How Much Should I Sell My Washer And Dryer For? 3 Awesome Factors To Consider!

How much should I sell my washer and dryer for? Well, the price may depend on several factors like age and condition but you’ll have a higher sale rate if you sell it half its original price.

The day has come that you’ve decided to sell your washer and dryer or you have come to a decision to purchase a used appliance. You will have to know if you bought it or sell it at a good price.

How much should I sell my washer and dryer for

You may be moving to a new house or are funding a new appliance, it is important to set the potential buyers for your appliance. If you are the one buying it, whether you got it from a garage sale or online website, you need to protect yourself from being scammed. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to price your used washer and dryer to a good price agreeable by both the seller and the buyer. Since several factors may differ the price, better to read up to determine what price is good for you.


Used Washer And Dryer Pricing

Yes, you may be tempted to sell your appliance at a reasonable price, but you won’t be able to get a single buyer with that mindset. With that note, you must consider several factors to determine a good price for your appliance first.


Factors That Affect 2nd Use Appliances

So how are we going to determine if the appliance is priced right? There are several factors we must consider for that matter. These factors include the appliance’s condition, original price, and how long the appliance has been used.


#1. Original price

One of the base prices that help sellers determine the right price is the model price available in the market. You can get a reasonable base price just by using the original price, but remember that the appliance has been used. 


#2. Condition

A washer or a dryer with more features could fetch up a more fantastic price. When it comes to dryers, a front-loading or a large capacity is priced more. Of course, you still have to reduce the cost if damages have occurred in the unit itself. Every appliance has a wear and tear condition that affects the price if you decide to sell it. So the better you take good care of the machine, the better it looks even though it has been in use for years. Maintenance is one of the contributors to a reasonable price. Although whether the appliance is looking good or not, a working one is worth more than one that doesn’t. If you’re a buyer and have seen listings of 2nd hand appliances, you may have less information about the appliance posted. So do not hesitate to reach out to your sellers to ask about it.

Well, it is you who will spend your hard-earned money on something, so you’d better be sure that you are making the right decision of purchasing the used appliance at a reasonable and right price. If the appliance has problems, you have two options. One is to repair it yourself and add the cost to the appliance price. Two is to lower the price and have the buyer repair the damage for the appliance. If you decide to go to the second option, be transparent about it in the listings.


#3. Time

There is a trick in pricing a used appliance based on the original price and the number of years used. An electrical appliance has a lifespan of 10 years, so you’ll just have to divide the actual cost by 10. Then multiply the remaining years by the quotient, and you’ll have a base price.


Sample Situations

If you have a washer bought for $800 and you have been using it for five years, then you’ll have the following equation. $800 divided by 10 (since ten years is the average lifespan of appliances) equals $80. Then multiply it to the remaining years until the 10-year lifespan, which is five years, you will have $400. So how much should I sell my washer and dryer for? The answer is $400. Well, check out the best compact washer and dryer so you will have an idea about their prices. 


Tips In Selling/Buying Used Appliances

So, I have here a few tips to help you sell or buy a used appliance that could make you save more. I have proven these tips to be effective, so I hope it also helps you.


Tip #1. Best places to buy or sell used appliances

Craigslist, Facebook, Garage Sales, or a local appliance store are some of the most effective platforms to sell used appliances. For my case, I have sold on Craigslist some of my appliances, including a washer, for a reasonable price. You may want to know where to buy apartment-size washer and dryer; they may have some price list so you will know how much you will sell yours. 


Tip #2. Make the title more attractive

Don’t label your item as “Old Dryer” but put a “Vintage Maytag E50 Portable Dryer”. I am sure the second one is more appealing to buyers than the first one. If you want to show off some features, better put it on the title to entice the buyers.


Tip #3. Be clear about your price

If you are setting your price, decide how much you could deviate from your chosen price. Think about different scenarios like not selling it for a week or so. You might have to lessen the price to sell it sooner.



No more “How much should I sell my washer and dryer for?” thoughts in your mind since you have the idea of how much the price should be. Just remember not to overprice the appliance, or else you won’t see potential buyers. Also, read about where to rent a washer and dryer; you may offer it for rental. 

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