Who Invented Curtains? Interesting Facts You Should Know!

Curtains play a huge part in our lives but have you ever thought about who invented curtains?

Well, curtains don’t precisely have an inventor.

who invented curtains

Every time I wake up, the first thing I do is get up and open the curtains!

The ray of sunlight reminds me that it is a new day to continue living.

Or maybe the raindrops are telling me to slow down and take a break.

Nevertheless, curtains provide us privacy and protection from the outside (from the heat of cold).

Also, blocking light and lessen noise if it’s thick enough to do so

It is indeed a necessity to have at home.


History Of Curtains

Could you imagine a life without curtains?

It might just be a piece of cloth, but we can’t deny that it helped us in so many ways.

Do you have any doubts? Then let us go and dig up curtains history.

Who invented curtains?


The first evidence of curtains

Experts found out that you made the first used curtains from animal skin. Yes, you read that right!

Since people, we’re primarily hunters, using animal skin would be convenient.

Textile and fabric weren’t prominent during this time, and it might be exclusive to those who can afford it.

They hung the animal skin with hooks over the doorways.

And knowing that animal hides are stiff, don’t expect them to drape as modern curtains.


Rise of textile production

Textile production is starting to be more advanced in ancient Egypt (where the textile was first spun).

The production includes dying and weaving of fabric which evolved to textile products made to provide warmth, such as hangings, blankets, bed hangings, and curtains.

One of the productions of textile production is Tapestries.

The said cloth is heavy, which is the perfect protection for the cold weather.

That is why tapestries are known in the countries, especially on the Northern side.

Not only that, as tapestries also provide privacy.

Textile is produced massively in some machinery during the 1840s because it is still allowed.

And time goes by, and textile became accessible, and some types of it like curtains for the middle-class people.

As the world war started, a lot of people need something to give them privacy and protection.

That is why people asked for more, and the production of curtains moved forward big time.


Present: Modern Curtains

Right now, the curtains are depending upon styles, the purpose they serve and form.

It can be functional, decorative, or maybe a combination of both.


20th century to present

The 20th century together with the 21st century has proved that nothing is impossible.

Designs became more majestic.

Technology helped us through modernization. In that way, curtains expanded.

There are now blinds, and all the possibilities where curtains can be used were present.

People nowadays are having higher standards, and they want almost everything to look good and perfect.

Even curtains should look nice, and they should belong to the theme and the color of the room.

These generations are for the things that please their eyes and satisfaction. They live for what they want.

Curtains are made more complex and detailed nowadays. There are patterned ones, pleated, and a lot more.

It will just depend on how you would want your curtain to look.

You can pay someone to customized your curtains or do it on your own. Here is an article to help you make your curtains at home.


What Are The Different Types Of Curtains?

There are a lot of curtain types.

When we go back to history, Victorians love heavy and extravagant curtains.

The thick sheet of fabric gives them privacy and protection, enough to cover the light that comes through the windows.

It will provide warmth and make everything even more comfortable for you.

Some fabrics are lightweight, like cotton and muslin. It looks clean, fresh, and even better.

Most curtains are in white or sheet curtains because it provides a stunning and exquisite look.

Sometimes, contrasting colors are combined and composed of a heavy one, a frilly one mostly in white.

Just like that, you will add an elegant-looking curtain rod to finish off the look.

As the evolution of curtains passes by, people created even blinds. It has been one of the biggest upgrades of curtains.

You will have it installed, but then it pays a reasonable price regarding the quality and service of the blinds and the installers.

Some curtains have ties backs on them to look even more precise, and it has an accent that goes along.

Many ties for curtains are available in stores now, and you can buy them if you want.

The way the curtain was invented a long time ago and how it grew all through the centuries is just amazing!



And we are now done with our article. I hope that you will be able to use this in your daily life.

Good thing we answered, who invented curtains, now you have new knowledge to keep.

You can share all these with family and friends, and they will be amazed at how you managed to learn a lot of things about curtains.