How To Unclog A Washer Drain? 5 Easy Steps!

Need to know how to unclog a washer drain? This article will give you various methods on how to do just that.

Many people spend a lot of money replacing the parts of their machine or end up giving it away to scrap because they fear it’s unusable after failing to drain properly. Only with some regular maintenance cleaning will you be able to save some money with this issue.

how to unclog a washer drain

Chances are, you’re just working with some common pipe problems. However, it is essential to thoroughly check first before giving up on your appliance as this is not only environment-friendly but could save you a lot of money.


How Does A Washer Drain Work

To understand how it works, we need to know what it is. A washer drain is the part of a washing machine that is responsible for the action of draining the water. The washing machine’s “drain function” causes it to drain the water from the tub. What happens is there is a drain hose from underneath the machine. This is where the pump of the machine draws all the water out of the tub.


Why Isn’t My Washer Draining Water?

There are many reasons for a washer drain not to work. The pump could be broken, and the water stays stagnant. You could not connect the pipe tight or adequately enough. It could also be that the drain pipe has been damaged and is leaking water along the way, so even without pressing the “drain” button, the water slowly leaks out. The most common reason, however, is when the drain gets clogged. The following steps are to show you how to unclog a washer drain.


Step #1. Wash the washing trap

The washing trap is a trap that connects appliance waste pipes. The first thing you’d want to do is to clean these traps. Unscrew the bottom of the tap, have a bucket or any container ready because water will be coming out as soon as it is unscrewed. Let the water drain along with the dirt and rinse the trap. Close the web again, and you can use a seal to fit the trap more securely. Check the water flow.


Step #2. Water and baking soda

Rinsing the trap didn’t work for you? Well, for this next step, you will need some water and baking soda. First, prepare yourself with some boiling water. Make sure to have enough for a whole bucket and pour in the entire pack of baking soda. Next, remove the drain pipe from your washing machine and pour the mixture into the tube. Leave it for a few minutes. You can check again later by running water into the pipe and see if it’s draining smoothly.

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Step #3. Drain snake

If you still haven’t reached a smooth drain after trying the above suggestions, here is a more direct approach to the clogged drain. Use a drain snake for the washing machine drain. Remove the trap and insert it into the gutter. Keep inserting the snake drain until you have reached a stop. This is where you’ve reached what has been blocking the flow of your drain. Keep turning the drain snake and pulling it back and forth until the blockage is gone. If it is too stubborn for a drain snake, fret not. There are still other methods to try out. Read how to install washer drain hose.


Step #4. Pressure

So the blockage has proven to be more stubborn than you thought. This often happens because the drainpipe has not been checked on for a long time. Cleaning it with high pressure is an effective way to blast that blockage. To do this, you must have a sewer hose for the high-pressure cleaner. Use this to go down the drain until it reaches the blocked area. Then, start spraying the pressurized water, and the blockage will eventually break down. You can also hire a professional for this task.


Step #5. Drain cleaner

Drain cleaners are heavy-duty cleaning products that are sold in any hardware store. This dissolves stubborn dirt that blocks your drains. There are different types, so choose one that suits what material your drain is. You will find that there is a granular and liquid kind of drain cleaner. Simply follow the instructions to use the drain cleaner. Know how to fix a washer that wont drain.


What Causes Washer Drains To Clog

We use our washing machines multiple times a week with various clothing materials. Over time, lint from your clothes could accumulate in the drainpipe and clump up. This depends on how often the washing machine is used and if the majority of the dresses are prone to shedding. Another reason for clogs could be soap residue. Ensure the type of soap you use is washing machine friendly, so it dissolves quickly and prevents build-up when draining. Sometimes the grease or oils from our clothes can be a contributor to the clog. I guess you should know more about the clothes washing machine.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know how to unclog a washer drain and what causes them, you can practice regular cleaning regulations for your washing machine. You can easily prevent the build-up from happening again in the future. Thank you for reading! Also, find out how to use a washer.

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