Why Is My Heater Flashing E3? 3 Other Codes!

Have you ever thought to yourself, why is my heater flashing E3? Regardless of the type of heater we refer to, E3 is an error code that informs the user that the heater is overheating. Different heaters could display a general principle, from water heaters to electric space heaters. Below, we will be going through what causes this error code to flash on your heaters display panel. 

In today’s article, we will be focusing on what the E3 error code means and how to deal with it. These error codes help the appliance communicate to the user, and we need to be aware of what they mean.

We will also be talking about other error codes that could appear on your heater’s display and how to resolve these problems. Knowing these will help you understand what to do if you find your heater displaying the codes discussed. If you are ready, you can continue reading below.


What Does E3 Mean On A Heater

When you see the error code E3 flashing on your heater, the heater reaches abnormally high temperatures and overheats. For your safety, the heater shuts down to stop irreversible damage. It also keeps you safe by lowering the risk of a fire starting. Still, it is essential never to leave your heater turned on when not around, as it is hazardous. Only turn your heater on when you are everywhere to use it. This step will help you save on electric bills and ensure your safety.

To fix your heater’s overheating problem, observe your heater and look for anything that prevents proper airflow in and out of the heater. Removing this blockage will resolve the issue most of the time. The airflow restriction can also be caused by dust collected after not cleaning the heater. The heat can’t correctly transfer to the environment and will stay in the heater causing its temperature to rise if there are airflow problems. To learn more about why is my heater flashing E3, read this article until the end. 


Other Heater Error Codes

You already know about the error code E3, what causes it, and how to resolve it when it appears in your heater. Your heater can also display other error codes. These error codes also have their meaning and solution. It is essential not to ignore these codes because doing so might set you up for a more complicated problem in the future. Also, make sure that you read the owner’s manual of your heater for more specific details about the unit’s error codes because the meaning of the error codes can change depending on your heater’s model. The error codes and their solutions are listed below.


Error code #1. E5

In electric fireplace heaters, error code E5 signifies a problem in the vent. It might be blocked by dirt and stuff that prevents the fan from working. The error code displays until the issue is resolved. It is crucial to clear the vent and check for blockages to fix the problem. Also, check the tubes and make sure that they are not bent. If everything is fine, but the error code still shows, there is probably a problem with the circuitry and wiring connections.


Error code #2. E1

When you find your heater displaying the error code E1, it means that the overheat sensor of your heater has been triggered. This code is also shown when the heater reaches a high temperature or if other causes have triggered the sensor. Depending on the specific model of your unit, the meaning of this error code can vary, which is why it is essential to check the manual. To fix this problem, unplug the heater for a sensor reset. The circuit board can also be replaced if damaged.


Error code #3. E2

Once again, you have to check your unit’s manual for specific details for this error code. Usually, it means an error within the heater’s internal circuitry. It can also be caused by overvoltage and under-voltage. Refer to the manual and check which part of the unit is pointed at to resolve the problem. The next step is to replace that part with a new one. If you are unsure, you can ask a professional to look at it for you and do the repairs. Can you repair your heater yourself?


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you for reading this article until the end. Hopefully, you have learned a lot about heaters, including the answer to why is my heater flashing E3. Now you know why the E3 error code appears and flashes on your heater’s display panel. You also learned about other error codes and how to fix these issues when they occur. Remember that you can ask for help from others who know more about heaters and how they work. Ask for a hand if you feel unconfident in repairing on your own. Put safety as your topmost priority before anything else.

We look forward to answering one of your questions again in the future. Take care! You may want to find out why did my hot water heater stop working and how to determine breaker size for water heater.

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