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How To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling? In 5 Easy Steps!

How to hang curtains from the ceiling? There are five steps that you can execute. Don’t worry; all of which can be done with ease.

Indeed, a standard curtain would usually hang inches above the window frame down to your desired length.

But then there are cases where curtains hanging from the ceiling look extra elegant and sophisticated.

That is why you have to consider this idea. But then how will you hang curtains from the ceiling?

Isn’t that a big concern and worry at the same time? Commonly these curtains are found in bedrooms.

Those that act as decorations or protection to cover the bed inside it. It would look like a curtain in the comfort room.

The one that divides the toilet from the shower area; the only difference is that sometimes it goes on each side of the bed.


How to hang curtains from the ceiling

Steps To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling

When you aspire to sleep in an even comfortable and private space, you can add curtains.

Adding curtains that hang right from the ceiling is way fantastic to watch and address your concern.

It can also be decorative as every corner of the bed has one. It is usually just tied when not used.

One would indeed feel like a Disney character having these types of high curtains hanged in their rooms.

But then hanging those is not easy, especially that the ceiling might be so high for one to reach.

Do not worry. I will give you tips on how you can do this one and make sure that you will follow.

These steps are based on my research and personal ideas.

Better try it than do nothing about your dream curtain.

So, here are the steps to hang curtains from the ceiling:


Step #1. Measure tapes and fabrics

The first thing you should do is to grab a measuring tape and measure your mattress right away.

You might get confused as to why the mattress is included.

But then you must measure the width of your curtain based on the bed.

You can then divide it into half since you will get that division on every center.

But remember to multiply it by two so that the curtain can look pleated and not plain and dull.

Also, please measure the length from the ceiling down to the floor to make it look even majestic.

You can also use a tape measure that is way longer.

There are ones that have 10 meters as maximum.

Make sure you make the measurement right.

And choose the fabric that matches all your dimensions.


Step #2. Up and drill – hook

Go up on a ladder and drill.

Make sure you make adjustments and markings, making sure both sides will be equal.

You can ask for help, but you can do it on your own too.

Get a drill and dig into the markings.

After that, you will be placing curtain hooks on it to serve as the curtain rod’s base.

That is important that you find a good hook, especially those that are made for ceiling hooks.


You can find one in stores near you or check it out on online shops. I am sure there is one.

Ensure that it is the right size and your rod will fit on the book you bought, or else you will waste a good amount of money.


Step #3. Choose a suitable color code

Adding to the design’s goodness is how your fabric and rod matches or counteracts the color of your room.

It should be reasonable and not off into one eye, or else instead of it giving you sophistication, it might give you a distraction.

Even the rod needs to be precise.

It is better to use a black rod than a gold one or silver because it might ruin the color sense.

You can checkout color palettes on Pinterest for a guide, but you can also consult the professionals.


Step #4. Assemble everything

The next thing you will do is to assemble everything.

Start by putting the curtains on the rod and make sure your rod does have a stopper.

After that, you may climb up to your ladder and put the rods upon the hooks you placed and drilled earlier.

Secure it and make sure that you placed the suitable curtains as to where you should put it.


Step #5. Tie it on the sides

When you are not using your curtain, you can have a curtain tie to go with it.

It will be a problem when you do not tie it because it might flow back to the center.

Most especially when it has metal loops on it, it might slide through the rod since it is flat.

Adding ties to it will also help you have that good look and organized curtains when it is not used.

One thing more is that when you have visitors, it will look pleasant and neat anytime they walk in.

That is all that is how to hang curtains from the ceiling.



And yes, we are now done answering “How to hang curtains from the ceiling?” and I hope you learned something.

Keep in mind that you can always look for something when you are not sure of it.

How to sew curtains with grommets

How to Sew Curtains With Grommets? 5 Easy Ways!

People who admire fashion know how much of a necessity it is to fix nice and attractive curtains. Curtain gives the room an exquisite appearance compared to rooms without curtains.

