How To Make Cheap Curtains Look Expensive? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to make cheap curtains look expensive?

A well-dressed window adds a finishing touch to every home, and it’s unquestionably satisfying.

Customized curtain panels that are created in a workroom, on the other hand, can be extremely costly.

Much more, sewing window treatments on your own will take a long time; it can be very stressful too.


how to make cheap curtains look expensive

Steps To Make Cheap Curtains Look Expensive

Fortunately, with a few simple steps, cheaper and ready-made curtain panels can be transformed into designer pieces.

In this article, let’s understand some ways on how you can make cheap curtains look expensive.


Step #1. Make sure they’re hung wide and high

If possible, you must mount the curtain hardware near the ceilings for a strong look.

If you have longer panels, it would be easier for you to attach these to the floor; it’s true even if they should be from a higher rod, giving your space the appearance of more height.

Rods should be more than a foot longer than the window frame.

When the panels are set aside, you can hang these outside your window opening.

You’re also assured of this.

With this, you’re also sure to allow the most amount of light to come in.


Step #2. Make use of statement hardware

To make simple panels more interesting, use thicker, more robust hardware.

The bigger your place, you would need heavier and longer curtains.

If that’s the case, then you would require more oversized hardware.

In order to ensure a more textured and much attractive look, choose pieces that are furnished with a metallic finish.


Step #3. Weigh curtains down

Sew thin, flat weights into the beveled edges of the panels to make a long horizontal line from the rod to the floor.

Break the bottom of your curtains open with nail scissors or a seam ripper.

Then, using matching thread and a needle, stitch the pocket closed and secure the weight.

Re-hang the curtains and take a moment to note how much smoother and more tailored the lines are now.


Step #4. Training time

Before you should hang the curtains, make sure to iron out any wrinkles.

By using your fingertips, organize into even pleats these panels; after which, hang them on the rod.

Eventually, you should tie a loose ribbon around each clustered panel to secure it.

Allow 2 or 3 days for the ribbon to dry before cutting it.

When you open and close your panels, they can fold into fixed pleats automatically.


Decorating Plain Curtains To Look More Expensive

Here are the ways:


#1. Flowers decorated with a tassel

If you want, take your plain window curtains and redesign them.

Perhaps, the addition of a few simple touches will give you a fresh, new look as well as in-depth feel in your dining room or maybe a relaxing bedroom design.

See? A simple two-colored curtain has now become a complex and stylish one.

This is thanks to the three-toned pendant made of flowers and pearls, embellished with beads.

It’s quite simple to execute, my friends. Take note of the following:

  • Attach pearl beads to the curtain cord so it appears to be looped or tied at the edge.
  • Consider the tieback style in gathering your curtains. After that, attach the tieback that is furnished with pearl and flower.
  • There should be a white and silver sheer; this promotes elegance.


#2. Pompom trim

Pompom trim looks particularly amusing when used in curtains.

It is important to use a color that will contrast the curtains.

Rather than picking a single color to work with, experiment!

Why not try a combination such as orange and blue or green and red.

You can go for high-impact contrasts like purple and yellow.

For a child’s room, or any room shall I say, use a multi-colored pompom curtain as a colorful backdrop.


#3. Satin scrunchie bow tiebacks

Two plain, shimmering gold and ivory curtains can serve as your window treatment.

Here’s the way to achieve this look:

You can either choose the same fabric for your bow or use a contrasting fabric to have satin bows.

You can make scrunch for your curtains with satin or elastic — no need for extra fabric, my friends.

The conventional (regular) ones will still look bland.

If your curtains aren’t as usual, you can use this trick to make them look amazing.

Make a big compromise; pick a neutral fabric instead of a striped one, such as plaid.

Maybe, you can always try to choose neutral colors such as plaid for the den fabrics.


#4. Scarf swag with tassels

Now, you can convert regular curtains into striped scarf swag.

Not to mention, you can add some scarfs made of a light fabric lined with a dark material to contrast them.

It will look great in a dining room, or for sleeping in a bedroom.

Twist or twirl two large cords to get the appearance of a crinkly/wrinkly scarf look.

In order to accommodate the long swag, the measure should be enough to cover the back and front.

Secure the rope with a nice weave or fancy slipknot. Allow a sufficient amount of rope length to accommodate large tassels.

When the treatment is done, add a sheer to the back of the window; this will add elegance to your design.


#5. Bead tieback

If you’re looking for a simple way to dress up a plain or repetitive curtain treatment, try using acrylic beads.

For sure, it works well in a wide variety of spaces.

Yes, this contemporary style would be an excellent choice for a living room, dining room, or for any elegant bathroom area as well.

Alternatively, you can do this kind of tieback:

Dare to experiment with larger and diverse beads of different shapes and sizes.

