What To Do With Space Above Fridge? 5 Best Ways!

Do you want to maximize the space in your kitchen, so you would like some ideas on what to do with space above fridge? Well, we prepared about five ideas for you. Some of these aim to add some accent to your kitchen, and some are for practical purposes. You’ll have a lot of alternatives to pick from with this.

In the kitchen, there should be a lot of storage compartments for the different types of food. And it would be a waste if we won’t put the space above the fridge to good use. If you have kids, you can always use this space to hide dangerous things from them. They won’t be able to reach and see it.

Before we start brainstorming ideas for what to do with the awkward gap, there are a few things to consider. For example, the things we store above the fridge should be in containers to prevent them from falling into tight spaces. It might lead to some electrical accidents and more. And now, let’s get on with the topic.


What To Do With Space Above Your Fridge

Due to the fridge’s height, storing some objects or food here can be convenient if you already have minimal space in the kitchen. And you won’t risk young children falling around because they trip on the containers left on the floor. But don’t worry because here are the clever ways we gathered on what to do with space above fridge.

#1. Place some plants

Putting some plants in your kitchen could be excellent for your eyes. And they add accent to your kitchen layout, especially if you have a stainless steel fridge or a gray-colored wall. You can choose a plant that has vines or something that blooms open. In my opinion, the pothos plant would be great above your fridge.

You can partner it with some bohemian ornaments and some neutral paintings. However, when you water it, don’t overload the pot with too much liquid. The water might overflow and reach the electrical side of your fridge. So, be careful!


#2. Add some baskets

You can fit one or two baskets here, depending on the dimensions of your refrigerator. It may be for your napkins or tablecloths. Alternatively, you may keep your alliums and tubers at room temperature in the basket. With this, you can maximize the space in your fridge and above it.

#3. Attach a shelf

It would be perfect for building a shelf if you still have plenty of space between the fridge and the ceiling. You can either place a wooden box or only two wooden panels for the sides. It depends on you.

Additionally, you can stack more than two shelves if you still have more space than expected. With this, you did not only utilize the area above the fridge, but you built a new storage compartment. And it could hold certain materials in an organized manner. You can place your cookbooks, spices, and other kitchen essentials here.


#4. Use the space for your liquor and wine

Well, the space above your fridge would be perfect if you have a wine collection. There are about two approaches to this concept. The first one is you’ll directly position your wine rack above the fridge and let it settle there. If the wine rack is not enough, you can find a wooden crate or basket to place your bottles.

The second approach is that you can place a shelf and have it customized for wine storage. A wine rack shelf usually has a grooved surface for the bottle’s neck. Or it has wood panels that incline and act as borders or partitions. And each compartment, you can stack about 2-3 wine bottles.


#5. For small spaces, fill them up

An example of this situation is when you have a pantry surrounding your refrigerator. And your unit is sometimes a little shorter than the top part of the pantry. So, there’ll be an awkward 1-foot space above your fridge.

So, we suggest that you fill it with similar objects, such as mason jars that contain various herbs. Or you can place your mug collection in here or some miniature ornaments. You can choose anything but make sure that you don’t overload it. Only fill the front part of the space because you might not be able to see other objects if they’re at the back.


Wrapping Up!

And that concludes the article about “what to do with space above fridge?” There are still plenty of ideas to maximize the space above your fridge. If you don’t have a storage compartment for your first aid kit, you can place it here for better access. Or you can put your pots and pans here.

Use the given suggestions above to find some inspiration. You can actually use this space for various purposes, whether creative or not, as long as you can put it to good use. You can be both creative and practical.

We hope that we addressed your problem and help you figure out a way to utilize the space. For more creative ideas like this, read how to propagate croton. We’re confident that you’ll like it. See you again soon!

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