How To Wash Curtains With Grommets? In 7 Easy Ways!

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how to wash curtains with grommets

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Curtains are very gentle, pleasant, and soft, but then you would have to wash them, and of course, you need to do that.

These things catch a lot of dust and dirt while being used, which is why you have to wash them from time to time.

The material of some curtains is not good to be washed in the washing machine, so you need to use another tool.

That is to avoid the damage to be done to your fabric.


What Are Grommets?

Grommets are the guiding frame of curtains to look nice and firm with their shape. Then again, it helps to maintain the curtain.

It also knows for the name eyelet curtains.

Grommets have rings that are embedded along the header serving as a guide for your curtains.

This one will be the only way that curtains will be in their shape, and you can make sure that your curtains will stay that way.

There are circle hoops you can see on top of your curtains where your rods are inserted.

It is a bit hard to wash your curtains with grommets, especially when you will put them in a washing machine.

Better yet, just hand wash your curtains that have grommets and follow the steps below as a guide.


Steps To Wash Curtains With Grommets

When you want to clean your curtains and do not have a lot of time to do it, you can use a washing machine.

I know that there are many things you can do to further clean your curtains safely without damaging them.

So using grommets is one way of putting up a safe washing space for your curtains.

First, you have to know a lot about grommets and wash a curtain on the washing machine properly.

So, how to wash curtains with grommets?


Step #1. Get the curtains off your rod

The first thing you will need to do is figure out how you will remove your curtains on the rod.

That can be a problem, especially when your curtains are high and you cannot reach them.

You may use a ladder or ask for help from someone you know can help you with this.

Be very careful when getting your curtains. It might be heavy, and it can fall on you in an instant.

Get curtains slowly out of the rod. It might have some dirt and dust that can fall off you or the floor.


Step #2. Get water on a basin

Put water in a wide basin.

In that way, you will have something to leave your curtain while getting all the other curtains around.

Soaking it in water can reduce the amount of dust and dirt it has before washing it with soap and water.

In that way, you will not have a hard time brushing it later.

It will also help soften the fabric before hand washing it.


Step #3. Prepare a soap and water mixture

This one is the next step to prepare a water mixture and soak your curtains for a little while.

Before transferring it, make sure to get all the water from the curtain out.

Then you can put it on the mixture.

You will need this one to have a little bit of soap in the curtain so that it will wash off easily.


Step #4. Hand wash the curtains gently

You can now start hand washing your curtains but make sure that you will do this as gently as possible.

Run through all the areas of the curtain.

That is not as dirty as how you had seen it when you removed it.

Please focus on the sides of the curtain sine they are the edge.

They look even dirtier than the whole curtain.

After washing it, you can then get all the soap and water out and set it aside.


Step #5. Rinse it thoroughly

Next is to rinse it and making sure that it is all clean and that all the soap and dirt are already gone.

Then you can press all the water out of it again.


Step #6. Put a fabric conditioner

Don’t forget to put fabric conditioner.

The last rinse of water should have a reasonable amount of fabric conditioner.

Leave the curtains there for about 5 minutes so that they will be able to absorb the scent.


Step #7. Dry

And the last step is to let your curtains dry under the sun.

It is the best thing to do to avoid damages to your curtains.

It is not suitable for curtains with grommets when you put them on the drier or washing machine.

So, take note as these are the steps to wash curtains with grommets.

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