Why Wont My Car Heater Work? 7 Surprising Reasons!

Are you worried and question: why wont my car heater work as you cannot beat the chill in the freezing weather? We hear you! You will get the identification and solution to the problem here. 

Fixing a car heater becomes vulnerable because of the cold and because you can’t put a portable heater in your car for warmth.

why wont my car heater work

Yes! We mean what we are saying. You should heat a vehicle with the built-in car heater only. Otherwise, you will be at significant risk of fire. Just be sure to read each possible sign to clarify the main problem with your car heater. 


Why Won’t Your Car Heater Work?

Why wont my car heater work? Let’s explore together. 


#1. The heater core is in trouble

The heater core is an essential part of the heating system. However, if it gets in trouble, you get in trouble too. So be sure to fix it as soon as you detect the main problem. The heater core is a look-alike of a car radiator as they both perform the function of heat exchange. The heater core is located at the dashboard back and is connected with two brass or aluminum pipes that provide a channel to coolant for movement. 

The signs that alarm you about a malfunctioning heater core are: 

#1. The car windshield becomes foggy, 

#2. A mixture of sweet and bitter smells in the car is making you nauseous, 

#3. The car engine overheats, and lastly, if your car is eating up the coolant at a fast pace. 

In addition, a heater core also refuses to help the heater blow hot air in the car if a clog in the heater core pipes is restricting the flow of coolant or the blower has a lost connection with the coolant. Finally, the heater core has to deal with a significant clog if the radiator is rusting or allowing the debris to pass through it and be caught in the heater core. 


#2. Low coolant levels

When did you fill the coolant in the radiator last time? Can’t remember? The low coolant level may be the culprit that is stopping your car heater from blowing heated air in the passenger compartment. So now, you must go and open the radiator cap off your cool-down car and fill the reservoir to the entire level. 


#3. Blower and motor problems

The blower or fan sends hot air into the car compartment and is responsible for raising the car temperature. You cannot adjust the fan speed and get the hot air if the fan shorts out. The blower motor doesn’t get power from the mains, and the fan resists operating. The engine of your car’s blower may be clogged due to some debris or burned out if you cannot get heat even if the power is reaching the motor. 

Now, you must want to know how we can access the blower to fix or replace it. First, you have to grab your toolkit and go to the garage. Then access the heater box and open it. Also, lift a part of the dashboard, and the blower motor will open to you. Now you can exercise your mechanical skills on it. In addition, your car stays cold if the blower motor resistor breaks due to some reason. 


#4. Water leaks

The water leakage is a culprit that can stop the car heater from working correctly. You have to fix the issue immediately. However, what to fix? Go and check the radiator of your cry first. Also, don’t forget to inspect the hoses and water pump. Then, fix the affected part and enjoy the cozy and comfortable car rides. 


#5. Malfunctioning controls

Sometimes the reason behind a non-functional car heater is just as simple as broken or jammed controls. And how can one get heat from the heater if he can’t turn it on? So, go and fix them. 


#6. Failed thermostat

Does the thermostat gauge of your car heater stays on C even after the engine startup time? If your answer is yes, your car’s thermostat has said goodbye, and you need to install a new one. The thermostat signals the heating system whenever you turn on the car heater. A stuck or broken thermostat cannot do the job of maintaining temperature. Therefore, we need to replace it with a new one. 

Grab a set of wrenches and a large bucket. Order a new thermostat and coolant. Park the car in your garage and jack it up for comfortable operation. After making sure that the car engine is excellent, open the car hood. Access the radiator base and try to find the thermostat in between the central hose and the radiator. Take off the radiator cap; dispose of the coolant in the bucket after removing the hose. Fix the new thermostat. Refill the coolant and go on a test drive.


#7. Radiator and wiring issues

A leaky radiator cannot safely transport the coolant to the heater core and may damage the engine. This is a severe issue, and you should fix it in the first place before it gets worst. Shorted out wires or blown-out fuses don’t let the heater work and heat the car smoothly. The main reason behind a bad fuse or wire is the overage or internal issues. You have to look for the fuse blown out and replace it with a new one of the same amperage. You may also be interested to know about the five most common radiator problems.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, the question of why wont my car heater work won’t bother you anymore. Now, it’s time to restore the heat in your car. So, what about reading five fixes for a broken car heater. You may also want to read about what is the best portable car heater and what is PTC heater in car.

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