How To Store Bacon In Fridge Longer? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you, by any chance, have any questions regarding how to store bacon in fridge longer? On average, bacon lasts for a week, depending on the type, brand, and proper storage. This piece of knowledge will help you have an idea of how much longer you can enjoy the juicy, tender goodness of cured pig meat! Read on to find out.

Bacon is a very popular favorite, especially for breakfast meals. The sweet, tangy taste of meat is sure to make you salivate with just the mere whiff of its smell. It can be eaten alone or paired with other combos but either way, no one can deny that bacon is legendary.

how to store bacon in fridge longer

Due to being constantly in demand, you have to know when your precious food will be expiring to avoid losing money and food. In this article, we will be giving you time periods as accurately as possible, plus some additional information that may or may not have an impact on the amount of time it takes for your meat to go bad. Also, we’ll discuss how you can make bacon stay in your fridge longer.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


How Long To Store Bacon In Your Fridge?

Are you wondering how to store bacon in fridge longer? Good news! Here are the details:


Opened yet uncooked bacon

There are instances where bacon packages are opened, yet not all of its contents were fully consumed. You may be living alone, thus, making a pack too much for one person. You decide to take a few strips and then place the rest back for future use. How much time does it still have left?

Opened but raw bacon usually lasts for one week with the thermostat temperature set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a rather long period since the packaging was opened which exposes your food to oxygen that triggers chemical reactions that lead to spoiling.

Suppose you want to keep it for longer than that, no worries! You can decide on an alternative which is freezing it. Freezing your food completely will temporarily pause its aging process and thus keep it on for extended shelf life. For example, when you put this type of bacon inside the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, you can have a bacon supply for 4 to 6 more months.


Unopened bacon

This type is usually present during grocery week when your fridge contents are mostly new and untouched. You barely have to worry about this since the container is unopened and sealed securely from the supermarket. However, you must be cautious when checking the expiration date before placing it in your grocery cart. If you don’t plan on consuming it regularly, choose further dates.

How long can bacon stay in the fridge if it’s untouched? Unopened ones can last for as long as 2 weeks in the standard fridge temperature. However, if placed inside the freezer, you can have frozen meat for as good as 8 months.


Opened and cooked bacon

Bacon that you’ve opened, cooked, and is basically ready for consumption is most vulnerable to spoiling. Since the package is opened, you have lost access to securely sealed packaging that will prevent outside air from contaminating your meat. Cooking it also affects some of its preservatives that keep it fresh for a longer time frame. It is best to consume it immediately after cooking to immerse yourself in its best state but if you can’t help it, place it in the fridge for storage.

Your food will last for 4 to 5 days at standard fridge temperature. If placed in the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, you have a month. It is important to remember that the taste will not be as good as before.


Canadian bacon

Just another additional tip! Bacon has many kinds, and the way it was cured and preserved may affect its shelf life. Canadian slices of bacon are said to last 3 to 4 days at normal fridge temperature when cooked. It can last 4 to 8 weeks in the freezer. Other bacon origins typically have the same shelf life as the regular one.


Ways To Make Bacon Last Longer

Here are some ideas that can lengthen your satisfaction with some bacon cravings!


Step #1. Proper storage

Smart storing is the key to making your fridge contents last longer. Raw meat should stay inside its containers before consumption—the more secure the container, the better. Meanwhile, cooked ones should be completely rid of moisture. Use paper towels for drying and more when storing it. Line your container with towels to avoid water buildup. Moisture buildup can lead to molds that will completely ruin your food and fridge.


Step #2. Check before you buy

An essential precaution. The farther the expiration date, the longer you can store your food. For immediate consumption, choose older products. If stocking, find longer shelf lives.


Step #3. Overwrapping

Overwrapping your food is highly recommended. The less exposure your bacon has to external contaminants, the better. Use tightly sealed containers and seal them further to your taste.


Step #4. Thawing process

If you decide on freezing your food, thaw the ice off; it can also shorten or lengthen the life rate. If defrosted inside the fridge, you can have 1 to 2 more days after that. However, if you used appliances like a microwave or melted them in cold water, you must consume them immediately.



Now that you know how to store bacon in fridge longer make sure to enjoy the tasty goodness of your meat! Keep in mind all the methods you learned and apply them for a full and satisfying meal.

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