Curtains need additional materials to give them a better fitting and balancing on the rod. One of such materials is the grommet. How to sew curtains with grommets and make them available for use is not a difficult task.

You will only buy few items like the curtain materials, grommet panels, rod, scissors, pressing iron, measuring tape, etc.

Curtains made with grommets appear rich and sophisticated in rooms. Sighting a well-placed curtain with grommets, you would derive immense satisfaction from the shape and comfort it gives to the room.

There’s every need to make a house a home. To attain this clamor for a beautiful home, the need and desire to fix up curtains with grommets becomes unavoidable.

Curtains with grommets provide a kind of cozy atmosphere within the room’s space, especially as it prevents penetration of the sun into the room. Also, curtains with grommets make the room look classic and admirable, bringing a great deal of reputation to actual users. Curtains with grommets are a requirement for a home. 

Steps on How to Sew Curtains With Grommets

To make a good curtain with grommet, follow these steps on how to sew curtains with grommets, get your materials ready and follow the steps below.

Step #1. Measure the door or window where you will fix the curtain with grommets. You are to measure the width of the window.

Step #2. Measure both the curtain and the curtain rod from where it should begin and where to end, based on the door or window size.

Step #3. Measure out 44 inches from the firm edge of the curtain to the other edge of the curtain and trim, and if possible, use iron to press to make these selvage areas firm.

Step #4. Hold the curtain and by the side of it, turn it under by one inch and press. Turn again by one additional inch and press.

Step 5. This is the last step on how to sew curtains with grommets. Refer to the seam allowance guide to stitch the measured layers of the fabric.

Use appropriate stitch length to fold and stitch both sides of the curtain and the edges, then use a pressing iron to press. Adequate space is left at the top of the curtain to provide an allowance in fixing the grommets.

How do you Put Grommets in Curtains?

Grommets are the eyelets found at the top of the curtain. These eyelets are fixed into the curtain rod in the form of forwarding and backward arrangement or via front side and backside as the case may be.

Clamped together to become one to each grommet are two equal half sides. The following are required to put grommets in curtains;

First, put one-half side of the grommet beneath the marked and perforated top of the curtain.

Then, use the other half side of the grommet to cover the one beneath the curtain. Tightly clamp the grommets to hold the curtain firmly. Do this in all the marked templates on the curtain where you will fix grommets.

Finally, slide the curtain rod through each of the grommets in forwarding and backward order. Then hang to the wall. You use the exact process for either the plastic or metal grommets.

How do You Make Grommet Curtains Look Good?

To make grommet curtains look good, you need to first follow the steps on how to sew curtains with grommet, then you slide the metal rod through the grommets in a forward then backward manner, as if it is a kind of zigzag movement.

The grommets allow the curtain’s free movement or make it static; you would need to put the bracket in between the first two grommets. In doing all these, it is necessary to remember that the metal rod you provide has to correspond with the length of the grommets on the drape.

The well-measured curtain that is appropriately folded and pressed, then professionally stitched at both the sides and edges, which in turn has a well-fixed grommet, would showcase an elegant decor in the room.

How far Apart do you Place Grommet Curtains Evenly Spaced?

The recommended spacing for grommet curtains is 6 inches apart, which you do on the center.

Whatever appears behind the rod is the window frame or the kind of shades that occur at the window; the grommet curtain spacing clears all that.


How to sew curtains with grommets is technical but easy going at the same time. Anyone who peruses through this simplified article would find it easy to buy and sew curtains with grommets.

Initially, curtains do not come with grommets, but you attach these grommets to curtains to make them look organized and beautiful.

There’s no doubt that people can now make out time, sit, measure out appropriate curtain length, fold and stitch the material to form a unique and awesome curtain with well-spaced grommets adequately fixed at the top of the curtain.

The decor provided to the room will be sufficient to show that the task of sewing curtains with grommets is worth it.

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