Prevent the beads from scattering by applying the cord to an elastic band.

Try to use a wide range of different colored beads to create a one-of-a-kind tie design and express your personal style with this piece.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know how to make cheap curtains look expensive.

It’s very easy, right?

Enjoy, my friends!

Washing 100 polyester curtains

Washing 100 Polyester Curtains: A Step by Step Guide

Washing 100 polyester curtains may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many things you can do to make the process easier, and this article will discuss them all.

This article will also include step-by-step instructions on how to wash 100 polyesters in one go. Let’s dive right in!


Step by Step Instructions on How to Wash 100 Polyester Curtain

Step #1. Sort curtains by size and color.

Step #2. Use the “large load” setting on your washing machine, which is typically set to about 60 degrees Celsius or 140 Fahrenheit.

Step #3. Run a cold water rinse before adding clothes (not necessary for machines with an agitator).

Step #4. Add detergent according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step #5. Add a small amount of fabric softener, if desired.

Step #6. Start washing! Remember to check the machine periodically so that you can add more water and detergent as needed (especially when loading large items).


Things to consider before washing 100 Polyester Curtains

Tip 1. Look at the fabric care label on your curtains to verify that they are machine washable.

Tip 2. If you have a high-efficiency washer, it is best to use cold water for this type of load. This will prevent overdrying and fading.

Tip 3. It’s important to sort these items by size and color so there are no dye errors, which can lead to bleeding.

Tip 4. If you are washing curtains with metal grommets, make sure to check the grommet size before loading them into your machine. You may need to remove them if they will not fit through a small opening or if they have sharp edges that could cause damage during the wash and dry cycles.

Tip 5. Use a gentle or delicate detergent, such as Woolite, to ensure that your curtains will be clean and soft.

Tip 6. Set the machine on its longest wash cycle to save energy and time. This might mean you have more items per load than usual so it is best to do this in batches of about 30 pieces each.

Tip 7. Wash curtains on a gentle cycle with warm water and dry them in low heat. Avoid high heat because it accelerates the fading process, which can cause your items to turn an unwanted shade of yellow or brown.

Tip 8. Look for small holes before drying as some detergents might clog these areas when they are wet.


Can I Iron my 100 Polyester Curtains?

No, ironing your curtains can make them brittle and it is less effective to remove wrinkles. The best way to remove wrinkles in polyester curtains is by hanging the curtain on a clothesline or drying rack with heavyweights at the bottom for about an hour. This will allow gravity to work its magic!


Can I Dye My 100 Polyester Curtains?

No, when you dye polyester curtains they lose their color and quality over time.


When to Dye 100 Polyester Curtains??

If you need to change the color of your curtains, try washing them before dyeing.


When to wash my 100 Polyester Curtains?

It depends on how often you use your curtains. If they are used every day, the best time to wash them is in cold water and dry on a clothesline so that they can be hung flat.

If not washed daily, the best way to clean them would be with an environmentally friendly detergent and warm water as well as tumble drying them on a low or gentle cycle to avoid any shrinking.


How many times should I wash 100 Polyester Curtains?

It is recommended that polyester curtains be washed at least three times per year, especially when used every day. This will help prevent the growth of mildew and keep them looking their best!


Can I Dry 100 Polyester Curtains in the Dryer?

If you dry your 100 polymer curtains in a machine, it can cause them to shrink. As with any item of clothing, avoid drying on high heat and always unplug when finished.

If this is not possible, add an extra 15 minutes onto the time for each cycle that they are in the dryer.


Can Dry clean polyester curtains?

Polyester curtains can be dry-cleaned, but it is not recommended. Dry cleaning a 100 polymer curtain removes the dirt and stains from them but also deteriorates their quality over time.

Additionally, you cannot spot clean your polymer curtains with water unless they are made of a different material altogether like cotton or silk. This is because the water will leave spots on your curtain even after it dries.


How much is 100 Polyester Curtain?

Polyester curtains can range in price from $30 to $300 depending on the quality of material and how many panels are needed. Polyester is a cheaper fabric than silk, for example.
The average cost per panel is around $15-$25.


What’s better? Polyesters or Silk Curtains?

While polyester curtains are cheaper than silk curtains, they are not as luxurious. Polyester is a synthetic fabric and many people don’t like the shiny appearance it gives to their home.
Additionally, while polyesters are cheaper than silk curtains, they’re not always very durable so you may have to replace them more often for your room(s) to continue looking great.

Is Polyester Curtains Fire Resistant?

Unfortunately, polyesters are not fire-resistant which means they will melt if exposed to high temperatures and/or flames. If you’re looking for curtains that can withstand extreme heat then we suggest going with a different fabric such as cotton or silk.

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