Amazing 4-Step Guide On How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Books

Talcum powder, a sheet of fabric softener, and baking soda are some of the basic requirements you will need on how to get mildew smell out of books. It is indeed quite hard not to get attached to readers as they can provide you the feeling of enjoyment, but the question is, can you still have fun if the book has a mildew smell? 

Reading a book is one of the many ways to escape from reality, but what are we going to do if it already produces a terrible smell that bothers us from reading? Take your time reading this article to be familiar with how we can remove this kind of smell from our treasured books!

how to get mildew smell out of books


How Can We Identify If We Have Mildew In Books?

Mildew is hard to notice in a book as it has a grayish to white color appearance, but you can immediately notice it through its moldy solid smell. Mildew in books also has a rough texture like holding a powder wherein we do not want you to feel it as risk can suddenly appear. 

The best thing you can do is separate it from the books that do not have one to make it more manageable. For your information, more than books, other things are affected by this mildew that contains other reasons.

Are you curious about more detailed information? What does mildew smell like can help you be aware of this.


Steps In Removing Mildew Smell In Books

You can remove a mildew smell in books by following some basic steps using simple and affordable materials. However, you should do it correctly and carefully to avoid the possibility of being damaged.

Listed below are the easy steps you can consider following in dealing with this problem. 


Step #1. Identify the books with a mildew smell

Identifying it means separating it from the books that do not smell mildew. Ensure that you place it in a dry open area to prevent any damage.


Step #2. Remove the mildew by brushing it off

Once you have separated the smell, you can now remove the mildew in all parts using a brush. As a reminder, any kind will do.

Mildew is powdery, so make sure that you use a mask and gloves for your safety as it can be a risk to your health. Allergic reactions may come out anytime. 

It is also better to do this procedure outside or in an open area. This way guarantees that the mildew smell will not remain as fresh air can help in the workplace.


Step #3. Clean the book with a safe product

Stains and marks will remain on the book even if you have already gotten rid of the mildew, resulting in a bad smell. It is best to use a clean and dry cloth in wiping it gently and avoid using a wet cloth as it can damage the pages of the book.

You can place the book on a flat surface and put talcum powder all over it. Leave it overnight and wipe it the following day. 

A sheet of fabric softener can also help in removing the foul odor. Use two sheets and make sure to change it after 24 hours and do it for at least two days. 

You can also use baking soda as a safe product to remove the mildew smell from the book. Put a cup of baking soda in a plastic container and store the text inside it properly. 

You can leave it for 48 to 72 hours and check if the bad smell is already gone. If not, you can repeat the process until you get rid of the mildew smell.


Step #4. Dry the pages of books and store them properly

When the book is finally clean and you have already removed the mildew smell, you can now dry it if applicable using air dry and kindly proceed in looking for good storage. 

Of course, we cannot deny that mildew smell can be a hassle and can be considered an inconvenience. Do you think it is much better to know how to prevent it?  

Finding a better place as storage that can provide protection is one of the important ways to prevent this kind of scenario. Moreover, knowing what you should do and avoid is also helpful in this kind of matter. 

Suppose you are interested in a more detailed explanation. You can check out how to remove mildew from paper which provides reliable information to prevent this mildew smell in books. 



Imagine yourself loving a book like it is the most crucial thing in your life, and in just one snap, it ruins the book because of its smell. Well, you are now aware of how to get mildew smell out of books so you can save it instead of throwing it. 

Who would have thought that you could immediately save your valued books by following these simple steps? These procedures are straightforward but don’t worry because you can easily observe them without spending too much money.

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