How To Get Creases Out Of Blackout Curtains? 3 Best Choices!

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how to get creases out of blackout curtains

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Curtains are made differently.

Some are made in fabrics that won’t quickly get creases.

But then some could not resist creases on its surface, just like this blackout curtain we are discussing.

Blackout curtains are best for night people or for those who want a dark surface in their rooms.

It is thick, and it can give good coverage for the sunlight. It can also lessen the coldness in your room.

These curtains have a lot of purposes.


Steps To Get Creases Out Of Blackout Curtains

You would not want to hang a curtain that got creases all over its surface.

Curtains are great, and they should look like one.

These blackout curtains have almost everything you would need a curtain to give you.

Its fabric and it also has many colors you can play with if you want to.

Blackout curtains are widely available and can be bought already made, or you can have them customized.

Although when you buy one, it might have creases when it arrives because it will be packed in a box.

When sent as a package, most curtains will be packed well and folded in so many ways.

Have you seen a curtain hanged when delivered? I think you haven’t.

And it will arrive with creases.

Creases are always present, but some people would not mind having them, and they will hang them directly.

But then there are those people who would want to have better and beautiful curtains that are presentable.

Here are options and ways of how to get creases out of blackout curtains:


Option #1. Ironing

This one must be one of the most popular solutions for creases and wrinkles. Mainly for clothes but can be used for curtains too.

Curtains are very precious, and so there are things you have to remember upon ironing them.

You have to use an ironing board, and you should also have an aluminum foil to distribute the heat evenly.

Avoid having direct contact from the curtains to the iron.

Place a bedsheet on top of the curtain, and iron it together.

Set your iron in the lowest heat range possible.

In that way, you will be able to see the progress slowly.

Good things take time, and you should apply that to this one.


Option #2. Steaming

Steaming is also another way of getting rid of all the creases in your blackout curtains to make them look good.

There is this tool called steaming iron.

It is one of the most effective ways on how to remove creases.

You should make sure that it is appropriately hanged, and then you let your steaming iron heat up to the temperature it should have.

Garment steam is one good tool to use, especially that it is gentle on your fabrics and can remove creases nicely.

Gently glide the iron in an upward to downward motion.

Focus on those areas that have more creases to them.

In that way, you will be able to get all the creases out of your curtain.

Do not prolong it in one area.

The heat might damage the curtain badly.

Let it cool down in a while before hanging it again.


Option #3. Using a dryer

It is the last option we have for you, and then it is all up to you on how you will choose yours.

Not all curtains are safe to machine dry, which is why the decision must come from you and think about it.

The manufacturers of your curtains must have tags or labels on the product’s packaging. Look for it.

If you find out that the curtains can be machine washed, you can dry them.

You should set your drier in the lowest heat possible.

When you throw it in, add some more things.

A towel or any cloth would balance out the heat and ensure that your curtain won’t get all the heat.

Make sure that you observe and wait for it while it is in the drier so that if anything happens unplanned, you are there.

Curtains, especially blackout curtains, are creasy sometimes, especially when they came from a box.

And this is one of the easiest and simplest way you can do to lessen the crease your curtains have.

And that is how you get creases out of blackout curtains.



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