How To Tell If Dryer Idler Pulley Is Bad? 4 Awesome Signs To Know About!

How to tell if dryer idler pulley is bad? Many things happen inside a dryer more than you can ever imagine. Certain parts are essential for the machine to continue carrying out its task to be valuable enough to provide its services. The dryer is a helpful device many people use and opt to have. So if you are planning to get one, get it.

Dryers are a convenient appliance to dry your clothes, especially when damp. Over time, the machine does its best so that it can dry up your clothes continuously without worries. But have you ever thought of checking the internal parts of your dryer? They may break an inside that needs good maintenance.

how to tell if dryer idler pulley is bad

Today, we know the signs if one’s pulley in a dryer is not maintained very well. You must always check to ensure that the belt routed around the other components runs smoothly without hassle. If a faulty pulley is present, it may break the other members. Today, we are going to fix it.



Signs That Your Idler Pulley Is Bad

How to tell if dryer idler pulley is bad? A bad idler pulley can cause many problems for the machine working inside the dryer. So to know that they need a replacement, you must have ideas to tell whether if they are still working fine or not. Nonetheless, here are the signs:


Sign #1. Squealing of the pulley

Pulleys over time go bad with excessive usage, so when the engine is idling, you can notice that a pulley is in lousy shape once it starts to make a squealing sound. What could be the reason behind that? The answer is that the bearings present in the pulley are maybe in lousy condition. Thus, it may need a replacement.

They tend to rust over time since they are tiny ball-like metals that produce friction so that the belt continuously works and spins all the time. With that, a broken pulley may not just squeal, it can also sound like it is clattering or rumbling, but this is due to the problems within the bearings.

As soon as possible, it is recommended that you check out your faulty pulley right away and centralize it to make troubleshooting easier. There are ways to fix a pulley the easy way around. Sometimes, it is even required to replace it with a new one to ensure that it stays for a more extended period and usage. You may also be interested to know how to clean gum out of a dryer.


Sign #2. A frozen pulley

Same case for the first sign due to the bearings issue but this time, it is another issue that we’ll have to deal with. The bearings that you see in a pulley are sometimes why the machine freezes, or in some cases, it is hard to spin, which causes the device not to work correctly and may even break.

For the best ways to determine that this is the sign of why a pulley froze or doesn’t work precisely as you want it to, you should first take off the belt from the pulley and spin it by hand. Of course, turn off the machine first if you do not want any injuries from happening since it is dangerous if you get a finger stuck in between.

Now, if the pulley is heavy to be turned by hand, then that means that it will require you to replace the parts. Be cautious while doing this, as you may get the machine or yourself damaged. We will want to make sure that it is turned off by pulling the key away and out of the ignition. 


Sign #3. Mounting of the pulley

It is a rare happening that you do not usually encounter when there is a problem within the pulley, though; it may be one of the causes to why it isn’t good. For example, it may have gotten warped or loose that will cause the pulley to be forced off its path. Also, if you haven’t known yet, a pulley is being held by a secure mounting bracket.

This bracket acts as the one that holds the pulley to stay within the engine only. Otherwise, your machine may have had a defective pulley a long time ago already. Do not worry if the bracket is loose; accessing and reinstalling a new one is easy. Within a span of five to ten minutes, we are sure that you can replace it right away. It may also be a good idea to know how to clean LG dryer.


Sign #4. Belt traveling

You can tell whether a pulley has gone wrong by watching the belt as it passes through the pulleys. The pulley’s hardware may have deteriorated, or the hole in the middle has grown larger, causing the pulley to wobble or move unevenly. The belt may become loose on the pulley, or the pulley may continue to push the belt. I suggest you read about how to replace a dryer belt.


It’s A Wrap!

How to tell if dryer idler pulley is bad? Now that all the signs to necessarily know how to tell if a dryer idler pulley is in bad shape, you must now replace it right away once you’ve noticed a character or two. You might also want to learn how to replace a pulley since it may be hard for some people.

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