How to Update an Old Wooden Swivel Chair

Wooden furniture has always been a popular choice for homeowners. There is something about how it looks that makes many people love it.

However, over time wooden furniture can become outdated and dark. In this blog post, we will show you how to update an old wooden swivel chair! With a few simple steps, your old wood chair will look new again!


How can I Modify an old Wooden Chair?

The first step is to remove the screws and dismantle any brackets with a screwdriver. Use sandpaper or an old electric sander for this job, if necessary. If you are looking for how to update your chair without removing it, read our next blog post on how to make wooden furniture shine again!

Next paint the wood with light-coloured paint. The colour of the old chair, how much it is worn and how you plan to use your new chair will help determine what shade of white or light grey best suits your needs.

Then sand down any rough spots on the wood with an electric sander to make it even smoother before painting again if necessary.

After the paint dries, use 150 or 220 grit sandpaper to smooth any rough spots on the wood.

Finally, apply a coat of sealant (see how to update old wooden tables and desks for more details) before reassembling your chair with new bolts.


How do you Update old Furniture Without Paint?

Step 1. Choose a stain that matches your taste and the piece of furniture’s natural colour like cherry, mahogany or oak. The right finish can completely change how an item looks when it is applied differently on different types of wood.

Step 2. Apply the stain to the wood using a natural bristle brush, then wipe off any excess stain with a rag.

Step 3. After it dries, apply one or two coats of polyurethane for protection and shine.


What is the best colour to paint furniture?

Painting furniture is a great way to update your old pieces. The colour you choose will depend on how the piece of furniture will be used in your home and how it fits with the rest of your decorating style.

If you want to make a bold statement, then choosing colours like purple or red can work well for an accent piece. For a more neutral look, choose colours like light blue or green to coordinate with the rest of your furnishings and decorating style.”


How should I find out how much paint will cost?

To figure how many square feet you need for each type of paint, divide the number by 144. 144 is how many square feet there are in a gallon of paint.

For example, if you need three gallons of acrylic latex to cover 400 square feet, divide 400 by 144 and the answer would be three; so one gallon will cost $40.

If you’re working with a wall that’s textured or has multiple surfaces, you will need two gallons of paint for every 100 square feet.

If your wall is textured or has multiple surfaces, use the chart below to determine how many gallons you’ll need:


How do you update old oak furniture?

Use a wood conditioner and cover the surface with a sealant to prevent stains. Paint it or stain it for more colour, then replace cushions if needed. Clean up your home by decluttering and donating items that no longer serve their purpose.

Add customized touches like artwork, plants or table linens on shelves you’ve installed in the hallway.

You might also want to try one of these:

  • Add a coat or two of polyurethane finish to your furniture
  • Paint it with some metallic paint for an updated look
  • Get new fabric and recover the cushions in your chair.


What is the best colour for wooden furniture?

The most popular colour for furniture is white, followed by black and then dark wood. The reason why people like the look of darker woods is that it contrasts nicely with a light background to create an elegant design. Lighter colours are preferred because they make rooms feel bigger than how they would if you had dark furniture in them.


Steps on Updating old Wooden Swivel Chair

Step 1. Remove the upholstery and hardware from the chair. This is done by unscrewing screws, prying off nails, or unclipping clips that hold them in place. You can use a drill to speed things up! Be careful not to damage your chair as you remove these pieces of furniture

Step 2. Once all parts are removed, sand down the wood. A general rule is to use 150 grit for coarse areas and 220 for fine ones

Step 3. Apply a sealant that will protect your chair from water damage such as polyurethane or varnish. You can also add some colour with a stain!

You are done updating your old wooden swivel chair!


How do you Modernize an Antique Chair?

Step 1. Check how your chair is held together. Most chairs will have screws, nails, and clips

Step 2. Remove the old hardware from the chair. This is done by unscrewing screws, prying off nails or unclipping clips that hold them in place

Step 3. Sand down the wood with 150 grit for coarse areas and 220 for fine areas. If the wood is already in good shape, skip this step

Step 4. Apply a sealant that will protect your chair from water damage such as polyurethane or varnish and add some colour with a stain!


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