How To Store Fresh Cilantro In The Fridge? 8 Awesome Tips!

Want to know how to store fresh cilantro in the fridge? Make sure to keep water out or put in some preservatives, and you’ll have fresh and juicy cilantro stems even after a week. We will be giving you various methods and tricks to preserve your herb’s shelf life.

Cilantro is one of the most acclaimed herbs that add some spice and distinct flavor to your food. The coriander’s citrus taste adds a bit of tanginess to the food and its strong aroma attracts tasters with a smell! You just can’t go without its unique taste.

how to store fresh cilantro in the fridge

The cilantro has a powerful flavor that makes it a must-have for most kitchens. Therefore, it is unfortunate that it cannot be kept fresh for more than a few days. However, we will solve your issues since we have several methods to keep your coriander fresh for as long as possible. Read on!


Tips To Store Fresh Cilantro In The Fridge

Here are the tips on how to store fresh cilantro in the fridge:


Tip #1. No-wash storing method

It is important to remember that the most important factor you should omit is water in knowing how to store fresh cilantro in your fridge. Moisture inside your food can make it prone to spoilage due to various bioactive components that age your food. Risks of molds are also frequent, which is why moisture is a huge no-no.

What better way to remove water? Please don’t put it in the first place! Now, you may think it will be unhygienic but don’t worry; you’ll only be omitting the washing process for storage. You can wash your herb when it’s time for use. In the meantime, let’s refrain from giving it any more exposure to water.


Tip #2. Keeping moisture out

If you’re not very comfortable with the idea of putting unwashed products inside your fridge, it’s wonderful. You can rinse it off carefully and then place it to dry on top of a stack of paper towels. Line some paper towels on a flat surface and place your coriander on top of it. Make sure there are no overlapping ones.

Now take another batch of paper towels and pat very delicately over the cilantro. This herb is very sensitive and mushing it will remove many of its spices and nutrients. Let air dry for several more minutes. The drier, the better.


Tip #3. Paper towel method

This method is rather common, not just for herbs but basically any vegetable. Moisture is a common issue for storage and paper towel is the most popular and effective answer. In the paper towel method, you may use either a ziplock plastic bag or a container. This method will keep your herb fresh for 4 weeks on average.


Tip #4. Plastic bag

For plastic bags, you need to choose ones with a zip lock. This tightly seals your package and prevents any unwanted exposure to air that can shorten the shelf rate. Line paper towels onto a flat surface. Place your coriander one by one and place another layer of towels on top of them. Now don’t compress the two layers; just gently lay it on top. Carefully take one side of the coriander and paper towel sandwich and fold crosswise.

Gently fold, without crushing the leaves, until you reach the other end. When finished, place inside the ziplock bag. Remove any air from inside and seal tightly before placing it inside the fridge.


Tip #5. Container

Line your towels all over the bottom for containers and repeat the same process until the second layer of paper towels. You may add more layers of cilantro, depending on the size of the container. Anyway, once you’ve placed the last layer of towels, seal with the lid tightly.


Tip #6. Using preservatives

Using organic preservatives is common for a natural technique. This trick will involve freezing water and a bit of vinegar. Mix both in a solution, make sure there is more water than vinegar. Wash your coriander all over using the mixture, coating every leaf and stem with vinegar. Vinegar is a natural preservative. It has low pH levels, which allow it to lengthen the shelf life of other foods.


Tip #7. Submerging in water

Now, this might be out of the conventional way to preserve cilantro. We have repeatedly mentioned omitting water and moisture because it speeds up the process of decomposition. However, there are techniques where water is not a negative factor and is instead a positive one.

There are some cases where water can keep your leaves fresh. Take off the ends of the coriander. Fill up a third of a jar with water. Warm water. Place all your herbs inside the jar with the water. Seal the lid tightly before placing it inside the fridge. This method can actually keep your spice for longer than usual. Even after 2 weeks, you’ll still be stuck with crispy, fresh greens! This can also pass as one of the easiest and quickest methods.


Tip #8. Freezing

Freezing will always be an effective way of preserving food. The extremely low climate freezes the food and slows down the aging process for a very, very long time. It is just as effective with cilantro. Cut off the stems and place the leaves on a tray.

Make sure they are separated. Place the tray inside the freezer and let it stay there for an hour. Once it is all frozen up, place it inside a zip lock bag. They will be separated and as hard as rocks. Then, please put it back inside the refrigerator and enjoy it for 1 to 2 more months.



After having an idea of how to store fresh cilantro in the fridge, you can now preserve and enjoy your exotic herbs for a long time. Have fun exploring its unique, tangy taste! Anyway, do you want to read articles like this? Read what to do with the space above your fridge.

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