is an ergonomically designed chair, it takes off pressures on the hips, shoulders, and especially on the back. It allows you to sit on it comfortably, saving you from back pains.


Adjustable features to promote productivity

A comfortable task chair plays an important role in accomplishing more tasks. It helps you to focus and get things done on time.


Efficiency in office spaces

Swivel chairs help in mobility, thus, allowing you to move and reach around you more.


Versatile design for a more professional environment presentation

Professional presentation of workspaces motivates us to do well in our jobs and makes us feel more professional. Task chairs keep workstations looking neat and professional.





Task chairs can be more expensive than other office chairs. Because of its unique and versatile design and features, it can be way beyond your price expectation, especially when you are shopping on a limited budget.


Color selection and style

The design and style of a task chair are not basic, so there is a limited design for a guaranteed comfort. Also, because it caters to professional workers, color selection is also limited for that more professional look and feel.


Finding The Best for You

Working productively is always our primary goal when we are in the office or in our own workstations. Again, we also have to consider comfort and what fits us best. Quality must also be on our top list when looking for the right task chair.

We have to see to it that before buying a task chair, all adjustable features are working and in great condition. Adjustable features should work properly without the need for tools.

Wheels should roll easily, and the base swivels without that squeaking sound. It should move freely but does not compromise safety. You should be able to sit and get up without encountering any problem.

Task chairs are a bit space-consuming, so make sure that there is enough space for your task chair in your work area. It should also fit your desk’s height to save space when not in use.

Choose a task chair that has a breathable material for additional comfort. Check the cloth if it is solid fabric that will last longer and does not tear easily.



So, are you still thinking about what is a task chair? A reliable chair for your office is always the one you are comfortable sitting on.

It is also good to consider that you can relax on your chair while on a break. Features, functions, and aesthetic designs are additional factors you may want to consider for optimum performance.

There is a large selection of different chairs for your work needs, and always remember to check out on other chair models. You can also check out reviews to give you ideas and options. It may just be a chair, but it definitely pays off getting the perfect one for you.

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