How To Stop Cat From Climbing Curtains? 4 Easy Ways!

Do you know how to stop cat from climbing curtains?

Cats are more often than not looking for the opportunity to climb anything.

So any place that looks like a cat’s destination can be construed as a possible obstacle or wall to jump off of.

Trying to do anything to avoid this kind of behavior, particularly when the cat is young, can reduce the number of damaged things inside your home.


Ways To Stop Cat From Climbing Curtains

Here are the ways on how to stop cat from climbing curtains:


#1. Install an alarm or motion detector

Here’s the thing:

Cats don’t like loud sounds, such as a horn or the sudden blasting of a whistle.

Perhaps, telling your cat to stop is one of the simplest cat repellents.

The question is: is it enough?

Of course, not!

Installing a doorknob alarm or a small motion detector in the curtain or a tie-back provides a more accurate way of detecting when your friend is climbing.

It takes her time, but she will eventually think about the irritating sound and avoid curtains.

The good thing about this approach is that it works even when you are away from the source of the alarm.

On the bad side, each alarm requires you to turn it off and on individually.


#2. Provide an alternative

More possibly, she is very eager to get on high ground.

It’s because it’s where she can maintain a more central perspective of her surroundings.

If she reaches the top of the curtains and gets on top of a ladder, make an effort to slow her down by holding her or bring her down.

If your pet just want to view the outside, try to keep her post just near your window.

Making her understand that curtains are not for climbing may take some time,


#3. The weighty solution

Instead of a curtain rod attached to the curtain rail outside the window, use a tension rod.

You can install it in the window frame; make sure that it enables the rod to be pulled down if any additional weight is placed on the curtain.

You can expect the cat to give up the use of the curtain rod because it does not support her weight, as she used to.

Don’t worry, though.

It can be reinstalled as your pet’s habit has stopped.

Another way to connect clips to a curtain rod is to hang it with the use of clips.

And you do not need much fabric, even though you move a single clip, which holds the curtain down when there’s additional weight other than the curtain.


#4. Other factors

Lure the cat into the drapery, with a taffy line on the floor of the cat room or panels.

It may lead your cat to slip on the foil.

Here’s the thing:

Cats don’t love textures, and materials like textiles are a big no-no for them; that means you should get rid of these things from their environment entirely.

Avoid directing your gaze at the windows, and thus avoid her looking at the curtains because she will think that it is she who is being observed.


Why Cats Climb?

There may be underlying health reasons why cats climb:

For instance, when a cat is feeling nervous, stressed or unwell, it can seek out other places; and it may take a break from animals and people.

That’s why it will most likely go to a higher place for emotional stimulation.

Cats are unique; they like to lie and rest in different places.

It is even more important to offer multiple places for your kitty to utilize, as each has different needs.

Take note that your cats need to escape from each other.

In some cases, the cat may be suffering from certain metabolic disorders, like hyperthyroidism.

Others act this way due to some medications, which can increase your cat’s activity levels.

Don’t worry, though; it doesn’t necessarily lead to behavior issues like hyperactivity.


Understanding your cat’s behavior

Whether your cat is young or old, male or female- whatever kind of animal he or she is, it’s naturally assertive.

Regardless of the breed, it requires the right amount of physical activities for it to feel relaxed and contented.

Wherever your cat may be climbing, it’s good to know that its body has naturally adapted to work with both vertical and horizontal spaces.

And with unrestricted access to curtains, you will most likely find out that cats already damaged them.

In order to facilitate this issue, you must grant them the opportunity to perform in ways that are agreeable to us.

If you have a cat that used to live outside, it is a good idea to make a dash for elevated perches, as it is fond of going on tall things.

Well, it is most likely fond to watch its surroundings and find animals to eat, as well as places to hang out.


It’s A Wrap!

It can be stressful to see your cat climbing your curtains.

Your cat will less likely listen to you, without proper training.

But, with the help of some ways on how to stop cat from climbing curtains, I’m sure this will no longer be an issue.

Just be patient and try what you’ve learned from here!