How To Operate A Kenmore Washer Machine? 6 Easy Steps!

Do you need to know how to operate a Kenmore washer machine? By the end of this article, you will know how to do just that. With a few simple clicks of a button, you can conveniently change the course of your washer machine. 

Kenmore has been one of the top appliance brands for many years. You won’t have to worry about their quality and what it can do for the customer’s satisfaction.

how to operate a Kenmore washer machine

This article also gives a quick run-down on how to operate a washer machine safely. We have that here cloths you want to know some free additional tips on efficiently laundering your garments. Keep on reading to know more!


Are Kenmore Washer Machines Good?

Kenmore is one of the top brands for appliances. According to consumers, they make one of the most reliable appliances along with other top brands. If you’re looking into their washer machines, you should also know that their expected lifespan would be around 14 years with regular use. They clean great with all fabrics. This means they have a wide range of settings when cleaning the laundry. 


Steps To Operate A Kenmore Washer Machine

Of course, we can’t talk about washer machines without explaining how to operate one. Everyone does their laundry differently. These are merely the generic steps of operating a washer machine and how to take care of your clothes in laundering. Here are the steps on how to operate a Kenmore washer machine:


Step #1. Separate laundry

The first step is to separate your dirty laundry by color and even type of fabric. The colored cloths are washed separately from the white ones to avoid any color bleeding into any whites. For the more delicate fabrics, it is best to wash them by hand so as not to be damaged during the cycle of your washer machine. So, know how to hand wash clothes.


Step #2. Choose your bleaching agent

When you bleach your clothes for disinfection, you need to choose the right kind. For your pile of colored clothes, use the bleach meant for clothes with various colors. As for the accumulation of the white garment, use the bleach meant for white clothes as this gives the best results. It helps make them whiter and removes yellow stains the best.


Step #3. Choose washing cycle

Once you know your garments’ care label, you must choose the proper wash cycle for them. There are different speeds at which a washer machine can spin; preferably, the fast spins are reserved for when drying the clothes as the fast spins cause the water to be pressed out. This is an essential step, so your clothes are safe while being cleaned as efficiently as possible. Kenmore washer machines have several ranges of cycles, so you have a lot of options.


Step #4. Water temperature

The temperature of the water you use to launder dramatically affects the results. Hot water can be intense for fabric as it can cause it to fade, shrink, loosen garterized clothes, and even set some overlooked stains. However, it can quickly kill germs and bacteria, so it is excellent for sanitizing reasons. With this said, it is best used for beddings, towels, sheets, or tough fabric that needs a deep cleaning or sanitizing. Coldwater is for gently cleaning your clothes and requires less energy. Use cold water for your more delicate materials, barely dirty clothes, or those who tend to leak.


Step #5. Choose detergent

Choose your detergent wisely. Some detergents are specifically made to be used for washer machines. These are typically easier to dissolve in water and have a lesser risk of clogging your drain pipe. Detergents that are not labeled for washer machines are acceptable to use, but practically speaking, they could damage your appliance in the long term when used for months. Look it up on your washer’s manual where the detergent and fabric softener should be poured. There should be an indication on the appliance as to how much detergent or fabric softener should be used for each load.


Step #6. Watch the load

When loading your washer machine, make sure it does not result in overcrowding in the tub. This could be a cause for ineffective cleaning of your garments caused by the uneven distribution of load. This may also result in damaging the appliance, as with any device that is overloaded. You may want to read about how to use a washer machine


What If I Made A Mistake In Setting Washer Cycles?

What happens if you realize you set it on the wrong washer cycles midway or have already started? Can you still save it? Yes, you can. What you will need to know is how to reset a Kenmore washer machine. During the cycle, look for the “Pause/Stop” button twice to cancel it. You can then choose the desired wash cycle and change the water if you’d like. Press the “Start” button, and this resets the washing process. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to operate a Kenmore washer machine. It is a simple appliance to operate, and you can rely on it to last for as long as it is given regular maintenance. We hope you have learned some new information today. Thank you for reading! Read related articles; know how to use a washer machine and how to clean washer drain hoses.

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