How To Wash Backrest Pillow In 2 Easy Steps

You can simplify learning how to wash backrest pillow into two steps. Remember that this pillow typically uses memory foam, which means that you must apply the rules to clean this material. Compared to other pillows, you have to be careful to wash, handle, and dry your backrest pillow to keep it from getting deformed. 

It should maintain its structure to provide support and relief when you’re sitting upright. More so, the unique shape means cleaning every area properly to ensure hygiene and cleanliness in the long run. You can always make a backrest pillow yourself but always aim to elongate its lifespan. 

How To Wash Backrest Pillow


How To Clean A Backrest Pillow: Quick 2-Step Guide


Step #1. Vacuum

Because of the backrest pillow’s unique shape, cleaning it would be easier if you use a vacuum beforehand. You can vacuum your backrest pillow before washing it every month or as weekly maintenance when you change the sheets. We need additional support while sitting, and a backrest pillow efficiently provides this.

However, you can’t haphazardly clean it as this will ruin its shape. Vacuuming is a good option to keep it clean weekly or before washing as it is gentle enough to remove dirt and other debris that may be hidden. 


Step #2. Hand wash and air dry

Vacuuming will remove residues and other buildup hidden in the crevices and surface of the backrest pillow. Afterward, you can wash the pillow to remove sweat and other dirt that are left from vacuuming. However, the emphasis is necessary on knowing the type of material your backrest pillow uses. 

The common material for backrest pillows is memory foam, which means you can’t use harsh cleaning agents or make vigorous scrubbing when washing your backrest pillow. Use gentle cleaners according to instructions to dilute it and then handwash the pillow as a machine can damage the foam. 

After getting rid of the suds, air dry your backrest pillow. You can’t use a dryer for this material as it can deform it. Place the pillow somewhere dry and warm until it is thoroughly dry to avoid the buildup of fungus. 


Tips For Cleaning A Backrest Pillow

You can use this easy two-step guide to keep your backrest pillow clean. However, you want to read the care instructions for your pillow because the manufacturer might have special instructions for washing it. Remember that there are different backrest pillows in the market, and you need to ensure that you’ll follow the recommendations for cleaning it to make it last. 

More so, strong detergent and bleach are generally damaging to all pillows. They can change the feel and form of your backrest pillow, which defeats its purpose. It would also be best to use warm water when washing it and avoid washers and dryers as you can’t control their strength as comfortably as hand washing and air drying.  

More so, remember to clean your pillow immediately if you spilled something on it to avoid staining. You can use a damp and warm cloth to clean the fabric, but you will need a mild cleaner if you notice mold and mildew. Scrubbing will also be necessary, but be mindful of the pillow’s material.  


How Often Should You Wash A Backrest Pillow?

As discussed earlier, you can change the sheets and vacuum your backrest pillow weekly. However, the backrest pillow’s typical use means you must wash it every three to six weeks to ensure its cleanliness. Remember that hygiene is essential in pillows as they can harbor pathogens and develop an odor from oil and even dead skin cells when using it every day. 

Depending on how often you use the backrest pillow, you might even need to wash it every month, so always check for stains and odor and spot clean quickly if necessary. As gross as it sounds, every pillow we use makes an ideal environment for bacteria and pathogens. This is something to remember even if you practice good hygiene and your pillow looks relatively clean. 


When Should You Replace Your Backrest Pillow

Proper washing and cleaning of the backrest pillow should keep it performing well. However, you will notice that it will lose its form over time, and you will need to replace it. Test the pillow if it still provides good spine posture support and consider replacing it if it fails to do so. 



It’s essential to keep all our pillows clean because they can harbor pathogens that can affect our health. This means learning how to wash backrest pillow properly and keep it in pristine conditions. Washing backrest pillows are not only beneficial for our health, but it will also keep them in good form to provide the support we need for proper posture. 

Start by vacuuming your pillow to eliminate any residue and dirt hidden in the crevices and surface. Then, check the label of your pillow for the proper washing instructions. Typically, backrest pillows use memory foam, which means you can’t use harsh cleaning agents or dry them using a dryer. Instead, gently handwash your backrest pillow and let it air dry thoroughly. 

Following these tips will not only keep your pillow clean but also ensure its longevity. You can vacuum your pillow and change sheets weekly, but washing it can be anywhere between one to six months, depending on how often you use it. 


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