How To Use Car Heater? 2 Easy Steps!

We know how to use car heater, and we know that you want to understand the usage clearly. Controlling a car heater is not a big deal. You have to find the right buttons and their functions, and you will be able to heat your car like a pro. 

Do you know that turning the heater on just after sitting in the car can result in the loss of fuel? So, you should wait for at least 10-15 minutes before turning on the heater. Now, let’s find the actual and accurate method to use a car heater. 

how to use car heater


What Are The Heater Controls? 

It is critical to learn about the heater controls before knowing how to use a car heater. This way, you will be able to operate the heater more accurately. The heating system of your car doesn’t work alone. Instead, it provides warmth inside your car cabin with the cooperation of A/C and the engine system. They all form a single unit known as an HVAC or car climate control system rather than heating or cooling. These are the main controls of the heater. 

Temperature control: This setting is used for specifying the temperature limit with the help of up and down arrows. 

Fan control:  The fan dispenses the hot air from the heater in the compartment. We use a twist dial or two buttons for higher and lower settings to control the fan speed. 

Dehumidifier: The car heater takes help from A/C to suck humidity from the windows and the windshield for clear vision. Some manufacturer also names this the defroster. 

Recirculation setting: The recirculation button blocks the way of outside air. The air enters the car that comes through the cabin filter and then passes from the heat exchanger to enter the car compartment.

You can use this setting for a short period if the air is dirty outside, and letting the already present hot air circulate in the cabin is a good option. However, using the recirculation option is not recommended for prolonged usage. Please turn it off after a few minutes to avoid dealing with deteriorated air and foggy windows. 

Auto setting: the auto setting makes the heater usage quick and convenient. You only sit in the car and press the auto switch, and the heater will start working according to the preset temperature and the fan speed. The simplicity of the auto setting made most manufacturers name it the comfort mode.    


Steps To Use Car Heater

Here, you will find about the easy-to-follow and practical method of operating a car heater. we have tried our best to inform you on how to use car heater. 


Step #1. Turn on the car engine and select the temperature setting

First, you have to sit in the car and turn on the dehumidifier mode. Now, you are all ready to turn on the engine. The engine takes time to warm up, mainly if you use an old model car or car with a big or diesel engine. 

A modern car lets you wait for only 5 minutes before heating up. After turning the engine on, it’s time to press the heater button or knob located on the right side of the car steering wheel, depending on the manufacturer and model of your car. 

Next, it’s time to adjust the temperature according to your mood and the outside temperature. Usually, you can choose a temperature in a range between 16 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Push the up and down arrow to select your desired limit, and a digital display will show the temperature. You need to wait for a little longer if you want your car to be heated to the maximum setting. 


Step #2. Set up the blower speed and air distribution

Now, you need to locate the blower or fan control, usually in the form of a toggle switch or knob. Select any setting from high, low, or medium, and let the fan distribute hot air in the car cabin. 

But, keep one thing in mind the blower speed has nothing to do with the temperature. Its only function is to distribute air at low or high speed. In addition, you can also adjust the fan on the defrost mode to get the best results. Next, adjust the airflow vents that are located on the dashboard. You can direct the heat towards a particular section of the car cabin to get warmth on your feet or face. 

Some simple switches with an air distribution graphic help you adjust the blend doors in the heater box and send hot air into the car cabin. If you want to know about the air circulation check out this guide on what the air recirculation button in your car actually does. 


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you have figured out the answer to how to use car heater. Car heaters are pretty convenient, and using them in the right way makes the driving experience effortless. 

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