How To Build A Boat Bed? 7 Easy Steps You Need To Know!

So, how to build a boat bed?

There are ten easy steps listed below for you to help build your boat bed in your home.

how to build a boat bed

However, what is a boat bed?

boat bed is a mattress that has a boat-shaped design.

So, just like its name, its appearance looks like a boat.

People commonly used wooden materials or an old mattress to make a bed boat.

It has compartments, a headboard, a drawer, and other features that you may consider unrealistic.

Boat beds are meant for kids, especially children that love ships and the feel of an ocean.

Moreover, a boat bed has a lot of themes you can consider.

Creating a boat bed takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience.

Thus, if you want to have one, make sure that you are eager to work for it.

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Easy Steps To Build A Boat Bed

You cannot have a boat bed without doing or modifying something.

Therefore, if you do not want to buy a new one, you need to customize it yourself.

People often ask, how to build a boat bed?

Thus, here are the following steps:


Step #1. Design and prepare all the materials needed

The first thing you need to do is plan out and sketch the design you want to build your boat bed.

Then, make sure that it is achievable and easy that you can able to finish it by yourself.

Next, measure all your desired shapes and dimensions using a measuring tape.

This action will aid you in achieving a perfect bed boat.

Then, prepare all the materials.

You need several plywoods (1 sheet for the base and two sheets for the cover).

And paint, screws, nails, hammer, jigsaw and other furniture tools available in your household.

Also, do not forget your old mattress to be laid over at the top of the bed base.


Step #2. Build the foundation

Using the plywood, cut out your desired shape you will use to the side profile of your bed boat.

You need four cutouts (2 on each side).

As the rear moves closer to the front of the bed, it needs to be taller to make a curve.

Thus, add two more ¾ cutouts and an inch for the two left.

Glue and screw your cutouts to a 1×4 mattress that is 2 inches long.

To make the crib, cut out ½ inch plywood.

Also, draw the pattern of the width of the boat bed on the width of your mattress.

Then at the top of the notch, stick the 1×2 cut out of a ply.

Don’t forget to secure everything by gluing and screwing.


Step #3. Make your top rails

Overlap your top rail by 1/8 inch “a piece of plywood.

Then use a 5/16” power drill to combat sink where you might screw downwards into the rafters.

To avoid splitting everything, pre-drill anything.

Again, glue and screw everything.


Step #4. Make the prow

Lay a piece of ½ plywood on the floor.

Then, mark and cut out 2×4 pieces.

Sketch the curve you want.

This curve will be lying on the floor for the bottom of your prow.

Then, lastly, cut it out.

Ensure that you will nicely screw your curve in the bottom.

To make the top of the prow, you should make markings on where you will put it.

Then, after marking, cut it.

Across the front of the railings to the bow of the ship, use two 1×8 plies.

Clip them in position, then draw the curvature on the top surface hand-drawn.

With the saw, cut off one and verify it on both ends.

Turn it over.

Then, sketch it over to the other sheet, trim it out, and put it together.

Fit the 2×2 ply uprights into place by flipping the prow onto a work table.

Once everything is in place, remove all of the edges using a quarter-round cutter.


Step #5. Cover the edges

Cover the boat with 1/8 plywood.

Use four boards to run the length of the boat bed for the slats.

Then, at the base of each panel, split the front and behind uprights into four equal sections.

Begin attaching and nailing the ply to the structure from the ground up and then glue all along the excess’s length.

Use a pair of 1-inch nails to keep the overlap firmly until other adhesive cures if you do not want it to fit snuggly.

Take them out afterward and patch the gaps.


Step #6. Create drawers

To make drawers and secret panels, you need to make a box shape using plywood.

The measurements and design depend on you.


Step #7. Finish everything

Paint the boat bed you made.

Then, add all the beddings, pillows, blankets, and the like. If you wish to add designs, you may do so.

There you go!

You can now sleep on it.



You can make boat beds using only seven steps.

But, first, you need to prepare your materials and plan out what you want to achieve beforehand.

Children will surely enjoy this type of bed!

That is all for the topic, “how to build a boat bed?”

Thank you!

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